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A Norwegian man who was raped by a Somali migrant has said that he feels 'guilty' because the foreign sexual predator was deported back to his home country.

The rape victim, Karsten Nordal Hauken, who identifies as an anti-racist and feminist was sexually assaulted five years ago.

Although the attack resulted in him sinking into depression and substance abuse, Hauken said that he felt guilty about his sexual abuser being deported back to Somalia after serving a jail sentence in Norway, the Independent reports.

In a piece written for the Norwegian broadcaster NRK, Hauken outlines his experience of the sexual assault and how it affected his life.

During the piece, Hauken recounts how he felt when he heard that his attacker would be deported from the country. He describes how he was "a bit taken by surprise".

"The tears, they came the moment I sat in the car," he said.

"I felt relief and joy that he was going away forever. I felt that the Norwegian government took on the responsibility to exercise the ultimate revenge like an angry father confronts a child abuser."

"But I also got a strong sense of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason why he should not be left in Norway, but rather to face a very uncertain future in Somalia," Hauken continued.

"He had already served his sentence in prison. Should he now be punished again? And this time much harder?"

"I am afraid that no girls will want me and that other men will laugh at me. Afraid that I'll be perceived as anti-feminist when I say that young men who are struggling should get more attention," Hauken said.

Hauken's story and personal orientation toward his attacker highlights a kind of pathological altruism and inability to take one's own side that has become endemic in much of Western society today.

Despite having been raped and having his life ruined by a foreign criminal who should've never been living in his country in the first place, Hauken still feels an odd and pathological kind of sympathy for his attacker.