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Fri, 29 Jul 2016
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Twin waterspouts filmed off Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Twin water spout off Hilton Head
7-21-16 Hilton Head, SC amazing twin waterspouts dance together!

Amazing video as twin waterspouts dance around each other off the coast of Hilton Head, SC!

Severe storms produced a few waterspouts in the area.


Heat dome sweeping across U.S. bringing prolonged sweltering temperatures

© Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters
A heat dome is set to bring temperatures well above normal for this time of year.
A 'heat dome' is sweeping across the US this weekend, bringing prolonged sweltering temperatures, expected to reach 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above what's normal for this time of the year.

A 'heat dome' occurs when high pressure traps hot air underneath it and usually lasts a number of days. Combined with high humidity, heat indices are forecast to soar - the highest indices are predicted to be felt across the Corn Belt and Midwest, topping 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius).

Many areas are already feeling the burn and public health warnings are in place, including advice from the White House reminding people to check on each other, particularly vulnerable groups, in the extreme heat.


Decomposing 22-ton whale washes up onshore again on Southern California coast

© Nelvin C. Cepeda | San Diego Union-Tribune
A decomposing whale carcass found in Encinitas in San Diego County is likely of Wally the humpback, a familiar sight along the coast of Orange and Los Angeles counties.
Wally, the dearly departed humpback whale, seems unwilling to leave the Southern California coast — even in death.

Efforts to push the carcass out to sea have been thwarted, with the remains emerging back on various beaches every few days.

Now, a whale carcass found on a San Diego County beach over the weekend is likely that of Wally.

A construction crew attempted Sunday to cut up and remove the decomposing whale from Grandview Beach in Encinitas, since lifeguards didn't have a boat big enough to haul it to sea. Work was halted when part of a forklift snapped off during the effort.


Thousands of dead fish found at Mosquito Creek, Trinidad

© Trevor Watson
Dead fishes seen floating along the Gulf of Paria coast near Mosquito Creek in La Romaine on Wednesday.
Thousands of dead and dying fish washed ashore in the Gulf of Paria, near Mosquito Creek, yesterday.

And local fishermen are demanding a thorough investigation into what caused the marine life to die.

Residents said dead fish, including mullet and herring, were seen among the rocks and on the coastline on Tuesday night.

But by daybreak yesterday, thousands of fish were seen floating in the waters off the Gulf of Paria.

Fisherman Alvin La Borde said, "I received a call this morning that thousands of dead fish were in the waters off Mosquito Creek. This is nothing new, we have been experiencing this in La Brea and other areas in the south western peninsular for the past three years."

Cloud Precipitation

Over 120 dead after monsoon rains cause floods and landslides in 8 Indian states; 5 million affected

Representational photo
The National Disaster Management Division (NDMD) of the Ministry of Home Affairs in India reports that over 5 million people across 8 states are currently affected by flooding.

In a report dated 18 July, NDMD say that flooding in the country is affecting the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. NDMD say that 375 villages from 89 districts across the 8 states have reported flooding.

According to the report, 124 lives have been lost since the flooding began with the onset of this year's monsoon rainfall in June. Over 90 of the fatalities are believed to have occurred during the last 2 weeks. Around 200 people have also been reported as injured.

Cloud Precipitation

17 dead as flash floods sweep away 2 vehicles in Khost, Afghanistan

Flash floods have swept away two passenger vehicles in southeastern Khost province, killing at least 17 people, local officials said on Tuesday.

The floods caused the fatalities in Yaqubi district and Haroonkhel area on the outskirts of Khost City, the acting head of the Afghanistan natural disaster management authority said.

Shahdam Hilal told Pajhwok Afghan News the flooding had resulted from torrential rains in the province, where a flying coach carrying to Khost City was swept away in Haroonkhel area.

He said the dead included four women and as many children, coming from across the border to the Khost capital. Hilal added several people were killed and wounded in Yaqubi as well.


Global temperature data is almost entirely made up by NOAA

NOAA claims global temperatures are the hottest ever, based on some rather spectacular junk science. NOAA doesn't actually have any temperature data over most of the land surface.

They never had any data from most of the southern hemisphere.
TimesMachine: January 5, 1978 - NYTimes.com

Comment: Indeed, the world seems to be going through a global cooling pattern, not global warming as the paid shill scientists at the NOAA would have you believe. Take this priceless story as a great example: Déjà vu: Global warming expedition stopped in its tracks by Arctic sea ice


Bear attack sends woman to hospital in Alberta, Canada; second incident in 2 days for the region

© Yves Herman/Reuters
There have been 2 bear attacks in 2 days in southern Alberta.
Attack comes after couple in Waiparous area attacked by a grizzly bear the day before

A woman was sent to hospital after being attacked by what's believed to be a brown bear while riding her bike in the Lowline Trail area of Canmore, Alta., Wednesday evening, paramedics said in a release.

EMS responded around 7:30 p.m. to find the cyclist suffering from serious, soft tissue injuries to her upper body which led to an internal injury.

The woman told paramedics she and a friend came across the bear, which struck the woman as the pair attempted to leave. Her friend used bear spray and the bear left, EMS said.

The woman was taken to Canmore hospital with stable, non-life-threatening injuries.

Comment: See also: Grizzly bear attacks picnicking couple west of Calgary, Canada


Grizzly bear attacks picnicking couple west of Calgary, Canada

Grizzly bear
A woman who was having a backcountry picnic with her boyfriend was charged and bitten by a mother grizzly bear on Tuesday.

Witnesses said the pair were having lunch by the Ghost River near the Trapper's Hill campground west of Calgary when they encountered the grizzly and her cubs.

Coleman Blair said he was driving on a nearby road when he saw the couple being chased by the bear through the river.

He jumped out of his vehicle and rushed to help, saying by the time he got to her the bear had the woman's arm in its mouth. He said he was able to pry the bear's jaw open.

"She was hysterical, she was in shock,'' he said. "From that point, I looked over and saw a couple of cubs in the tree line, maybe 50 yards away, and (the mother bear) standing there, still fairly aggressive.''


Wildfire smoke stretches for 2,000 miles in Russia

Smoke across Russia on satellite July 20, 2016. Each red dot shows fire/thermal anomalies detected by satellite.
Wildfires burning in central and eastern Russia this week have contributed to an eye-popping amount of smoke that is trapped under a dome of high pressure.

You can see the smoke - the milky white area - extending for nearly 2,000 miles from west to east across Russia in the NASA satellite image below from Wednesday. Each red dot on the map is a fire and thermal anomaly detected by satellite, illustrating where some of the active fires were occurring at that time.

The smoky conditions were also widespread on Monday and Tuesday. Here's what it looked like on Monday.

Smoke across Russia on satellite July 18, 2016. Each red dot shows fire/thermal anomalies detected by satellite.