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Mon, 17 Jan 2022
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West silent after media offices in Kazakhstan destroyed by hundreds of 'well-prepared & organized' thugs - Moscow

© Abduaziz Madyarov/AFP/Getty Images
A burnt-out administrative building in central Almaty. Graphic details of attacks on media in Kazakhstan described by Russian foreign ministry as it blasts OSCE's inaction.
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has shown "shameful" lack of reaction to targeted persecution of journalists in Kazakhstan, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has said, relating disturbing reports.

Violent riots in Kazakhstan have seen devastating attacks on the media by apparently well-prepared thugs, Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Saturday.

The statement criticized the OSCE for what she said was an underwhelming response to apparently "targeted" attacks. The OSCE, which has a special Representative on Freedom of the Media who monitors issues ranging from press freedom to the safety of journalists, has demonstrated a "shameful" and "disgraceful" lack of interest in the fate of journalists in Kazakhstan in the wake of this week's violent attacks on a number of media offices there, Zakharova wrote.

Comment: As has become quite clear by now, this was a Western-backed coup attempt that was thwarted by the CSTO, led by Russia; and that's why these ostensibly independent institutions dare not acknowledge what really happened: Steppe on Fire: Kazakhstan's color revolution

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'I vet them no different than I vet a terrorist': how the US tracked and blackmailed journalists in a rogue leak-detection operation

Ali watkins entrapment dhs spy on reporters
© CBS News
Journalist Ali Watkins was ensnared in a rogue CBP operation during the Trump administration
An investigation has shed light on how journalists were vetted and threatened by a customs agent supposedly looking into forced labor, but actually seeking leaks related to President Trump and his alleged collusion with Russia.
"It was almost 10pm on a Thursday night, and Ali Watkins was walking around the capital following instructions texted by a stranger. One message instructed her to walk through an abandoned parking lot near Washington, DC's Dupont Circle, and then wait at a laundromat. Then came a final cryptic instruction: She was to enter an unmarked door on Connecticut Avenue leading to a hidden bar.

"The Sheppard, an upscale speakeasy, was so dimly lit it was sometimes hard to see the menu, let alone a stranger at the bar. But amid the red velvet upholstery, Watkins, then a reporter at Politico, almost immediately spotted the man she was supposed to meet: He was wearing a corduroy blazer and jeans and had a distinctive gap between his teeth.

"'I won't tell you my name, but I work for the US government,' he said, according to her account later provided to government investigators."
Thus began a long story recently published on Yahoo about a spy operation on members of the press that took place during the time of the Trump administration, which eventually ensnared members of Congress, in an effort to sniff out governmental leaks related to the former president's alleged collusion with Russia. This, of course, was a claim reported as fact repeatedly by the media, but ultimately never established in the Mueller Investigation report.

Bad Guys

President Tokayev: Kazakhstan crisis was an 'attempted coup'

President Tokayev
© Akorda
Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan
Tokayev thanks Russia for assistance in dealing with worst incident "in the history of the country"

Last week's unrest throughout Kazakhstan was an attempted coup that had been planned in advance, and was not simply a spontaneous protest against rising fuel prices, the country's President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev claimed on Monday.

Speaking to an online meeting of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), made up of six former Soviet republics, Tokayev also stated that constitutional order had been restored.

"Kazakhstan has experienced the worst crisis in the history of its 30-year independence," Tokayev said, claiming that terrorists, "including foreign militants," had entered the country to cause mayhem.

"Armed militant groups, who had been waiting for their turn, came into action," he said. "The main goal has become clear: to undermine the constitutional order, destroy institutions of governance and seize power. We are talking about an attempted coup d'état."

Comment: Notice the multi-national character of the aid send to Kazakhstan. It was made up of troops contributed by Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Hardly a "Russian invasion".

From Southfront:
'Peaceful Protesters' In Kazakhstan Reveal Their Origin

The counter-terrorism operation was launched on January 6, following the violent clashes between the armed rioters and security forces. Earlier on the same day, the armed rioters seized the airport in Almaty, as well as the building of the National Security Committee, including the weapons storage.

Having put down the armed crowds on the streets, security forces of Kazakhstan are now detaining militants throughout the country.

According to the press service of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, about 6 000 people were detained during the riots, 125 criminal cases have been launched so far.

It was stressed that a big part of detainees were foreigners.

At the beginning of the year, a large number of "peaceful protesters" were brought to Kazakhstan from neighboring countries. They were offered "New Year's gifts" - $200 - for participating in the riots.

Many of them tried to cross the border with weapons and loot to avoid arrest in Kazakhstan.

On January 9, it was revealed by the Interior Minister of Kazakhstan that about 300 armed men with money in tenge and foreign currencies were detained while trying to cross the state border.

The videos showing the confessions of the foreign militants are shared by the local media:
"On January 1, I got a call from unknown men who offered me to take part the rally. They offered 90,000 tenge (about $200). Since I am unemployed in Kyrgyzstan, I agreed. They bought me a ticket. On January 2, I arrived in Almaty, and I was taken to an apartment. There were also citizens of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. I didn't understand what they were talking about. When the rally started, I got scared and went back to the apartment, spent the night there. The next day I decided to go home and I was detained."
While the Kazakh opposition, supported by the Western officials and the MSM are trying to blame the "cruel Tokayev's regime", the "peaceful protesters" reveal their real face.

While the Kazakh security forces continue fighting terrorists, the CSTO collective peacekeeping forces completed the initial stage of their deployment. CSTO forces are guarding military, state and social facilities in Almaty and the areas adjacent to the city. Despite the fake news on their involvement in the counter-terrorism operation, they do not take part in any detainment or clashes.

CSTO troops will stay in Kazakhstan until the full stabilization of situation in the country.

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NewsReal: Kazakhstan on Fire: Why US vs Russia 'Great Game' Could Spark Global Economic Collapse

kazakhstan coup revolution newsreal
© Sott.net
As tensions flare between the US and Russia over Ukraine, an apparent 'revolution' has gripped another country neighboring Russia: Kazakhstan. Large protests broke out there last week over a gas price rise, and these were abruptly superseded by organized violence that threatened to topple the government, until the Russian military accepted its invitation to intervene.

That development - together with the arrest of a former prime minister of Kazakhstan (and current head of its intelligence agency) for treason - has apparently stabilized the situation, but as Joe and Niall explain in this NewsReal, the attempted coup d'etat underscores how dangerous the broader stand-off between the US and Russia has become.

The danger isn't just regional; it's global. The probability of nuclear war between the superpowers remains small, but the Western Consortium's determination to financially sanction Russia into poverty "if it invades Ukraine" presents the real threat: massive economic blowback that will push an already delicate macro-economic situation over the edge.

The global economy is teetering as a result of supply chain breakages, labor shortages, and energy price rises caused by governments' blinkered Covid policies. The Americans' latest push to throttle the Russian economy may spark a cascade of crises that lead to food and energy poverty for people everywhere. And they know it. But they don't care because, well... because "it's worth it."

Running Time: 01:55:24

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With globalist puppets in control of every Western nation, brace yourself for their next diabolical move: The weaponization of food

nurse with jab
Over the last several months, many Christians who deal in the prophetic have been hearing a particular sequence of words in their quiet time - often in dreams - which they believe is from God: "Brace yourself for impact."

I've heard it from more than one person and if you search online you will see others who claim to have heard this same message from God.

I don't pretend to be a prophet and don't know for certain what this means. I can only take it at face value: Brace yourself. Something impactful is about to happen.

It could be something literally impactful, like a bomb, an asteroid, a tsunami or some other natural force suddenly crashing into the earth. Or, it could be something impactful in the political realm that forces dramatic changes in our way of life.

What, for instance, would happen if the U.S. Supreme Court gives its stamp of approval to Biden's illegal, unconstitutional mandates?

The Supreme Court is a wild card that must be considered.


Fake money and Fed bailouts: This time it's different

currency printing
They should have known better. Fed Chair Jay Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, that is.

They spent the better part of 2021 saying consumer price inflation was 'transitory.' The two of them are most responsible for this inflation mess. How could they have been so wrong?

Now the scourge of raging consumer price inflation is here to stay. This, no doubt, will be a persistent theme in 2022. Moreover, the Fed's efforts to tame and control it will be a magnificent source of folly.

To begin, central planners, including central bankers, believe they're masters of the universe. That they possess the tools to, in Omar Khayyam's words, "remould it nearer to the heart's desire."

The reality is central bankers are always reacting. And much of what they do is merely an attempt to cleanup messes of their own making.

Ben Bernanke, then Fed Chair, first commenced the great quantitative easing (QE) experiment in late November 2008. At the time, the Fed's balance sheet was approximately $800 billion. Now, just over 13 years later, the Fed's balance sheet is over $8.7 trillion - more than 10 times higher.

Bad Guys

Kazakhstan's President warned of terrorist threat his nation faced

President Tokyaev

President Tokyaev
The present piece will analyze some of the most important parts of President Tokayev's speech in the context of the Hybrid War of Terror on Kazakhstan that prompted the Russian-led CSTO's limited peacekeeping mission.

President Tokyaev addressed his people on Friday in a speech that exposed details of the terrorist threat facing his nation. The Saker republished the English version sourced from the ColonelCossad (Boris Rozhin) Telegram channel that can be read here. The present piece will analyze some of the most important parts of his speech in the context of the Hybrid War of Terror on Kazakhstan that prompted the Russian-led CSTO's limited peacekeeping mission.

The first point of importance is that he authorized the army to shoot to kill without warning. This shows that the state is serious about neutralizing the terrorist threat. Previous attempts to have them surrender have largely failed since these radicals chose to fight to the death instead. Precisely because of the fact that they're terrorists is why President Tokayev refuses to negotiate with them like he claimed some foreign forces have called upon him to do.

Comment: One of Russia's policies is to ban or neutralise Western-backed NGO's that serve as a cover for their hybrid warfare activities.

Below the BBC reports on one of these 'schools for revolutionaries':

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AOC catches Covid after maskless party

AOC alexandria ocasio cortez
© Win McNamee / Getty Images
The progressive congresswoman recently partied bare-faced at a drag bar despite pushing mask mandates.

Democratic New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is fully vaccinated and boosted, has tested positive for Covid-19 just a week after she was spotted partying without a face mask in Florida.

Ocasio-Cortez's office announced the news on Sunday evening and revealed that the congresswoman was experiencing symptoms for the virus and was "recovering at home."

Comment: We're so many layers deep in irony here it's hard to tell if this is even ironic.

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A tale of two authoritarians

© unknown
Former Vice President Dick Cheney visited the House of Representatives yesterday. He and his daughter Liz were the only two Republicans present at a moment of silence commemorating the events of last January 6th. It was a touching scene, which perfectly described why the surviving anti-Trump Uniparty of the political mainstream is at least as much of a threat to democracy as the "insurrectionists" they never stop wailing about.

In a story entitled "Dick Cheney returns to the House and receives a warm welcome . . . from Democrats," the Washington Post wrote that
"Democrats put aside their fierce and lasting policy divides with the Cheneys to thank them for condemning the attack and Trump's continued effort to undermine the 2020 presidential election results with his false claims of fraud."
(News writing has become a pre-fab profession, like assembling IKEA furniture. All you need is an Allen wrench and a list of the latest clichés. "Trump's efforts to undermine the 2020 election" has replaced "Trump's efforts to coordinate with the Russian government in its election interference activities," and "Trump's false claims of fraud" has replaced "Trump's false claims of 'fake news.'" Part of the significance of January 6th is that it updated popular propaganda stock, which had grown stale.)


When that ol' mojo stops workin'

© Unknown/KJN
What you're actually seeing, in the rhetorical hoo-ha over the January Sixth capitol riot, is the main cattle-prod driving mob madness — fear of Covid-19 — losing its power to terrorize the public. The Party-of-Chaos put on a grand opera of lamentation Thursday to celebrate its unity in victim-hood — we wuz so traumatized by the riot! — but in the background, they can see their dearer dream of total vaccination — and total control of the population — fade in the winter mists.

This is the crisis of a managerial class that has lost its ability to manage anything, including all of us. Thus, the hysteria in the blue precincts of America, where they are concentrated. And, as I've averred before, the madness probably has its roots in the slow-motion train wreck of our techno-industrial economy. The managerial class can surely sense it and see it coming, but they don't have a clue what to do about it. So, in desperate need of some signifying ritual, they're left performing a grand-scale Chinese fire drill like drunken sophomores of yore — a flurry of pointless, attention-seeking activity.

You see, this total vaccination fantasy is meant to compensate for that inability to govern in a time of epic turbulence. It provides an illusion of control. But the obvious insanity of it stands out in the demonstrable facts that the vaccinations don't work, and that they are racking up an impressive record of harming people. These two facts must be ignored by the vax-happy Blue Team, even as the immunizing and pretty harmless Omicron variant spreads speedily across the land conferring superior natural immunity on those who survive it — which is, functionally, everyone.