Right Side Broadcasting Network
RSBN is a popular pro-Trump publisher that live-streams Trump public appearances and rallies.

On November 2, 2016
one week before the national election Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) confirmed they had their live stream disabled by YouTube, after having their live stream camera sabotaged that morning.

In February 2017 Google-YouTube began censoring and preventing views to RSBN. The company lost up to 90% of its traffic.

In February 2018 RSBN reporter Margaret Howell joined The Gateway Pundit at the Newseum in Washington DC to discuss how tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Youtube were taking direct orders from far left groups like Media Matters to censor conservative voices. In multiple examples, Howell discussed how if you are branded as a conservative on social media, these companies will go as far as to remove live videos and videos with no actual political context because they want to prevent any potential message from getting through their gates.

RSBN has suffered immensely during the Trump years. The left wants them silenced.

On Sunday Right Side Broadcasting Network announced that after 300 million+ views of President Trump rallies and four years of following the rules on YouTube, their live-streaming ability was taken away with no explanation.