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Sat, 04 Dec 2021
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Wasteful supermarkets

Wasteful Supermarkets
© The Independent, UK

It was a commenter on my Facebook page who put the 'skipping' charges against three men who were taking discarded food from a bin at an Iceland store in North London in the best perspective I've seen - they said: if there's a crime here, it's only the (non-legal) one of wastefulness, in which case it's the supermarket that should be in the dock, not the dumpster divers.

Three men are being charged - the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said it sees "significant public interest" in proceeding - accused of taking stealing tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and Mr Kipling cakes from a supermarket's bins. Police say they retrieved and "returned" the items to the store. That is to say they ensured what was undoubtedly perfectly good food went into (at best) composting or anaerobic digestion, but quite likely into landfill.

You do have to wonder if there's a campaigner in the CPS who thinks it is time to put the entire supermarket model of food distribution on trial.

Recently, Tesco admitted that more than 30 per cent of bagged salad is wasted in store, and 40 per cent of apples. In total in the first six months of last year, 28,500 tonnes of food waste were generated in its stores and distribution centres. No doubt the other giant oligopolists that dominate our food chains are similar.

The fact that 'dumpster diving'/'skipping'/'bin raiding' is a new phenomenon is clear from the absence of a settled name - but it's clear that it the practice is spreading fast. That's a product of the rising desperation in our society that has seen foodbanks become one of our fastest growing industries, as I saw for myself last week on a visit to one in prosperous Winchester.

Cupcake Choco

US government punishes 11-year-old girl for selling cupcakes without permission

© Derik Holtmann/Belleville News-Democrat
11-year-old Chloe Stirling works on a designer cupcake.
Troy, Illinois - An 11-year-old entrepreneur recently learned a lesson about the economics of living in a police state when her home-based cupcake business was closed-down by local bureaucrats.

When people started noticing young Chloe Stirling's cake decorating skills, they started requesting she bake them orders for birthdays and holidays. Her clever designs quickly turned into a childhood business venture, as her eager customers gave her money in exchange for birthday cakes and baked goods.

She's created some 3-dimensional designs with her cakes, including a soccer-ball cake filled with pudding and cupcakes shaped like high-heels. Her largest order topped out at 220 cupcakes. She has also donated batches to charity fundraisers.

With twelve satisfied year-round clients, she began saving the money she made with the hope of buying her first car when she turns sixteen.

In the long term, she hopes to open her own bakery with the money she saves.

At least, she was, until the local county bureaucrats got wind of her creative spirit. When a local newspaper ran a favorable article about her cupcake decorating, the conscienceless regulators decided to seek out the child and quash her business.


Rookie cop who shot 72-year-old dead in his home while investigating burglary at the WRONG address will not be charged

No consequences: A grand jury has decided not to indict the rookie police officer who shot dead 72-year-old Jerry Waller (right) on accident last May. Pictured above with wife Kathy
A grand jury in Tarrant County, Texas has decided not to indict the rookie police officer who shot dead a homeowner while investigating a burglary at the wrong address.

Last May, R.A. 'Alex' Hoeppner and his partner Benjamin Hanlon accidentally started searching 72-year-old Jerry Waller's property, confusing it in the dark for a house across the street.

Waller was in bed with his wife Kathy at the time, and was stirred by the police officer's flashlights. Fearing a prowler was outside, he grabbed his .35-caliber-pistol and went to investigate.

According to a search warrant affidavit released by the Star-Telegram in July, the two officers encountered an armed Waller near the corner of his home, told them they were police and to drop his gun.

Waller didn't drop his gun and instead raised it at Hoeppner who proceeded to fatally shoot the senior citizen seven times.

According to the autopsy report, Waller suffered three hits to his chest as well as single shots to his abdomen and hand. Two other bullets grazed his wrist and forearm.

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Lunches seized and tossed in trash at Salt Lake City elementary school for kids with unpaid balances

School Lunch
© Babble.com

While I understand the need for parents to pay for their children's lunches, what do you think the appropriate response should be by adults running an elementary school upon realizing that some young children with unpaid balances had already been served a full hot meal?

Personally, I would assume that any reasonable human being would allow the children to eat the lunches while at the same time calling up their parents to sort out the problem. However, that's not the action deemed appropriate by the "child-nutrition manager" that visited Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City this past Tuesday.

Nope, this person decided that the best course of action was to seize already served lunches and throw them in the trash in front of the victim's classmates. Mind you, this person is called a "child-nutrition manager." So someone in charge of "child nutrition" thinks he or she is doing their job by ensuring malnourishment due to unpaid balances.

Next stop for these kids, debtors prison, which are making a comeback in the U.S. by the way. Disgraceful.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:


Why religious tensions are spiking around the globe

© Ann Hermes/TCSM
A young boy sits next to Coptic Christian graffiti in an alley as Muslim women pass by on June 25, 2013 in Abu Qurqas, Egypt. Violence erupted in the village of Abu Qurqas located in the Minya province, after dispute between local Coptic Christians and Muslims broke out in April 2011, resulting in fatalities and the burning of several homes.
Global religious hostilities, including government restrictions on how individuals can practice their faith and conflicts between communities of different faiths, reached a six-year high in 2012, according to the Pew Research Center.

One-third of the 198 countries and territories included in the study, released this week, had a high level of religious restrictions, with an even greater share affected by religiously-based social hostilities that included verbal abuse, overt hate crimes, and murder.

"This is the first time that this study has found that social hostilities involving religion affect a larger share of the world's population than government restriction on religious freedom," says Brian Grim, the principal investigator for all five studies.

But even as observers pointed to greater global migration and integration with people of different faiths as a root cause, they also suggested such mingling could ultimately help ease religious tensions.

Religious harassment has been present in 185 countries since Pew first began to quantify religious freedom in 2007. Christians have faced the most widespread harassment, with Muslims running a close second. Overall levels of religious hostility have heightened in every region of the globe except for the Americas.

Indeed, many theologians say that independent research over the past several years has also suggested that "intolerance is on the march," something they attribute to political instability and greater interconnectivity.

Comment: Most, but not all religions were created by psychopaths to control the people, manage their belief systems and keep them distracted from seeing and living in the world as it IS. These psychopathic religions have set the standard of behavior in our society and the situation is not getting any better. You can learn more about how psychopaths have infected every aspect of our society by reading Political Ponerology and the ongoing disussions on our forum.

Bad Guys

Salvation Army 'rented out' boys at Sydney children's home in Sydney to paedophiles

© Alamy
A Royal Commission into child sexual abuse in Australia began hearing evidence into allegations of abuse at four Salvation Army homes for children between 1966 and 1977.
Boys at a Salvation Army children's home in Australia were "rented out" to paedophiles who entered their dormitories at night, a royal commission into child sexual abuse has heard.

One boy was sent by a superintendent, Captain Lawrence Wilson, to the home of a husband and wife, who sexually abused him. The couple were in Salvation Army uniforms and the woman "had short blond hair and looked to be in her 30s," the alleged victim told the commission. He said he returned to the home and revealed what had happened to Captain Wilson, who said the couple were "good people" and caned the boy 18 times.

"The sexual attacks on myself are the hardest things to deal with, one day you are a boy the next you are a shell walking around," he said.


Report: 250 million school age kids can't read

kids can't read
© Reuters
Kurdish students sit in their classroom in the town of Rumeilan, near the Syrian/Iraqi border, December 10, 2013
At least 250 million of the world's 650 million primary school age children are unable to read, write or do basic mathematics, according to a report Wednesday commissioned by the U.N. education agency.

The report found that 130 million are in primary school but have not achieved the minimum benchmarks for learning, and almost 120 million have spent little or no time in a classroom including 57 million youngsters who are not attending school.

The independent research team that wrote the report for UNESCO, the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, calculated that the cost of 250 million children around the world not learning translates to a loss for governments of around $129 billion annually.


Loskarn's mother releases open letter he wrote before committing suicide

© Tom Williams
Sen. Lamar Alexander’s former chief of staff Jesse Ryan Loskarn
The former chief of staff to Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) who committed suicide left behind an open letter where he says he was drawn to child pornography because he was abused as a child.

Jesse Ryan Loskarn, 35, hanged himself in his parents' basement in Sykesville, Md., last week, just over a month after he was arrested on child pornography charges.

His mother, Gay Loskarn, posted a letter from him online Monday where he apologizes to the people he hurt and talks about his "deepest, darkest secret."

Stock Down

Senate Farm Bill sees price controls introduced in desperate move to prevent U.S. food prices from skyrocketing

Farmers expressed relief this week that a long fight over federal dairy subsidies had ended with an overhaul that most thought would be fair and effective in keeping farms from going under during hard times.

Along with funding for food stamps, the overhaul was a key stumbling block that prevented passage last year of a new, five-year farm bill. The House approved compromise legislation Wednesday, and a Senate vote is expected soon.

The dairy fight largely centered on a provision that sought to limit milk production when there was excess. Some dairy farmers said they needed a way to balance supply and demand so they could get a reasonable price for milk and stay in business.

But opponents - including U.S. House Speaker John Boehner - said it worked against a free market. Wisconsin cheesemakers, the Greek yogurt industry in New York and other dairy processors said the provision would hamper their ability to get the milk they need to grow their businesses.

The issue was unlikely to affect consumer prices, but some farm groups accused processors of wanting to keep milk prices low for their own gain.

Comment: This doesn't just "work against a free market" - it completely contradicts the economic diktats the U.S. has imposed on the rest of the world for the last 50-some years!
"Do as we say, not as we do!"

Heart - Black

Public inquiry in north of Ireland reveals institutionalized child torture

Christine Smith
© Paul Faith/PA
Christine Smith QC, senior counsel for the historic institutional abuse inquiry
Counsel outlines allegations made by ex-residents of Nazareth House and St Joseph's Home, run by Sisters of Nazareth nuns

Children were forced to eat their own vomit and bathe in disinfectant at residential care homes run by nuns, the UK's largest public inquiry into institutional child abuse was told on Monday.

During evidence on the behaviour of nuns from the Sisters of Nazareth order at two Catholic church-run children's homes in Derry, the inquiry heard that children were beaten for bedwetting and had soiled sheets placed on their heads to humiliate them.

Comment: The excuses offered by the nuns as to why they treated the children in their care so horribly amounts to adding insult to injury. There are infinite numbers of ways to discipline children without resorting to abuse. The parties responsible for inflicting so much pain for so long to so many children can't but be sadists who take pleasure in others' pain.