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Locusts wreak havoc in southern Somalia

A swarm of locusts reportedly destroyed the crops and other vegetations in Gedo province, southern Somalia. Our correspondent, Ahmed Salahi, in the region said millions of them spread out in the farming land of Luuq district where residents mainly depend on the harvesting of their farms for their livelihood.

Light Sabers

About 500 Ukraine settlements in power blackout due to heavy rains, powerful winds

Heavy rains and powerful winds have caused a power blackout in about 500 settlements in Ukraine in seven regions overnight. The worst hit were the Rovno, Kiev and Volyn regions, the Ukrainian Emergency Situations Ministry reported on Saturday.

Cloud Lightning

Missouri 'Easter Freeze' damage assessed - costliest on record?

"The Easter Freeze of 2007 will go down as a historical event with lingering effects for years to come" says the climatologist for the University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Program. "The magnitude of the hard freeze is nothing short of amazing considering all 114 counties in Missouri were affected. When including all the economic impacts of this event on agriculture and horticulture and the far-reaching impacts on communities as a whole, the April freeze will likely rank as one of the most costliest natural disasters on record for Missouri."

Bizarro Earth

Erosion of Alaska's north coast speeding up

The speed of coastal erosion on Alaska's far northern coast has doubled over the past 50 years and coastal cliffs saturated with melting permafrost have crumbled into the sea as the world's climate has warmed, scientists report.

©USGS/Gary D. Clow
A cliff collapses into the Beaufort Sea on Alaska's north coast, as the permafrost melts and no longer holds that earth solid.

Using evidence from satellite observations and aerial photographs, two geologists at the U.S. Geological Survey have concluded that pack ice shrinking rapidly over the Beaufort Sea has probably caused the waves to surge more powerfully against the weakened cliffs.

Red Flag

Alarm over high number of sea-bird deaths

Hundreds of emaciated seabirds have washed up dead along the south-eastern coast of America, alarming scientists who fear changes in the ocean could have affected the fish that the birds normally eat.

More than a thousand shearwaters, large gull-like birds that spend most of their lives far out to sea, have been found dead over the past two weeks on beaches stretching from the Bahamas to the Carolinas, say wildlife biologists.


Curious creature caught off Keahole Point

It's a squid, it's an octopus, it's ... a mystery from the deep.

What appears to be a half-squid, half-octopus specimen found off Keahole Point on the Big Island remains unidentified today and could possibly be a new species, said local biologists.

The specimen was found caught in a filter in one of Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority's deep-sea water pipelines last week. The pipeline, which runs 3,000 feet deep, sucks up cold, deep-sea water for the tenants of the natural energy lab.

"When we first saw it, I was really delighted because it was new and alive," said Jan War, operations manager at NELHA. "I've never seen anything like that."


Western U.S. roasts: 103 ... 116 ... 125. "As far as we see, ... no relief."

Sweltering residents across the West headed for lakes and rivers yesterday, seeking relief from triple-digit temperatures expected to set records through at least today.

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Dozens die as landslide swallows bus in Mexico

DELAYED RESPONSE: President Felipe Calderon sent in the army and interior ministry to help, but police kept locals from digging for the bus for several hours

Comment: because... the lives of these people were unimportant?!

As many as 60 people were feared to have died yesterday after a landslide swallowed a bus in Puebla state in central Mexico.

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Texas Braces for Still More Rain, Floods

OKLAHOMA CITY - Residents in Texas endured more rain and braced for more flood damage Thursday while floodwaters slowly subsided in parts of Oklahoma and Kansas.

An estimated 1,000 homes in Texas have already been severely damaged or destroyed by the widespread flooding since late May. The slightest additional rainfall could cause flash flooding where rivers, lakes and reservoirs are already full to the brim.


Locust attack coming to India, Pakistan

A locust warning issued by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations Organisation has asked India and Pakistan to take immediate steps to safeguard their crops.