Funny but its not a joke, this Israeli propaganda is circulating in South-America for few days, an article appeared on South-American newspapers claims that Che Guevara's mother (Celia la Serna) is a Russia-Jew immigrated to Argentina.

Before her death in 1965 she told her son (Guevara) that she her brother (Samuel) lives in Israel and his son called Ariel serves in the Israeli Army.

The propaganda continues, the article claims also that Che Guevara visited Israel secretly with a false passport and met his "cousin" and took some religious lessons.

Although historians and Guevara's biographers denied the story saying that Guevara's mother immigrated from Spain.

You can read this story in Spanish:

- El Che Guevara, primo de Ariel Sharon?

- Descartan Parentesco entre Che Guevara y Sharon