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Actor Sam Lathem’s sketch of the object he saw above Muswell Hill
Muswell Hill's growing reputation as "Roswell Hill" for its mysterious night-sky activity has taken another alien turn with the latest UFO sighting.

Actor Sam Lathem was so spooked by the appearance of a large cube-shaped "ship" with orange lights erratically making its way across the sky he sketched an image of the floating object.

The 44-year-old, of Ellington Road, said: "What was really peculiar was it was a cube and had orange lights coming from underneath and it was such a close-up view.

"It was about the distance of a football pitch away and the size of a small truck. It slowed a bit and then suddenly went off again.

© Unknown
Sam Lathem: 'It was about the distance of a football pitch away and the size of a small truck.'
"It was really strange because there was no noise and you would have thought at that distance it would have woken up everybody on the street. It doesn't make any sense."

He claimed to have spotted the UFO outside his window for about 30 seconds before it shot off towards Alexandra Palace at about 10.30pm last Wednesday.

He said it was his first close encounter of something he really could not explain.

"Whatever the military are up to or whatever the aliens are doing it was just weird," he said. "I think we're all being a bit silly to live in denial about it.

"The weight of evidence is really building up - and especially now I've had this encounter which I felt was so personal."

Other shock sightings reported in Muswell Hill in the past include a bright orange ball the size of a helicopter, and a silver two-pronged ship which whizzed across the sky.