Martin Durkin
Martin Durkin
A potentially game-changing film on the fraudulent climate change narrative and the collectivist Net Zero project hits global social media screens today. "Climate change is an invented scare of self-interest and snobbery, cynically promoted by a parasitic, publicly-funded establishment hungry for power and money," says writer Martin Durkin. The attitude of middle class environmentalists can be summed up as "how can we stop people buying cheap things in shops", observes Baroness Claire Fox. On the science side, the 2022 Nobel Physics laureate Dr. John Clauser asserts: "There is no correlation between temperature change and carbon dioxide - it is all a crock of crap."

The new film is a long-awaited sequel to Durkin's The Great Global Warming Swindle film shown on Channel 4 in 2007. The outcry from activists at the time led to the banning of sceptical climate science views across most mainstream media, bans that continue to this day. The new film is called Climate: The Movie and features many top sceptical climate scientists. It lays out the politically-supressed views surrounding natural climate variation in riveting and persuasive detail. As Durkin notes at the beginning, his new film is the story of how an eccentric environmental scare grew into a powerful global industry. "When I hear people pontificating about a rise of one and a half degrees, I think what have they been smoking?" says Emeritus Professor William Happer of Princeton.

"There is no climate emergency. There is no evidence of one," comments Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the original founders of Greenpeace. Around 20,000 years ago, CO2 was at the lowest level it has ever been in the history of the Earth. The gas is currently 420 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere and has recovered from 180 ppm. "If it had gone down another 30 ppm, we would all be dead," observes Moore. The film quotes other scientists noting that CO2 levels were much higher in the past at times of very high biodiversity levels on the planet. One of the numerous 'scams' identified in the film is that there is little correlation between CO2 and temperatures across the 500 million year record. In fact, recent ice core evidence shows periods when temperatures rose ahead of increases in CO2. The opinions and hypotheses surrounding unproven anthropogenic climate change simply do not stand up to past scientific observations.

"We should be very grateful that CO2 levels are beginning to go back up - there is not enough fossil fuel to get to historical levels, but at least we can make a start," observes a mischievous Professor Happer. "CO2 is quite unimportant in controlling Earth's climate," says Dr. Clauser. For him, the behaviour of clouds is "hundreds of times more powerful than the trivial effect of CO2".

The science of climate features heavily in the film and clear explanations are provided throughout. "Compared to the last 500 million years the Earth is exceptionally cold," explains Durkin. The reason there is ice at the poles is that we are in an ice age, observes Moore. "We are at the tail end of a 50 million year cooling period, and they say it is too hot," he adds. As regular readers of the Daily Sceptic will be aware, recent surface measurement have been badly corrupted by growing urban heat. Former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer, who has studied the urban heat effect in great detail, calculates that most of the measured urban warming since 1880 is due to the urban heat effect.

Many of the issues discussed in the film will be familiar to Daily Sceptic readers - from the biased UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change only considering human involvement in the climate (it would be out of a job if it found humans were not that important) to the trillions of dollars spent on Government-mandated inferior green technologies.

The corruption of 'settled' science is widely discussed with click-bait, well-funded scientists feeding doomsday climate predictions into the public space via the unquestioning mainstream media. Few corruptions are more blatant than attaching bad weather events to long-term changes in the climate. Science writer Tony Heller calls it "absurd", adding, "there is no basis to it, it is biased propaganda". The capture of scientific journals is almost complete with any scientist questioning the 'settled' narrative unlikely to be published. Starting out in their careers, academics from numerous disciplines are more or less advised to keep their mouths shut about the narrative or lose students, grant funding, the ability to publish work and ultimately their jobs.

Universities and science bodies around the world have lost their hard-won reputations for the unbiased pursuit of truth through the scientific process. In its place is a grubby rush for cash in the interest of promoting an ideological fad. The Durkin film shows in clear detail that the science attributing all climate change to humans using hydrocarbons is far from settled, and is disputed by many distinguished academics of considerable scientific standing. Net Zero and the stories about the climate that accompany it is a political project. "If you are a climate activist, you are actually facilitating a huge validation of the Government running our lives," says Claire Fox. Net Zero demands on governments mean they can "interfere in every nook and cranny", she argues.

But it is towards the end of his excellent film that Durkin shows the true wickedness of the Net Zero agenda. In Africa, diseases and early deaths are widespread as developed countries refuse to sanction investment in hydrocarbon energy. Women still cook on dung fires causing lung disease and blindness. Agriculture suffers from a lack of tractor power and fertiliser. Meanwhile, diarrhoea is endemic and billionaires send pills to mask the symptoms. But Western banks will not lend money to provide hydrocarbon-powered refrigeration and clean water infrastructure. The greens think that Africans should not use hydrocarbon resources, and this sums up the "ruthlessness and depravity" of the agenda, says Dr. Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Climate: The Movie is available on YouTube, Vimeo, X, Rumble, BitChute and other social media sites from today. It is written and directed by Martin Durkin and produced by Tom Nelson.

Chris Morrison is the Daily Sceptic's Environment Editor.