An angry bull elephant in Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa attacked a safari truck, twice lifting it into the air and slamming it down as terrified tourists took cover between the seats.

Video posted on YouTube by iReport South Africa shows the attack from afar and from inside the truck.

The driver yelled at the elephant "hey, hey, move, move." He slammed the side of his door. But nothing worked.

Finally, the driver backed up and the elephant lost interest, wandering off the road.

The South African reported that it remains unclear when this incident occurred and if anyone was injured.

Commenters on YouTube were critical of the driver, calling him an "idiot" and a guide "with no respect," and insisting he be fired for "putting tourists in danger."

But one commenter who claims a friend sent him a video that shows the complete story, not just the end, defended the driver's actions.

"The elephant entered the car park whilst guests were both on foot in the open and on the walkway (fairly secure) to the hide," the commenter stated. "The guide sat there quietly with his engine off until the elephant started to approach the vehicle. The elephant didn't back off and kept coming closer, not responding to warning shouts and door slamming and slapping as they normally will.

"Whether or not the guide took the correct action next is not for me to say, but he took what he thought was the correct action to protect his guests and those on the car park. He started his engine and revved it, hoping the elephant would leave the car park. I understand why he did it, and hindsight is a wonderful thing. I hope the full video is released because I am sure you will all feel some compassion towards the guide and how absolutely terrified he must have been, whilst taking actions to protect others in a very difficult situation. I have no doubt that the guide and guests have been traumatized by this event and I beg for your understanding until you too have seen the full video. It makes so much more sense."