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Shallow magnitude 6.0 earthquake - Mid-Indian Ridge in the Indian Ocean

A very strong magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean 103 km (64 mi) from French Southern Territories Fri, Apr 26, 2024 22:23 GMT. The quake had a very shallow depth of 10 km (6 mi) and was not felt (or at least not reported so).

No significant damage or impact is expected from this quake and no particular alert was issued.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 3 in Mansehra, Pakistan

Lightning struck three people, including two brothers in Kundaw Kari forests in Oghi on Friday.

"Our teams rushed to the scene after receiving information about the incident and transported the dead to a hospital in Oghi," Amir Khadim, the Rescue 1122 official said.

All three shepherds leading their herds and sheep, according to locals, were hit by lightning and died instantly.The lightning, which was followed by heavy downpour, frightened locals and they ran to the forest where the three people were found dead.

The Rescue 1122 teams took the bodies to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Oghi.The deceased were identified as Mohammad Shafique, 28, belonging to Battagram, Ahmad Khan, 40, from Oghi and Mohammad Shakeel, 10, from Battagram.

Cloud Precipitation

Tanzania floods kill at least 155 people as heavy rains continue in Eastern Africa (UPDATE)

Visuals from the regions affected by flood
© X/@rcs1962) Asian News InternationalVisuals from the regions affected by flood in Tanzania.
Nearly 60 people have died since the start of April in heavy rains and flooding that has hit several parts of Tanzania, the government said.

The coastal region of the East African country is one of the worst affected, with floods damaging thousands of farms there, Mobhare Matinyi, the government spokesperson, said in a statement on Sunday.

"Serious flood effects are experienced in the coast region where 11 people have so far died," Mr Matinyi added.

He said, so far, 58 deaths have been recorded across the country from the flooding.

Comment: Update April 26

CNN reports:
Flooding in Tanzania has killed 155 people and left at least 236 injured, the country's Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said on Thursday.

More than 10,000 houses have been damaged and upwards of 200,000 people have been affected, Majaliwa told the Tanzanian parliament in the capital Dodoma.

The prime minister added that "the heavy El Nino rains, accompanied by strong winds and flooding and landslides in various parts of the country, have caused adverse effects."

"These include deaths, damage to crops, homes property, infrastructure like roads, bridges and railways," Majaliwa said.

The flooding has also affected Kenya, which shares a border with Tanzania in East Africa.

As of Tuesday, at least 32 people had died from the flooding in Kenya, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHR).

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 3, injures 4 in Rajasthan, India

Three men were killed by lightning on Friday when they were sheltering under a tree to protect them from rain, police here said.

Four more people who were with them and were also struck by lightning are undergoing treatment at a hospital.

The victims were identified as Chatra Bheel, 40, Deva Bheel, 60, and Sohan Bheel, 50, all residents of Bhainsrorgarh of Chittor district.

The seven were standing under a tree in the Gurjar Ghata area of Dabi Police Station jurisdiction when they were struck by lightning at around 3 pm, Deputy Superintendent of Police Tarunkant Somani said.

The seven men, all belonging to the Bheel community, had come to the Dabi area to seek labourer's work.



Mount Semeru erupts 4 times in Indonesia, spews nearly one km high volcanic ash

Mount Semeru in East Java erupted four times and spewed volcanic ash between 800 and one thousand meters above its peak on Thursday from 12:15 a.m. to 8:34 a.m. Western Indonesia Time (WIB).

"The ash column was observed colored white to gray, with moderate intensity, (heading) towards the south," an officer of the Mount Semeru Observation Post Liswanto stated in a report received here on Thursday.

The first eruption at 12:15 a.m. had a volcanic ash height of 800 meters heading to the southeast and south. Thereafter, the second eruption occurred at 2:34 a.m., with a volcanic ash height of 800 meters heading to the southwest.

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Highway along China border washed away after massive landslide due to heavy rain in Arunachal Pradesh, India

A massive landslide hit Arunachal Pradesh, washing away a major stretch of highway near India-China border.
© IANSA massive landslide hit Arunachal Pradesh, washing away a major stretch of highway near India-China border.
A massive landslide has washed away a major portion of a highway in Arunachal Pradesh, disrupting road connectivity with Dibang Valley, a district bordering China.

The district witnessed heavy landslides between Hunli and Anini on the National Highway-313 yesterday due to heavy rainfall over the past few days, authorities said.

Videos showed a stretch of the highway missing, making it impossible for vehicles to cross to the other side and posing difficulties for the locals and security forces who consider the highway a lifeline in this difficult terrain.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 17, injure 32 in Marathwada, India

Unseasonal rainfall between April 9 and 22 wreaked havoc across 853 villages in Marathwada, claiming the lives of 17 people and injuring 32 others due to lightning strikes.

The relentless weather has significantly impacted the lives of over 15,438 farmers, damaging crops on a staggering 8008.13 hectares of land. The 17 deaths include Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (4), Parbhani (2), Hingoli (1), Nanded (3), Beed (3), and Latur (4).

Livestock has not been spared either, with lightning strikes causing the deaths of 280 animals, with the highest number of casualties reported in Jalna (70). The unseasonal rains have damaged agricultural land across the region, affecting farmers in 853 villages. The breakdown of the damaged land includes 1255 hectares of non-irrigated land, 3416 hectares of irrigated land, and 3335 hectares of orchards.

The heavy rains have also caused significant damage to homes, with 18 houses completely collapsing and 574 houses partially collapsing, bringing the total number of damaged houses to 602. According to weather experts, the unseasonal rains might continue to fall till next week.

Cloud Precipitation

Best of the Web: 'Fields are completely underwater': UK farmers fear widespread crop failure following wettest year in centuries

england flooding
© Ben Birchall/PAAccording to the Met Office, 1,695.9mm of rain fell from October 2022 to March 2024, the highest amount recorded for any 18-month period in England... since at least 1836.
Farmers have been dealing with record-breaking rainfall over at least the past year, meaning food produced in Britain has fallen drastically.

Livestock and crops have been affected as fields have been submerged since last autumn on account of it being an exceptionally wet 18 months.

According to the Met Office, 1,695.9mm of rain fell from October 2022 to March 2024, the highest amount record for any 18-month period in England.

Here, British farmers and growers tell us how they have handled the inclement weather conditions and what the heavy rainfall means for their immediate futures.

'We are going to have an appalling harvest this year'

Our farm is mainly arable so it's crops that we grow. The constraints that we are facing this year means we are going to have an appalling harvest. We've hardly got any crops in the ground at all, I've only managed to get 30 hectares [74 acres] of my 170 hectares planted and we have 110 hectares of "croppable" land. That's less than a third.


160 pilot whales stranded on Western Australia beach with 26 confirmed dead

pilot whales are stranded on a Western Australian beach
© DBCAPilot whales are stranded on a Western Australian beach
Some 160 long-finned whales have become stranded on the western Australian coast, with at least 26 confirmed dead.

Wildlife authorities have begun a rescue attempt after marine scientists and veterinarians reached the scene at Toby's Inlet near the tourist town of Dunsborough on Thursday. The stranded whales were from four pods spread across 1,640 feet of shore, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions said in a statement.

An additional 20 whales were in a pod almost a mile offshore and 110 whales formed a pod closer to the beach. The statement said: "Our team is making every effort to safely respond and keep volunteers and staff safe, while also acting in the best interests of the whales."


BBC, Guardian raise alarm about 'deadly' heatwaves in Mali and Burkina Faso, despite little rise in average temperatures last 85 years

woman walking
© unknown
Legacy media filled its columns last week with poppycock 'attribution' stories suggesting that recent heatwaves in Mali (the hottest country in the world), Burkina Faso and the rest of the Sahel would have been impossible without human-caused climate disruption. Needless to say, a number of important facts were missing from this latest bout of climate catastrophism. Average temperatures in both Mali and Burkina Faso have barely risen in the last 85 years, rainfall in both countries has increased slightly in recent times, agricultural production is up, while de-desertification is under way across the entire Sahel region.

This last fact is never likely to be mentioned in these footling stories dreamed up to promote Net Zero collectivisation. To do so would be to open a Pandora's Box showing global plant levels have accelerated due to the recovering levels of carbon dioxide in a previously denuded atmosphere. A recent science paper revealed that over the last two decades, plant growth had accelerated over large areas of the planet. During the last 40 years, it is thought that there has been 14% more plant growth, bringing immeasurable benefits for local biodiversity as well as more food for human consumption
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