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Tue, 01 Dec 2020
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Oregon governor issues statewide two-week freeze due to coronavirus spike

oregon two week freeze
Oregon governor issues statewide two-week freeze.
During a press conference Friday, Governor Kate Brown announced a statewide two-week freeze, and implemented new measures to limit group activities in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

According to the governor's office, the two-week freeze measures will be in effect from November 18 through December 2 for the entire state. In Multnomah County, however, the freeze will last until December 16.

Officials say these risk reduction measures are critical in limiting the spread of coronavirus, reducing risk in communities more vulnerable to serious illness and death, and helping conserve hospital capacity.

Bizarro Earth

Polish nationalists fired upon by police during independence day rally citing lockdown ban despite allowing weeks of pro-abortion protests

poland independence day
Police shot rubber bullets at Polish nationalists marching through Warsaw in celebration of the country's Independence Day yesterday.

The violence came as police attempted to enforce a ban on public gatherings as part of nationwide Covid-19 restrictions, despite allowing pro-abortion demonstrators to gather throughout the country over the last three weeks.

Thousands of Poles flooded the streets of Warsaw for the national holiday celebrating the date Jozef Pilsudski took control of Polish troops in the capital and declared the country's independence in 1918, at the same time an armistice between Germany and France had been agreed.

Comment: We've seen a similar selective enforcement of the lockdown else where with Black Lives Matter protests given free reign while Freedom marches protesting the tyrannical lockdown have suffered police violence and have been slapped with hefty fines.

See also: Poland delays implementing abortion ruling amid nationwide protests


Nursing home resident's son: 'That's voter fraud'

Lucy Corrato
© Handout
Lucy Corrato, 91, a resident at St. Francis Center for Rehabilitation & Health Care. Her son said someone voted on her behalf.
Lucy Corrato, a 91-year-old former South Philadelphia resident, is a longtime, dedicated nonvoter.

She arrived at St. Francis Center for Rehabilitation & Health Care in 2014 having deliberately avoided voting for decades.

Nicholas Corrato estimated that his mother hadn't voted in at least 30 years because she never wanted to get called for jury duty. Philadelphia election officials say they have no record that she was ever registered to vote in the city.

Comment: See also:


Charity demands tougher laws as online child grooming and child abuse in Scotland soars during lockdown

young girl laptop computer

Charity demands tougher laws as online child grooming and child abuse in Scotland soars during lockdown.
A leading child protection charity has demanded tough laws as child abuse and online grooming soared during lockdown.

A new police taskforce set up to tackle abuse and exploitation of youngsters was launched in September and within the first four weeks officers arrested 39 men ranging from between 15 and 76-year-old.

Of those arrested, 37 resulted in the recovery of material relating to online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Comment: See also:


Pennsylvania Secretary of State says she will not order a recount, IT expert rips her obstruction to shreds

Election workers count ballots
© Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Election workers count ballots in Philadelphia, Penn., on Nov. 4, 2020.
Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar announced Friday that a recount will not be initiated in the state.

Boockvar, a Democrat, said the races for president, state attorney general, auditor general, and state treasurer will not face recounts because no candidate lost by less than 0.5 percent, which is the margin that would trigger a recount.

"We are extremely grateful to all 67 counties who have been working overtime and putting in an extraordinary effort to count every vote, with so far more than 6.8 million votes having been counted," she said in a statement. "The counties continue to adjudicate and count the approximately 100,000 provisional ballots issued to voters at the polls on Election Day, as well as the more than 28,000 military and overseas ballots that were cast in this election."

Democratic nominee Joe Biden currently has a 60,000-vote lead over President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, according to election data.

Boockvar's office said that around 40,000 provisional ballots that were cast in the state "have been counted or partially counted," adding that more will be counted in the coming days.

Comment: Now consider Brookvar's unwillingness to recount after you read the following analysis from an IT specialist:
An IT specialist reached out to the Gateway Pundit and provided more evidence regarding the weak and non-existent system controls in place in the Dominion voting machines and applications. These machines never should have been used in a Presidential election.

One IT system expert told us that he never would have approved the Dominion system for use. It is that bad. Another IT expert provided a review of Dominion based on a vendor user guide he obtained.

One of many IT heroes uncovers damning evidence regarding potential for fraud within Dominion voting machines

In the post above we shared a tweet where Ron@CodeMonkeyZ stated that the local IT guy has the power to decide elections:
After reviewing the Dominion Voting System user manual, it seems the local IT guy who services the machines is theoretically the ultimate political gatekeeper.
He has absolute power to decide elections.

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) November 11, 2020
This evening another IT expert noted that one of the complaints of the Trump lawsuit in Pennsylvania is the following:

late ballots
The entire election could have been decided in these back rooms with nobody present.

Our IT expert then located an audit of the Dominion system in California which is out on the Internet. In the related audit report the state of California showed a high level diagram of the Dominion system which should be similar to the setup in Pennsylvania:

high level block diagrams
This diagram shows that there are laptops or workstations onsite that some of the workers can access after the ballot images are scanned in. Our expert states that he kept thinking about the USB drives in the lawsuit and immediately noticed this is where election data (i.e. forged/faked images) could be inserted.

functional testing
In the audit report the auditor states:
The Secretary of State ran the Functional Test as if it were a jurisdiction that just purchased the voting system. Testing of the system began by setting up all equipment in a configuration that mirrored a production voting system. The DS5.10 architecture allows elections officials to use one or more, permanent server(s) and set of central office voting devices, known to be running unaltered, certified software and firmware to create memory cards before each election and to use another, physically separate "sacrificial" server and set of voting devices after the election to tabulate results and generate reports. To transfer election specific data, the ICP2 machines utilize SD cards, the ICC and ICE machines utilize CF cards, and the ICX utilizes USB sticks. The election specific data (files) transferred on these cards are encrypted. An iButton is required to unencrypt the SD and CF cards for the ICP2, ICC, and ICE, and a smartcard is needed to unencrypt the USB sticks used to transfer data to the ICX machines. The key used for these devices can be unified or not. A unified key is one that is election specific. A key specific to that iButton (polling place specific) can be used also. This would prevent a malicious actor from accessing the entire system with just one key.
In the audit it is reported:
During the ICX source code vulnerability review, one potential vulnerability was discovered and the level of access required to take advantage of this potential vulnerability would be open to a variety of actors including a voter, a poll worker, an election official insider, and a vendor insider. This potential vulnerability has a more widespread potential. Polling place procedural controls are one method of mitigating this issue, with poll workers actively verifying that the USB ports are covered and the covers sealed to prevent access.
This means unless you block the USB ports they are at risk of being compromised. But then the report mentions the key control weakness in these machines:
Vote-stealing software could easily be constructed that looks for undervotes on the ballot, and marks those unvoted spaces for the candidate of the hacker's choice. This is very straightforward to do on optical-scan bubble ballots (as on the Dominion ICE) where undervotes are indicated by no mark at all. The autocast configuration setting that allows the voter to indicate, "don't eject the ballot for my review, just print it and cast it without me looking at it." If fraudulent software were installed, it could change all the votes of any voter who selected this option, because the voting machine software would know in advance of printing that the voter had waived the opportunity to inspect the printed ballot.
Finally, in situations like in Arizona, where voters were given sharpies instead of pens, the Dominion system could identify ink types and kick these votes out of the system.

The Dominion system was ripe for fraud and never should have been allowed near the Democrat Party.

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#MaidenGate: I wasn't thinking big enough

Dear Readers,

Just a little over a day ago, my mom accidentally let me in on a little secret. A huge one. She had been receiving text messages for a state she used to live in asking if she was going to cast her ballot. She received her text on November 3rd. She mentioned it to me casually (on 11/9) like.. hey do you think this means anything?

I thought maybe, and I looked into the group Supermajority that sent her the text. It's a progressive women's group co-founded by Alicia Garza of Black Lives Matter. My mom is a registered Republican in her new state, but in her old state (Michigan) she didn't have to declare a party. I'm not sure they even ask.

Anyways, out of curiosity, I looked up her name. I tried a few variations as she had a name change within the 8 years she lived in Michigan and lived at two different addresses. Lo and behold, at one zip code, under her old name, she was:
  1. Still registered.
  2. Had requested a ballot.
  3. Had submitted a ballot.

Comment: Geeze. Those sneaky Dems thought of everything, didn't they?

Stock Up

Former NV AG bombshell: AI and Computer Vision experts reveal signature verification setting for 200K ballots was manually lowered to 40%

Las vegas polling station nevada election fraud

A worker at a Las Vegas election polling station
Former Nevada AG Adam Laxalt appeared on Fox News with host Shannon Bream where he discussed how signatures on literally hundreds of thousands of votes were not properly verified.

"It's important to understand first and foremost, how insecure this system is. We have over 600,000 mail-in ballots that have been counted — those are votes that are official in our system. We also know that we have unclean rolls — ballots that have been mailed to dead people, to people who have moved out of state, and people that got a dozen ballots in their homes, etc."

"We've spoken to AI and Computer Vision experts on this, and they have told us that the registrar reduced the signature verification standard to 40%, " Laxalt explained. Bream broke it down for her viewers explaining that people who control the machines that read the signatures and that people who control those machines turned down the settings to more readily accept signatures on ballots. She asked Laxalt, "Is that your allegation? He explained that it's not an allegation, but a fact, telling Bream that it isn't an allegation, but that it's been admitted in open court.



Michigan GOP state senators demand full audit of 2020 election results

GOP state senators Lana Theis and Tom Barrett

GOP state senators Lana Theis and Tom Barrett
Republican state senators in Michigan have asked for a full audit of that state's general election results. In a letter delivered to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, GOP state senators Lana Theis and Tom Barrett requested that a "full audit be conducted of the 2020 election prior to the certification of any results."

Their letter detailed the allegations of a "glitch" in Antrim County, which "caused thousands of Michigan ballots that were meant for some candidates to be wrongly counted for their opposing candidates." Theis and Barrett note that while this issue was corrected, it may have been accidentally replicated in other counties.

Theis and Barrett also make note of the now controversial Dominion Voting Systems, writing that the secretary of state in Texas had specifically refused to certify those systems for use in that state because the examiner "could not verify that the system was 'safe from fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation.'" They note that this brings the efficacy of Dominion's voting software into question for Michigan's use, as well.

Comment: In other words, pretty much everything shady that could have happened seems to have happened. Total sham of an 'election.'

Michigan attorney David Kallman has also urged an audit on behalf of poll challengers Cheryl Costantino and Edward McCall:
... election officials allowed various fraudulent processing of votes, including telling poll workers to backdate ballots, not verify signatures on absentee ballots, ignore signature mismatches, and push through ballots despite questionable validity.

The lawsuit includes sworn affidavits from several witnesses attesting to alleged election fraud. During the hearing on Wednesday, Kallman said they were currently seeking (pdf) a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction to block the certification of the election, an order for an independent audit of the results, and a protective order to "preserve and protect all evidence relevant to this case."

The complaint filed earlier this week also asks for an order to void the Nov. 3 election results and a new election to be held.
Today a MI judge denied this request to halt the certification process, accepting the defense's argument that it is not the court's role to intervene in the process at this point (he also said the defendants "offered a more accurate and persuasive explanation" for the activity observed during counting). An audit at this time can only be called by the MI secretary of state.

In the words of one poll watcher, Edward McCall, who filed his own lawsuit:
A group of "extremely confrontational" poll observers "constantly" accosted the Republican watchers, hindering their ability to focus on observing the ballot count and checking for errors, Edward McCall told The Epoch Times.

"It was constant; it was unbelievable. The level of hostility and distraction, and just asking questions and staring at me from a couple of feet away ... it was shocking," he said in an interview.

McCall is one of two plaintiffs in a Nov. 9 lawsuit (pdf) alleging "numerous issues of fraud and misconduct" at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit, the facility that counts all the absentee ballots for Wayne County. McCall worked as a poll watcher there from Nov. 2 to Nov. 4.

On Nov. 3 and Nov. 4, poll workers "would hold papers in such a way as to block out view of the ballots," McCall wrote in an affidavit seen by The Epoch Times.

He also experienced what he called "challenger challengers," who "seemed to be there for the purpose of challenging us," he wrote. The group, composed of 10 to 12 people, appeared to be coordinated by a man wearing an earpiece, and they constantly tried to prevent the Republican poll watchers from voicing issues, McCall said. They "always or almost always challenged the 6-foot [social distancing] rule," frequently asking "Is there a problem here?" when he and others tried to view a ballot, even if they had maintained a reasonable distance, he said.

"I'm convinced that there was a conscious effort to disrupt what we were trying to do as challengers, and it was very, very disconcerting," he said.

At one point, six people walked up to him in succession over a 45-minute-interval and accused him of standing too close, even though he had permission from a supervisor named Diane to stand there. When he refused to leave, one woman walked off to tell another person and pointed toward him, McCall recalled.

"I believe their entire purpose was to distract me from doing the challenging operation until they could get some ballots processed," he said.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposes 'Anti-mob' legislation, expansion on 'Stand Your Ground' law

Ron DeSantis
© Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has proposed "anti-mob" legislation in an effort to expand the state's "Stand Your Ground" law, according to a report from the Miami Herald.

"The legislation would reportedly expand the state's list of 'forcible felonies' to justify using force against people engaging in conduct resulting in the 'interruption or impairment' of a business," the Hill reported.

If signed into law, the Miami Herald noted, the legislation would make blocking traffic a third-degree felony and add criminal penalties for those who engage in "violent or disorderly assemblies." It would further withhold state funds from local governments that make cuts to police department budgets.

Star of David

Shady deals with the Mossad? UK undercover cops foiled activist's plans to 'help Palestinians' using deceit & abuse

© Twitter/KJN
Evidence presented to an ongoing inquiry into UK police operations that infiltrated 'extremist' activist groups fuels questions over whether the intelligence they garnered was passed on to Israel. Founded in 2001, the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a pro-Palestinian political campaign group, dedicated to the use of nonviolent protest.

ISM has chapters around the world, which regularly train and dispatch volunteers to Palestine, to assist locals with activities such as protests, chaperoning and olive-picking. Despite the movement's peaceful nature, two volunteers - Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall - died after coming into contact with occupation forces, both in 2003. Corrie was crushed by a bulldozer, Hurndall shot in the head by an Israeli military sniper.

In December 2018, the Undercover Policing Inquiry (UCPI), which investigates numerous controversies surrounding the British state's use of clandestine operatives, revealed ISM's London branch was infiltrated by Special Branch spy 'Rob Harrison' (a pseudonym).

Comment: 'Harrison' was/is clearly a psychopath, of which there is an abundance in particular places in the world with Israel said to have the highest percentage. Onus is on the victim to gain knowledge of such personae, recognize the signs and steer clear.