Samantha Chang - authoritarian follower, DOJ wannabe - puts profit before people
The author of this article, and a few other articles hosted on, Samantha Chang, recently demanded that stop republishing her articles (all of which are on the Ketogenic diet), on pain of "bad things happening" to us (see email below).

Like a good authoritarian follower, Ms. Chang backed up her 'threat' with a symbol of the totalitarian state under which she exists - an image of a United States Dept. of Justice wallet (see below), which seems to suggest that she has perhaps internalized the fascistic ideology of the police state that is the US of A.

Many writers have published information on the benefits of a Ketogenic diet, including research conducted by that was made freely available to all. Ms. Chang, however, obviously does not subscribe to the idea of the free flow of vitally important information in an age of massive information control and subversion.

Given that Ms. Chang is obviously more interested in personal profit rather than the dissemination of information that could help many people, we will no longer be carrying her articles. In chasing after self-aggrandizement at the expense of helping others, she has clearly aligned herself with the fundamentals of our pathologically narcissistic global society.
Name: Samantha Chang


Please stop copyright infringement violations of my ketogenic diet/cancer articles on SOTT.

I see you've removed my byline from all my past articles after my previous complaint (while keeping in the ENTIRE content of my original pieces). This is blatant copyright infringement and unethical theft. You can use the first graph or two, but then please include a link back to my original article, saying "read more here."

Please remove today's article (Oct. 12):

I worked hard on writing piece, which used information I compiled from exclusive interviews with scientists and from other sources. How do you sleep at night? If you choose to ignore this, I can promise bad things will happen to you, if they haven't already.
Samantha Chang - tries to intimidate people with images of DOJ wallets.


Name: Samantha Chang


Thank you for your reply earlier. Please do the same for these other infringing articles (use the first paragraph and add a link with "read more here").

I think there are others, but these 4 bother me the most b/c they are exclusive interviews I spent a lot of time working on:

Please do not copy my articles again in the future. For now, I will refrain from reporting SOTT to Google (which I was in the middle of doing when I received your reply).

Google will completely shut down your site immediately if they find these violations. I know this from past experience.

Thank you,
Samantha Chang, Esq.