Kim Dotcom
© Nigel Marple / Reuters
Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has accused the largest tech and internet companies in the US, including Google and Facebook, of being "in bed with the deep state." This development, he contends, was initiated by the Democrats.

In a string of Twitter posts Tuesday, Dotcom targeted social media giants Twitter and Facebook, the US intelligence services and former President Barack Obama of deep state collusion, and warned of an ongoing "invisible war" between the US, Russia and China. This conflict is fueling "an out-of-control technological arms race," he added, leading us into a third world war.

As the founder of Megaupload, the now-defunct file-hosting service, the German-born resident of New Zealand is being pursued by the US government on charges of criminal copyright infringement. He denies the charges. In the first of his posts, Dotcom accused YouTube of copying the features of his website's player Megavideo. He subsequently warned his followers that the world's largest online companies are providing the deep state, a cabal of unelected government officials, with "backdoors to your data."

Dotcom blamed the development of this alleged relationship on the Democrats and former President Obama, whom he described as a "crook" who "feared the power of the CIA." He also suggested that the influence of the "deep state" over whoever sits in the Oval Office is more dangerous than "some 'terrorist' in Pakistan." Meanwhile, he added, US President Donald Trump is "getting smarter" about the deep state.

In his last message of the series, the tech entrepreneur referenced the intelligence alliance comprising of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US, known as 'Five Eyes,' warning that it is engaged in an "invisible war" with Russia and China.

In February last year, a New Zealand court ruled that Dotcom could be extradited to the US on fraud charges related to Megaupload. In July 2017, a high court judgment revealed that Dotcom was put under illegal surveillance from New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau for two months longer than previously officially admitted, as part of the state's support for the FBI investigation into the alleged copyright breaches. Last month, Dotcom announced that he is suing the New Zealand and US governments for billions of dollars in damages over his arrest that resulted in the closure of Megaupload in 2012.