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Sun, 25 Jul 2021
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Second teen girl sentenced in deadly Uber Eats carjacking in D.C.

uber eats carjacking washington dc
© Twitter/Fox News
Images from the March 23, 2021 carjacking
A 14-year-old girl who pleaded guilty in connection with the killing of an Uber Eats driver during a botched carjacking in Washington, D.C., was sentenced to juvenile detention on Tuesday.

The girl was 13 when she and another teen girl tried to carjack Mohammad Anwar, 66, in March. The now 14-year-old will be released from custody when she turns 21, according to FOX 5 Washington, D.C.

The girls allegedly assaulted Anwar, a Pakistani immigrant and grandfather, with a Taser near the Navy Yard metro station. Video of the attack shows Anwar hanging on to the car as the suspects drove the vehicle, ultimately crashing and flipping it over on a nearby street.


Bizarro Earth

4 injured in indiscriminate knife attack in Greece, man later arrested

greece police
© AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis,
FILE PHOTO: A Greek municipal police officer pictured on patrol in the capital city, Athens.
Four people were hurt in a knife attack in Athens on Wednesday and a suspect was arrested after he called the police, Greek authorities said.

Police said the attack occurred in a suburb of the capital when a man wounded passersby apparently indiscriminately with a large knife outside a grocery store.

Comment: In the past few years, all over the planet seemingly random attacks, often with knives, are on the rise; below is just a small selection of incidents: Also check out SOTT radio's:


Raytheon's gone woke: Nuclear missile-maker segregates employees, teaches critical race theory - documents

Raytheon Technologies
© REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol / File
Raytheon Technologies stand at the 53rd International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, France, June 21, 2019.
US military contractor Raytheon Technologies, which just got a $2 billion nuclear cruise missile deal, also operates a 'diversity' campaign that segregates employees by race, rejects equality, and even advocates "white spaces."

On Tuesday, researcher Christopher Rufo published screenshots of documents he obtained from inside Raytheon, with details of their "anti-racist" campaign. Dubbed 'Stronger Together' - same as Democrat Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign slogan - it was reportedly launched by CEO Greg Hayes last year, amid the riots following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Comment: There is one miniscule bright spot in the midst of all the insanity. Organizations which eschew hiring and promotion on merit in favor of some imaginary set of tick-box qualifications, eventually totter and fail due to their institutionalized incompetence.

From Political Ponerology:
The achievement of absolute domination by pathocrats in the government of a country cannot be permanent since large sectors of the society become disaffected by such rule and eventually find some way of toppling it. This is part of the historical cycle, easily discerned when history is read from a
ponerological point of view. Pathocracy at the summit of governmental organization also does not constitute the entire picture of the "mature phenomenon". Such a system of government has nowhere to go but down.

In a pathocracy, all leadership positions, (down to village headman and community cooperative managers, not to mention the directors of police units, and special services police personnel, and activists in the pathocratic party) must be filled by individuals with corresponding psychological deviations, which are inherited as a rule. However, such people constitute a very small percentage of the population and this makes them more valuable to the pathocrats. Their intellectual level or professional skills cannot be taken into account, since people representing superior abilities are even harder to find. After such a system has lasted several years, one hundred percent of all the cases of essential psychopathy are involved in pathocratic activity; they are considered the most loyal, even though some of them were formerly involved on the other side in some way.

Under such conditions, no area of social life can develop normally, whether in economics, culture, science, technology, administration, etc. Pathocracy progressively paralyzes everything. Normal people must develop a level of patience beyond the ken of anyone living in a normal man's system just in order to explain what to do and how to do it to some obtuse mediocrity of a psychological deviant who has been placed in charge of some project that he cannot even understand, much less manage. This special kind of pedagogy - instructing deviants while avoiding their wrath - requires a great deal of time and effort, but it would otherwise not be possible to maintain tolerable living conditions and necessary achievements in the economic area or intellectual life of a society. Even with such efforts,
pathocracy progressively intrudes everywhere and dulls everything.
Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.


Nikole Hannah-Jones' outrageous 'racist' tenure tantrum shows the true colors of the journalist behind NYT's 1619 Project

Nikole Hannah-Jones
© AFP / Monika Schipper
Nikole Hannah-Jones, one of the contributors to the revisionist propaganda '1619 Project'
Pulitzer-winning fabulist Nikole Hannah-Jones has joined Howard University's faculty after accusing the University of North Carolina, which bent over backwards to hire her, of racism, tarnishing journalism (again) in the process.

After over a month of slagging off UNC as racist for not immediately offering her a tenured position, Hannah-Jones has announced she will take a faculty role at historically black university Howard, where she will found a so-called 'Center for Journalism and Democracy' - another irony in a resumé that's not short of them already.

Hannah-Jones shot to prominence for all the wrong reasons with her work on the New York Times' 1619 Project, which erroneously claims the US was founded based on slavery in 1619 and essentially insists that everything since the nation's establishment has been designed to keep institutional racism in place.


Star of David

Israel orders demolition of Palestinian homes in West Bank village of Hamsa Al-Fawqa

West Bank village demolished israel

Israeli occupation bulldozers began demolishing civilian facilities in Khirbet Hamsa al-Fouqa in the northern Jordan Valley on July 7, 2021
Israeli authorities today ordered the demolition of Palestinian homes in the village of Hamsa Al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley, northeast of the occupied West Bank.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Moataz Basharat, a senior official who monitors Israeli settlement activities, said occupation forces stormed Hamsa Al-Fawqa village and have so far demolished and confiscated three houses. The demolition process is ongoing.

Comment: The declaration of "military firing zones" is the Israeli government's perversion of a clause in the Geneva Convention's Article 49 and the Hague Regulations, which prohibits the seizing of an occupied peoples' property and the transfer of civilians to occupied territory.
The Hague Regulations prohibit the confiscation of private property. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the destruction of private or state property, "except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations".
What is the "absolute necessity" in uprooting the majority of an agricultural village for military purposes? There's no fighting going on. Past instances have shown that the IDF will turn over the land to the Jewish National Fund, who will then allocate it to more illegal settlers such as this bunch, just arrived on June 2.

Israeli hypocrisy seems to know no limits.


Looters ransack Bagram Airbase after US sneaks out in middle of night

Bagram Airbase Afghanistan
© AP
The United States has wound down its 'forever war' in Afghanistan by essentially sneaking off from its largest base there in the middle of the night, reportedly without so much as informing the local Afghan commander.

The somewhat shocking method of departure which immediately left Bagram a "ghost base" - as some are already calling it - was bluntly described by Associated Press as follows: "The U.S. left Afghanistan's Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base's new Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans' departure more than two hours after they left, Afghan military officials said."

Comment: See also:

Cell Phone

Twitter loses liability protection for user-created posts in India after failing to delete content

twitter phone logo
© Unsplash / Jeremy Zero
Twitter will no longer be exempt from liability arising from posts by users in India, after the platform failed to delete posts deemed illegal within a timeframe set by the country's new IT laws.

In a ruling filed on Monday, the US microblogging site lost the immunity that prevents it from being held liable for content posted by its users. The decision was made on the premise that Twitter is not respecting India's "law of the land."

The decision comes after a complaint over defamatory tweets that were not removed in time. In accordance with India's IT laws, social media sites are required to delete content that is deemed harmful or in breach of guidelines within 36 hours of a complaint being issued, and can face legal repercussions if this is not adhered to.

Comment: See also:


French court orders Twitter to reveal anti-hate speech efforts

twitter retweet warning
French anti-discrimination groups took Twitter to court last year, accusing it of 'long-term and persistent' failures in blocking hateful comments.
A French court on Tuesday ordered Twitter to give activists full access to all of its documents relating to its efforts to fight racism, sexism and other forms of hate speech on the social network.

Six anti-discrimination groups had taken Twitter to court in France last year, accusing the US social media giant of "long-term and persistent" failures in blocking hateful comments from the site.

The Paris court ordered Twitter to grant the campaign groups full access to all documents relating to the company's efforts to combat hate speech since May 2020. The ruling applies to Twitter's global operation, not just France.

Comment: It's quite telling that one half of Twitter users are complaining of censorship while the other half are begging for more.

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Antivirus mogul John McAfee's wife says she doesn't believe he died by suicide

john mcafee
© AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, File
John McAfee
The widow of John McAfee, the founder of the antivirus software McAfee, says that she "does not accept" that her husband died by suicide last month.

"The investigation into John's death is still ongoing but I will share what information I can, when I can," Janice McAfee said in a statement posted on Twitter Tuesday.

"Until then, I do not accept the 'suicide' story that has been spread by the malignant cancer that is the MSM [mainstream media]," she wrote. "They and their unnamed sources are not to be trusted."

Comment: The statement:

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mRNA vaccine inventor erased from history books

robert malone
June 11, 2021, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology,1 Dr. Robert Malone, spoke out on the DarkHorse podcast about the potential dangers of COVID-19 gene therapy injections, hosted by Bret Weinstein, Ph.D. The podcast was quickly erased from YouTube and Weinstein was issued a warning.

To censor a scientific discussion with the actual inventor of the technology used to manufacture these COVID-19 shots is beyond shocking. But the censorship of Malone goes even further than that. As reported in the video above, Malone's scientific accomplishments are also being scrubbed.

Wikipedia Scrubs Malone's Scientific Contributions

As recently as June 14, 2021, Malone's contributions were extensively included in the historical section on RNA vaccines' Wikipedia page. He was listed as having co-developed a "high-efficiency in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection system using cationic liposomes" in 1989.

In 1990, he demonstrated that "in-vitro transcribed mRNA could deliver genetic information into the cell to produce proteins within living cell tissue." Malone was also part of the team that conducted the first mRNA vaccine experiments. In short, his scientific knowledge of mRNA vaccines is unquestionable.

wikipedia malone 1
Two days later, June 16, 2021, just five days after Malone's appearance on the DarkHorse podcast, his name was removed from the Wikipedia entry. Now, all of a sudden, the discovery of mRNA drug delivery is accredited to nameless researchers at the Salk Institute and the University of California, and his 1990 research confirming that injected mRNA can produce proteins in cell tissue is accredited to nameless scientists at the University of Wisconsin.

wikipedia malone 2

Comment: See also: Big Tech cracks down on Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine pioneer who warns about their risks