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Wed, 22 Mar 2023
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Snow falls in Tasmania amid unseasonably cold start to summer in Australia's south-east

Snow on Mt Wellington near Hobart, Tasmania, on Thursday. It was the coldest December day in Hobart since 1964, reaching a maximum of just 11.5C.
© Robbie Moles
Snow on Mt Wellington near Hobart, Tasmania, on Thursday. It was the coldest December day in Hobart since 1964, reaching a maximum of just 11.5C.
Residents in parts of south-east Australia may be dreaming of a white Christmas, amid an unseasonably cold start to the summer.

Snow has been falling across the alps and on the Tasmanian highlands throughout the week, though warmer weather is on the horizon. Thursday was the coldest December day in Hobart since 1964, reaching a maximum of just 11.5C, with up to 10mm of snow falling on elevations above 1,5000 metres.

Temperatures near Mt Wellington dipped to below freezing on Thursday, with southerly winds making it feel colder than it was.

Melbourne has also faced unusually cold temperatures, shivering at a maximum of just 12C on Tuesday, and only hitting 17C on Thursday.

Cold air from the south kept temperatures between one and three degrees below average on Tasmania, with the first two weeks of summer wetter than average on the east coast.

Comment: Another report from 2 days prior: A week out from summer solstice in Australia snow and sub-zero temperatures hit the Snowy Mountains


Three killed in Louisiana as dozens of tornadoes tear across southern US

Debris is piled up following severe weather
© Jake Bleiberg/AP
Debris is piled up following severe weather Wednesday in Keithville, Louisiana.
Three people are dead in Louisiana after tornadoes tore across the American South, destroying families' homes in the midst of holiday preparations.

The storm system which had spawned dozens of reported tornadoes from east Texas to the Florida Panhandle was expected to peter out on Thursday. But not before it exacted devastation on a number of communities where some homes were blown to pieces and residents hospitalized.

Nikolus Little, aged eight, was found dead in Keithville, Louisiana, on Tuesday after a tornado touched down, the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office reported.

The child's body was discovered in a wooded area of the Pecan Farms subdivision where his home had been destroyed. His mother, Yoshiko A. Smith, 30, was initially missing but her body was later found by sheriff's deputies under debris and one street over from her demolished home.

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Malaysia landslide: at least 24 killed and 9 missing at campsite near Kuala Lumpur (UPDATE)

Malaysian rescuers search for survivors after
© AP/Malaysia Civil Defence
Malaysian rescuers search for survivors after a landslide that killed at least 12 people at a campsite about 50km north of Kuala Lumpur early on Friday.
A landslide killed at least 12 people while they slept at a Malaysian campsite near Kuala Lumpur early on Friday, officials said, as search teams scoured thick mud and downed trees for more than 20 people still missing.

A child and a woman were found among the dead, authorities said, while one of the eight people taken to hospital was pregnant. Others had injuries ranging from minor cuts to a suspected spinal injury.

More than 90 people were caught in the landslide, which occurred about 3am and tore down a hillside into a farm with camping facilities, engulfing the campsite about 50km north of Kuala Lumpur, the capital, the state fire and rescue department said. Fifty-nine had been found safe and 22 were still missing.

Three people were injured while rescuers were searching for the missing, the department said.

Comment: Update December 17

The Independent reports:
Malaysia landslide death toll rises to 24 as search for missing continues

Rescue workers on Saturday recovered the bodies of one woman and two children, taking the death toll from the horrific landslide at an unlicensed campsite in Kuala Lumpur to 24.

A landslide in Batang Kali, a popular hilly area about 50 km north of Kuala Lumpur, killed 24 people on Friday -- seven among them were children.

Reuters reported that 94 people were sleeping at the camping site when the dirt fell from a road about 100 feet above them and covered about three acres.

On Saturday, efforts were underway to rescue nearly a dozen trapped workers. Later, officials said that nine people are missing. Rescue workers also recovered the bodies of a woman and two children during the search operation.

Of the 94 people who were caught in the landslide, 61 are reportedly safe and the survivors are in stable condition, according to Malaysia's health minister, Zaliha Mustafa.

A total of 135 responders and seven rescue dogs resumed scouring through thick mud and downed trees around 8.30 am local time with the assistance of excavators, the state fire and rescue chief Norazam Khamis told reporters.

Rescuers are still searching for survivors who may have found pockets of air to cling to amid the piles of branches, rocks, and mud, local reports said.

Seven people were taken to the hospital on Friday, and dozens more were rescued unharmed. A mother and her toddler were found on Friday hugging each other in a heart-rending scene, rescuers told the media.

Rescue teams worked on Saturday to comb through debris as deep as 26 feet.

The landslide reportedly covered about three acres, and estimates suggest it may have involved about 16 million cubic feet of debris - enough to fill nearly 180 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

While the cause of the disaster remains unknown, experts speculate it may have been due to underground water movement and unstable soil during the monsoon rains.

"We felt the tents becoming unstable and soil was falling around us. Luckily, I was able to leave the tent and go to some place safer. My mother and I managed to crawl out and save ourselves," 22-year-old Teh Lynn Xuan, who was camping with several others at the site when the landslide struck, told Channel News Asia.

The campground is a popular recreational site and had reportedly been operating illegally for the last two years, despite only having permission to run the farm.

Following the disaster, the Malaysian government has ordered all campsites near rivers, waterfalls, and hillsides to be closed for a week for safety assessments.

Prime minister Anwar Ibrahim has said RM10,000 (£1861.35) will be given to the families of those who died.


Arctic summer sea ice stopped declining a decade ago - but scientists have hidden it

Arctic Ice Sheet
Arctic summer sea ice stopped declining a decade ago, but green activists have spared no effort to continue promoting the poster scare that humans will cause it all to disappear within a few years. In his recent BBC Frozen Planet II agitprop, Sir David Attenborough claimed it might all be gone by 2035. In an excellent piece of investigative reporting titled Lies, Damned Lies and Arctic Graphs, the climate writer Tony Heller recently lifted the lid on many of the tactics used to keep the scare in the headlines. "They bury all the older data and pretend they don't notice sea ice is increasing again. What they are doing is not science but propaganda," he charges.

Comment: See also

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 4 people in Malawi

Three family members and an unidentified man have died after being struck by lightning in Zomba district.

Deputy Publicist for Zomba Police Station Surgeant Aaron Chilala said the incident happened on Wednesday around noon hours at Namalima Village in Traditional Authority Ngwerelo in the district.

Chilala identified the family members as Luckson William, 30, Patricia Simon (age not advised) and a 10-month-old girl, Leticia Kondwani, who is daughter to Patricia Simon.

He added that it is reported that the four who were coming from unknown destinations met their fate as they sheltered in an abandoned and dilapidated barber shop within the village.


RIP Dr. Tim Ball, climate realist

Dr. Tim Ball
This was sent to me by the Ball family Saturday evening. See note that follows.
It is with deep grief that we announce the passing of Dr. Timothy Ball. Tim made his end of life transition Sept 24th with his wife of over 60 years at his side, holding his hand.

At Tim's request there will be no public service.

Our family will gather privately to celebrate Tim's life together in the beautiful home he built with his wife, at the table that we had the blessing to have shared many meals together. One of Tim's great joys was sitting back to watch his family talk, laugh & enjoy each others company. We will raise our glasses to toast the incredible man we all deeply love.

In Lieu of flowers or gifts the family requests that you join them in raising a glass in honour of Tim.

During this difficult time we ask that all communications be directed to: generalistjournal@gmail.com

Thank you,

The Ball Family
Given that the execrable Michael Mann never paid his court ordered costs, the Ball family has authorized me to start a GoFundMe on their behalf to cover funeral and other expenses.

I'm sure the climate skeptic community will rise to the occasion. I will make an announcement about the GoFundMe on WUWT tomorrow.

In the meantime, please see this video, honoring Dr. Ball and his lifetime of achevements: Tim Ball Receives the Lifetime Achievement in Climate Science Award.

Comment: With the transitioning of Dr. Tim Ball, the world has lost a stalwart voice against the AGW nonsense that has usurped the headlines and much of our lives today. The nonsense that has many today reliant on windmills and solar power, while being slaves to carbon taxes. With Mr. Ball, there were not many who could document the underhanded work of people like Maurice Strong and the IPCC organ, while helping to shine a light on the operators behind the scenes.

Indeed, RIP Tim Ball.

Snowflake Cold

Christmas Day forecast to be snowiest and coldest since 2000

A loader on Friday digs out a parking lot in Hamburg, New York, after an intense lake effect snow storm dumped several feet of snow around Buffalo and surrounding suburbs.
© John Normile/Getty Image
A loader on Friday digs out a parking lot in Hamburg, New York, after an intense lake effect snow storm dumped several feet of snow around Buffalo and surrounding suburbs.
Snow as far south as Louisiana and Houston Texas.

Legendary forecaster Joe Bastardi writes on Twitter: (and provides graphics to back it up)
Coldest Christmas with most widespread snow over since 2000 IMO.

GEFS Christmas temp anomalies vs 2000, and ensemble snow before that.

Impressive for an ensemble that far out.

Comment: Global warming, eh?

Cloud Precipitation

Namibia - Floods in Windhoek after 3 months' worth of rain in 24 hours

Flooding damaged buildings and swept away vehicles in the city of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, on 15 December 2022 after 3 months' worth of rain fell in 24 hours.

Several buildings were damaged, including a Police Station in Otjomuise and the Wernhill Park shopping centre. Dozens of cars parked in the shopping centre were flooded.

Local media reported fast-flowing rivers have caused havoc in the suburbs and informal areas of the city.

Videos shared on Social Media showed a man in raging flood waters clinging to a tree. Several vehicles were reported swept away by flooding rivers or trapped in river beds.


Record-setting snowfall gives Anchorage, Alaska wettest year ever

Anchorage records its wettest year ever in 2022
Anchorage records its wettest year ever in 2022
It is now official, Anchorage recorded its wettest year ever.

According to weather data collected, in 2022, we have seen 27.65 inches of precipitation — this also includes the water ratio equivalent of snow.

Between snow and rain, Anchorage has seen a record amount of precipitation this year, and December isn't over yet. The latest round of snow — currently up to more than 18 inches for the month in the city — has put Anchorage in the top spot for "Wettest Years".

Snowflake Cold

One-meter-high snow covers Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, after 30 hours of snowfall

A record snowfall over the past six years lasted 30 hours non-stop in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. The height of the snow cover was more than one meter.

Utility services did not have time to clean the streets, roads were closed due to bad weather in the region, school students were transferred to distance learning, the Astana TV channel reports.

More than 200 utility workers are resolving the snowfall consequences.