Giant hail in Formosa, Argentina
© DeolhonoTempo
Giant hail in Formosa, Argentina
A severe hail storm hit the municipality of Formosa in northern Argentina on Wednesday, 25 October, 2017.

According to the Civil Defense, more than one thousand buildings were damaged, with trees crushed by hailstones up to eight centimeters in diameter, reports DeolhonoTempo.

Boats traveling along the Paraguay River also recorded damage, mainly on the Argentine side. In some rural areas, newly germinated soybean plantations were completely destroyed.

A couple of weeks ago in Argentina giant hail damaged cars as a freak hailstorm hit Corrientes and surrounding areas.

Some other severe hailstorms from around the world in recent months include: It is likely that atmospheric dust loading from increased comet and volcanic activity is contributing to these 'intense' or 'freak' hailstorms, the cooling effect of which causes ice crystals to form.