Based on Atlantic Council's guide to identifying Russkie trolls

Dear Reader,

You, yes you, may be a Russian troll. Either that, or the Atlantic Council is the thoroughgoing exponent of Neocon doctrine. Yes, of course, we already knew that. But we may as well take some amusement out of the confirmation. We have collected every tool from Atlantic Council Fellow Ben Nimmo's guide, where he writes: "Here's the sort of evidence which does help ID possible troll-factory accounts." Then we turned them into questions:

1.___ Is your English imperfect (a)Do you omit or misuse "a" or "the"? ("One thing which betrays genuine Russian troll-factory accounts is the language. Look for an inability to use "the" and "a" (Russian is one of the languages which doesn't have them).

2.__ Is your English imperfect (b) Do you make free with word order in a question? ("Another telltale is an inability to phrase the word order in questions.")

"Various key narratives are particularly characteristic of Kremlin propaganda." These "narratives" are the basis of the rest of our quiz.

3.__ Do you consider Crimea reunited with Russia, rather than invaded?

4.__ Is Ukraine fascist?

5.__ Is Ukraine led by a coup? ("Ukraine portrayed as fascist or coup-led")

6.__ Are Russian troops "self-defence forces"?

7.__ Was MH17 was downed by a Ukrainian fighter / Ukrainian BUK / Israeli missile / CIA false flag. Or anyone but Russian / rebel forces?

8.__ Still on MH17, are there real problems with the Joint Investigation Team?

9.__ Bellingcat deserves no trust, yes or no?

10.__ Were you disgusted with Turkey, after it shot down a Russian Su24 on November 24, 2015.? ("Criticising Turkey is legitimate, but if a hitherto Ukraine-focused account switched to Turkey right after the downing, be wary.")

11.__ Was Aleppo liberated, or did it fall?

12.__ Are the White helmets a sham? ("Attacks on@SyriaCivilDef and @AlabedBana.")

13__ Is Bana another fraud? ("Attacks on@SyriaCivilDef and @AlabedBana.") Cf. Bana at the Oscars

14.__ Was the sarin attack on Khan Sheikhoun not done by Syria?

15.__ Was the US strike in in April 2017 unjustified? ("Caveat: Plenty of real Trump supporters turned on him as well. This point should only be used in combination with multiple others.")

How did you do? I got a perfect score, answering "Yes" fifteen out of fifteen. The tweet series got some of they replies that it deserved:
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