© David Néel
This photo was taken 20 km from Clermont-Ferrand (Isserteaux) - the meteor's trajectory was a westerly direction.
Several people reported seeing a green object with a yellow or white tail yesterday (August 2nd) at 3.35am in the skies above Toulouse, France.

"It was 3. 35am on Tuesday morning. I had just looked at my watch as I was heading out to do my round when I looked up at the dark sky and, for about 3 seconds, saw a large, silent green object with a light trailing behind it. About 30 seconds later I there was an loud explosion as if something had hit the ground", says Alexandre, a security agent working at the Toulouse military airport. "It wasn't a plane. I know well that there are no flight paths in the area of the sky where I saw it. It looked like a firework, but silent and a a lot bigger. A colleague who was outside smoking a cigarette saw it too." he added.

Alexandre has 4500 'friends' on Facebook. He reported his sighting on the social networking site. One of his 'friends' sent him a message: "She was unable to sleep last night and saw the same thing as me, with a white light. Another person from Albi saw it too. For me, it looked like a meteorite", explained the security agent.

Yesterday afternoon, Le Geipan, an unidentified aerospace phenomena study and information group, which collects all information on UFOs in France, received two other eyewitness accounts of the same phenomenon at the same time.