Ronald Bernard
Ronald Bernard, a former high-powered financier who reveals the hellish world and behavior of those involved in the business of Big Money.
In this time of sudden disclosures and unexpected blatant truths, where 'news' is barely distinguishable from 'fake news', it takes the utmost courage for an 'insider' to come out with the truth based on real facts.

Ronald Bernard, one of the founders of 'B of Joy', is one of these courageous people who dared to tell his story in front of (DVM-TV), De Vrije Media's camera. He unfolds a life story in which he got progressively deeper into the world of the big money, in which he - as he stated himself - had been warned up front that he had to be able to put his conscience in the proverbial freezer, and keep it there at all times.

Eventually this ended in his personal complete breakdown. Ronald does his story candidly and is forthright with his emotions to explain all that had preceded this breaking point. He clarifies the distorted way the world works, in which a small group of elites, numbering between 8000 to 8500 people, who rule the entire world and discloses their 'religious incentives' for doing so. "If only people really knew the ins and outs of the matter and realized what is really going on". When you have seen this interview, you will know. Then automatically the question arises: 'how are we going to fix this, when we no longer look away, but bundle our powers?'

Irma Schiffers,
co-founder De Vrije Media. DVM-TV


'I'm still here and that is more than many of my former colleagues can say', says ex-currency trader Ronald Bernard in this outspoken interview. He talks about people who have such a pure hatred for their fellow humans and the very earth itself, which enables them to be capable of destroying and annihilating everything that lives. Ronald discovered this shady world, tempted by the vice called money, by stepping into the financial world and working himself up into the levels of the big flows of money. Which led him to find out what and whom drives these flows of money and also which horrific power is being exerted on the people to control them through these channels. Through his position in this line of work Ronald Bernard got to communicate with these hidden elites. He knows from experience that human life is considered to be worthless trash by this group. Furthermore, he experienced first-hand, how people like him are made susceptible to blackmail and forced to remain silent, by drugging and mind controlling them into committing abominable acts as he explains in the interview. To Ronald, refusing the request to engage in such acts led to a breaking point where he literally ended up physically crashing. After which he found himself in a very dark place, but he managed to recover and survived.

The Divine Trap
Pascal Roussel, a fellow insider of the financial world, wrote in 'The Divine Trap', about experiences similar to the ones disclosed by Ronald Bernard in this interview. When Roussel gave a lecture on his book in France, one of the former French presidents was present. Afterwards, this man wrote a letter to Roussel, in which he stated: 'Everything you write in your book, is based on truth'. The fact that barely anyone believes this truth, has more to do with the severity of this reality and the successful 'conspiracy' labelling introduced by the CIA*, which makes it very difficult to be taken seriously by mainstream 'sensible' people.

Ronald Bernard managed to get out of a world that almost cost him his life and chose humanity and dignity instead. Tirelessly he commits himself to the United People Foundations to which 'B of Joy' has connected itself. The mission of B of Joy is in completely in line with this: 'Our vision has the proper management of all life as a central goal'. Our vision is based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in which a world of peace and plenty is described. In our mission we make it our goal to promote and develop fair and just financial products and services, that are innovative and solely serve the entirety of society.' Ronald is a person who has gone through hell, had a near death experience and got a second chance. His one and only purpose is to dedicate himself to bringing about this world of peace and plenty, knowing what needs to be done to achieve this. Therefore, his motto: 'COOPERATE, because change needs to start at the base of society, with conscious and informed people who choose to work together on a basis of free will and independence towards a world that we will proudly leave to our children.

Ad Broere,
economist, co-founder De Vrije Media