Chase Martens
Manitoba RCMP are asking for help finding missing two-year-old Chase Martens.
The search for a missing two-year-old boy in Manitoba entered its fourth day Friday as RCMP, local police, and volunteers continued to scour fields and wooded areas.

Chase Martens went missing Tuesday from his farm near Austin, Man. roughly 120 kilometres west of Winnipeg.

RCMP said the search for the missing toddler resumed Friday at 9 a.m. CT and has covered a three kilometre radius around the family farm.

Officials have issued an urgent plea for help in the search from residents in the community as temperatures have dropped below zero.

Here is at look at the events since Chase Martens disappeared.

Line of searchers
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The line of searchers scouring the area near Austin, Manitoba where two-year-old Chase Martens went missing.
Tuesday - March 22

Chase was last seen playing outside of his home around 6 p.m. CT in Austin, a rural community in western Manitoba.

RCMP say he was last seen wearing a blue jacket, red hat, black splash pants and boots that light up as he walks. He is described as 2.5 feet tall, roughly 30 pounds, with blue eyes and light brown hair.

RCMP are urging anyone travelling in the area of Highway 34 and Austin to be on the lookout for the toddler and to contact their local police department if they notice anything.

Temperatures dropped to -15 C overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.
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The line up of volunteers' vehicle at the home where two-year-old Chase Martens went missing.
Wednesday - March 23

A massive search is in full swing for the missing two-year-old with hundreds of volunteers, police, and search and rescue officials looking for the Chase. Winnipeg's Beat Clan Patrol join the search efforts.

"Our only priority is to find Chase," Manitoba RCMP spokesman Sgt. Bert Paquet told reporters near Austin, Man. "We are talking, as far as we know, of a little 2 year old boy out playing and that all of a sudden is not there anymore."

There are few details about the boy's disappearance. Authorities say an Amber Alert was not issued as there is no evidence Chase was abducted.

Chase's great-aunt Wanda Thomas said he was playing with the family dog outside before he vanished.

"We just want to find him alive," Thomas told Global News. "I can't imagine him spending the night out there by himself and it was so cold."

The search now involves 300 people on horseback, ATVs and on foot as they comb through fields, bush and farmyards in the desperate search.

Thursday - March 24

"It is unlike our son to wander off of our property, and, if he ever went anywhere, he would always have our dog with him," Martens said reading through tears from a prepared statement with his wife at his side. "Anyone with information, please find it in your hearts to do the right thing and come forward.
"If someone has our son, please bring him home. We won't be angry. We will be forgiving and grateful. We are devastated to have our son taken from us."
The search has entered day three with trained divers scouring creeks and ponds looking in the hope of finding any trace of the young boy.

"The search radius is expanding. Bodies of water will be the focus of the search efforts today," Manitoba RCMP spokesman Bert Paquet told reporters.

The RCMP have also deployed drones in the search that officials have said is a "race against time."

Paquet says officers "remain hopeful" as the search continues but have not ruled out foul play.

Friday - March 25

The search for the missing Manitoba toddler enters day four on Good Friday.

Chase has been missing for more than 60 hours and RCMP say that due to the Easter weekend and poor highway conditions there are fewer volunteers to help in the search.

The search was suspended overnight but resumed 9 a.m. CT with RCMP continuing to use drones to map the area around the Martens home.

Photos showed volunteers and police scouring through snow covered fields Friday. As of 11 a.m. CT the temperature is hovering around -6 C.