A swarm of locusts reportedly destroyed the crops and other vegetations in Gedo province, southern Somalia. Our correspondent, Ahmed Salahi, in the region said millions of them spread out in the farming land of Luuq district where residents mainly depend on the harvesting of their farms for their livelihood.

Ahmed Bulle Mohammed, Luuq district commissioner, told Shabelle that the invasion of locusts has been going on for last three days, destroying about 200 hectares of vegetation lands.

"We do not know where they came from, but really they did an incredible harm on farming lands as farmers were preparing to begin harvesting," he said.

Locust problems hit northeast Somalia on June 29. Officials in the semiautonomous province of Puntland reported that the crops of hundreds of hectares of farmland were devastated by swarms of locusts.

Puntland's agriculture ministry said it was incapable to stop the insects and asking for international assistance.

Mohammed indicated that the worst hit villages were Ari Adde, Gooryanleey and Halhub that come under the local administration of Luuq district.

He appealed for an immediate international aid to prevent locusts from spreading out.