Israeli Prime Minister's spokeperson (Australian born!) Mark Regev, confirms that Hamas did not violate the ceasefire until after Israel attacked the Gaza Strip on the 4th November!

Video Transcript


There was a time when Israelis were safe From Hamas rockets, during the recent ceasefire.

In May there were 149 rockets attacks.

In June before the ceasefire started on the 18th there were 84.

In the rest of June just 3.

Throughout July, August, September and October, there were only 15 attacks and Israel agrees that none of these rockets were fired by Hamas.

On November the 4th Israel launched an attack that killed 6 Hamas fighters just inside the Gaza Strip.

They say the militants were building a tunnel to try and kidnap and Israeli soldier.

The result was a fresh barrage of rockets from Hamas.

After November 4th there were 68 and 52 in December.

During the entire period of the ceasefire NO Israelis were killed by Hamas rockets.

Mark Regev: (Israel Prime Minister's spokesperson)

Our goals are minimalistic and defensive.

Success is freeing the civilian population of southern Israel from the fear of an incoming Hamas rocket.


But if that was the case there were no Hamas rockets during the ceasefire.

Before November 4th there were no Hamas rockets for 4 months.

Mark Regev: (Israel Prime Minister's spokesperson)

And that is correct.