East Africa region has been experiencing a number of tremors for the past four days as geologists warn of an eminent earthquake is building up.

The frequent tremors have been felt in Kenya since Thursday, 12 July 2007. The strongest of the earthquakes was reported yesterday at 5:10 (GMT) from the same location as the earlier six (around Lake Natron in northeastern Tanzania) and measured 6.0 on the Richter scale.

Kenyan authorities have issued emergency guidelines and all the emergency response units have been placed on high alert as geologists forecast a major shake up.

At least six major buildings in downtown Nairobi have been evacuated and emergency drills have been run.

A senior official at the Kenya Meteorological Department Mr. Peter G. Ambenje has confirmed that the current occurrences have never been experienced in Kenya before and its unpredictable to site the movement of the quakes as they occur.

Kenya's emergency preparedness has been faulted in the recent months for failing to act swiftly when a disaster occurs.

University of Nairobi geologists have also announced that a major earthquake is building up and will rock in Nairobi within hours.