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An apparent typo turned a serious news update about the relocation of US troops from Syria into a politically loaded joke when TIME magazine said the Americans would be transported to, of all places, Iran.

The gaffe happened on Tuesday when the magazine reprinted a piece from AP's live updates, which reported that US troops previously stationed in northeastern Syria would be repositioned to Iraq, Kuwait, and possibly Jordan. TIME added its own headline that read: "1,000 U.S. Troops Leaving Syria Will Move to Iran and Kuwait."

The mistake has since been corrected, though some websites that copy-pasted the story from TIME are still running with it.

Well, America's primary enemy in the Middle East is obviously an unlikely host for its troops. In 2016, when a US boat strayed into Iranian waters, the crew was promptly arrested and sent back hours later - and those were the more peaceful times of nuclear deal rapprochement.

So, unless TIME has some knowledge about an imminent shooting war between the US and Iran, it's safe to assume it was just a typo, just as the correction under it now says.
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