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Thu, 09 Apr 2020
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Cloud Precipitation

Flash flood triggered by incessant heavy rainfall swamps 2 villages in East Java, Indonesia

Floods submerged 316 homes located in two villages in Mount Ijen area, Bondowoso District, East Java Province, on Saturday, according to the Bondowoso Disaster Mitigation Office (BPBD).

"The floods affected 316 homes, but we are still verifying the damages," Triyatmoko, head of the Bondowoso BPBD, said on Sunday.

The current floods were worse than the floods that had hit the area on January 29, 2020, he noted.


Late winter storm continues in Sierra Nevada - dumps up to 4 feet of new snow

The Sierra snowpack has been boosted over the last few days.
© Mike Peron
The Sierra snowpack has been boosted over the last few days.
After a slow wet season without much precipitation, the Sierra Nevada mountain range region in California is finally starting to see some heavy snow.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said parts of the central and northern Sierra Nevada were buried under somewhere between 1-4 feet of snow since it started falling on Sunday. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are usually pummeled with "yards and yards" of snow in the winter, and this snowfall is helping that area make up for a long drought.

"There have probably been periodic blizzard conditions, but most places were below that criteria," Sosnowski said. Blizzard criteria are reached when a storm sustains winds or wind gusts of 35 mph or greater, and the visibility diminishes to less than one-quarter of a mile for three consecutive hours.

Comment: Immediately prior to this latest dump up to 38 inches of snow in 24 hours hit the region.


Several tornadoes filmed across Morocco

Tornado in Oued Zem, Morocco on March 15

Tornado in Oued Zem, Morocco on March 15
Videos from Morocco as tornadoes form near villages.


Cloud Precipitation

Icy scenes after unusual hailstorm in Colombia's capital Bogota

Hailstorm in Bogota

Hailstorm in Bogota
Streets covered with ice, vehicular congestion and flooded areas, among the emergencies attended by the authorities.

The downpour, accompanied by an unusual hailstorm, was recorded this Tuesday in the north and center of Bogota.

Through social networks, citizens have shared videos and photographs.

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly floods and landslides after heavy rainfall in Santander, Colombia

Floods in San Juan de Girón, Santander, Colombia, March 2020.
© DGRD Santander
Floods in San Juan de Girón, Santander, Colombia, March 2020.
Heavy rain that began late on 14 March caused flooding and landslides in areas near Bucaramanga in Santander Department, Colombia.

According to department disaster authorities, heavy rain caused a small stream to overflow, triggering flash flooding and a mudslide in the Vijagual sector in the north of Bucaramanga city. One man died after he was swept away by the flood waters. Two other people were injured. Local media said that around 100 families were affected.

Disaster authorities also said that the heavy rain caused the Río de Oro river to overflow, flooding parts of San Juan de Girón municipality.

Media also reported that heavy rain had triggered several landslides in the area. One of the landslides blocked a road between Bucaramanga and Rionegro.

Cloud Precipitation

11 dead as more rain hits Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Flood and rain damage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, March 2020.
Flood and rain damage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, March 2020.
The devastation caused by heavy rains in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan continued late last week when at least 11 people died and 17 were injured.

Heavy rain has affected the province since 06 March 2020, causing landslides, flash floods and buildings to collapse. As of 08 March, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) reported that 23 people had died and 54 people injured. Most of the fatalities and injuries came as a result of collapsing buildings or walls. A total of 127 homes have been damaged, including 13 completely destroyed.

Comment: The first week of March saw at least 23 deaths in the region.

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Man killed in avalanche at Pebble Creek, Idaho

An avalanche at Pebble Creek Ski Area killed an American Falls man, Paul "Phil" Bregitzer, 60.

The Bannock County Sheriff's Office reported Bregitzer was skiing with friends on the popular out-of-bounds run, Canal Street, near the north boundary line.

Around 1 p.m., wet snow caused a 300 yard avalanche, six to seven feet deep. Bregitzer was reportedly buried under three feet of snow, without a beacon to help ski patrol find his location.

Reports initially said he'd been skiing alone. But, friend of Bregitzer, Doug Balfour, called to tell us Bregitzer was skiing with friends, who helped dig him out of the snow and performed CPR.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: China & US food shortages 2020 - Black rain in Japan

US planting delays 2020
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
With all forecast agencies calling for a massively wet planting season delaying crop planting in the US, we also have the missed planting dates for usual time for seeds to into the ground across Southern China. Where will more food crops be grown with the US and China out of the picture? Unknown black rain after a medium atmosphere meteor explosion, what did that seed on our planet?

Comment: Mysterious black rain falls in Japan days after lightning storm

Cloud Precipitation

Mysterious black rain falls in Japan days after lightning storm

Black rain in Japan
Mere days after a ferocious lightning storm rocked the city of Tokyo, citizens from various parts of central Japan have experienced a mysterious black rainfall.

Giving the effect of thin black paint spatters, the rain is reportedly not radioactive and the cause of the odd discolouration is currently under investigation.

Images of eerie soot-coloured puddles pooling on roads and on the top of cars have been shared on social media, with many people left mystified by the unusual liquid.

The dark rainwater was reported to authorities by those living in several wards across Japan's Saitama Prefecture on March 2.

Most of these reports have originated from the city of Hasuda, according to local news source SoraNews24, however other affected areas in Saitama have included Ageo, Iwatsuki and Kuki.

Hasuda City officials have since issued a statement announcing they are looking into the matter, after receiving various complaints of 'black puddles in roads and on cars'. After measuring levels of radiation levels, nothing was found to be out of the ordinary.


Avalanche warning after 3 days of heavy snowfall in Lahaul, India - 30 inches of new snow

The snow-clad Keylong in Lahaul-Spiti.
© Jai Kumar
The snow-clad Keylong in Lahaul-Spiti.
The Lahaul valley is under the threat of avalanches once again, following three days of heavy snowfall.

Chandra valley in Lahaul has been the most affected by snowfall. Koksar village has received over 75cm of fresh snow and Sissu 60cm of snow. There are reports of small avalanches in some area. The entire area between Tandi and Koksar is prone to avalanches.

All roads in the valley have been blocked again. Bus service on all major routes of the valley, which had resumed after three months on March 9, has again been stopped as snow blocked all roads.