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© ANGELA WEISS / AFP (main); Youtube / Дядя Сережа (inset)
Donald Trump Jr used a video of 'Russian Slap Champion' Vasilii Khamotskiy slapping an opponent unconcious to mock an impeachment inquiry into his father US President Donald Trump, and smash Democrats with his Trump 2020 campaign.

Trump Jr. used a clip of Khamotskiy, nicknamed 'Dumpling' and hailing from Siberia, withstanding a feeble slap, representing the reaction of 'Patriots' to the impeachment attempts from Democrats.

'Dumpling' then retaliates by knocking his opponent down with a thunderous strike across the face, with the words 'Trump 2020' superimposed, a reference to his dad's campaign for re-election next year.

"Sums it up perfectly," the 41-year-old entrepreneur said in the caption, in reference to the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

'Dumpling' Khamotskiy shot to fame by winning the inaugural 'Russian Slapping Championships' at the Siberian Power Show 2019 in Krasnoyarsk back in March. A video of him knocking out an opponent with a slap went viral after being shared by prominent figures from the sporting world such as Joe Rogan.

The 370-pound farmer from Ilansky took home 30,000 rubles ($470) for winning the competition, but has become something of an internet celebrity since the video and has amassed 95,000 Instagram followers.

The clip used by Trump Jr. was taken during a round of Russian YouTube show 'Faces of Stone', in which plucky contestants attempt to slap each other from across a table. The winner is determined when one of the participants is knocked from their place.

Trump Jr. faced a backlash on social media when he retweeted a tweet from Caleb Hull questioning whether Joe Biden is senile, and further commenting that the 77-year-old former vice-president "can't complete a sentence" during Wednesday night's Democratic debate.

It's not the first time Trump Jr has voiced his controversial views on a sporting topic. In July he blasted Nike with a mock-up Communist shoe after a Betsy Ross flag design was scrapped to mark July 4 celebrations.