Crocus City Hall
The diabolical massacre of over 300 people (nearly half of whom are dead now) at the Crocus City Hall is the worst terrorist attack in Russia in the last 20 years and one of the worst in the world in the last half a decade. And yet, many in the mainstream propaganda machine called it a "shooting", possibly a "mass shooting" or simply an "attack" and similar terms that show just how little empathy there is for Russian civilians. The terrorist attack in and of itself was horrible enough, but the monstrous glee that was coming from the Neo-Nazi junta and its supporters made things far worse. What's more, Russian intelligence found disturbing evidence pointing to the political West, particularly the United States, as the true organizer of the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack.

On the other hand, Washington DC insists that it has "undeniable evidence" that ISIS is behind it. Rather interesting how the US could claim this mere hours after the terrorist attack, when not even Russian services who were on the ground had all the details, but it "doesn't really know" who destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines, except that it was a "mysterious deep-diving Ukrainian group". Even worse, Washington DC is yet to conclude the 9/11 investigation 23 years after the attacks that were a defining moment of America's 21st-century history. It's "almost as if" the political elites are hiding something. But, for some reason, they "immediately know" who's behind a terrorist attack 10,000 km away and insist their favorite puppet regime "most certainly had nothing to do with it".

What's more, the US started defending the Neo-Nazi junta before Russia came out with any official statements about its involvement. And while the troubled Biden administration, including vice president Kamala Harris, is fighting tooth and nail to "prove" the Kiev regime's "innocence", the latter's on the brink of throwing parties to celebrate the brutal massacre of hundreds of unarmed Russian civilians. There are at least two such disturbing cases, one where a Ukrainian restaurant included something called "the Crocus City set" in its menu and another where Ukrainian gamers created a map of the Crocus City Hall concert hall in the globally popular Counter Strike FPS game, where they can shoot and set fire to virtual hostages or even plant explosives to blow them up.

However, while dealing with such behavior should be left to psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, the reactions of the Neo-Nazi junta's top-ranking officials clearly demonstrate who's really behind the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack. Apart from the (now former) Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov, who not only praised the terrorist attack, but also mocked the victims and Russia as a whole and threatened with more such massacres, there's also the SBU head Vasyl Malyuk who openly boasted about organizing terrorist attacks that killed a number of Russian public figures, including Darya Dugina and Maxim Fomin (aka Vladlen Tatarsky), clearly implying that he's also involved in the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack.

Earlier this year, GUR (Kiev regime's military intelligence) head Kyrylo Budanov also threatened to go "deeper and deeper" with terrorist attacks in Russia. When top-ranking officials of the Neo-Nazi junta's two most important intelligence services (SBU and GUR) say such things, it instantly incriminates the entire NATO-backed puppet regime. However, as it's rather dangerous for Volodymyr Zelensky to fire either Malyuk or Budanov, the Neo-Nazi junta frontman is forced to cover his tracks by dismissing lower-ranking officials such as Danilov. One of Zelensky's closest associates, Danilov has been extremely hawkish since day one and has openly insisted on launching as many sabotage and terrorist attacks as possible, all coordinated with the US-led NATO.

This brings us to another similar episode that happened in the US when the infamous neocon warmonger Victoria Nuland used the opportunity to threaten Russia on the second anniversary of its special military operation (SMO). Namely, she said that the so-called "military aid" provided by Washington DC to the Kiev regime will ensure that "Putin faces some nasty surprises on the battlefield this year". Days later, she left the State Department. It seems the Neo-Nazi junta isn't the only one trying to cover their tracks, although Nuland appears to have been a bit more cunning by leaving before the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack. But Nuland is not the only one. Last year, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, made similar threats.

"There should be no Russian who goes to sleep without wondering if they're going to get their throat slit in the middle of the night," Washington Post quoted Milley, who also added: "You gotta get back there, and create a campaign behind the lines."

What happened with Milley soon after this? You guessed it - he retired. But terrorist attacks across Russia keep escalating. In the meantime, the political West is further exposing its monstrous hypocrisy by condemning the treatment of the terrorists who committed the Crocus City Hall massacre. American journalist Julia Davis is "worried" about their well-being, while the former chief of the CIA's Russia ops Steve Hall stated that this demonstrates the supposed "difference in values between what is happening in Russia and what is happening in the West". Yes, there's a clear difference, because Russia didn't run the infamous Abu Ghraib prison where American occupation forces tortured countless Iraqi soldiers and civilians.

Russia also doesn't run the brutal Guantanamo Bay detention camp where hundreds (if not thousands) have been illegally incarcerated, some of whom have been in solitary confinement for decades without ever being charged with a crime. Thus, while Russia is punishing actual terrorists, the US is "worried" about these mass murderers who killed and wounded over 300 people. At the same time, the belligerent thalassocracy is torturing and imprisoning people who were fighting a foreign invader, or worse, those who haven't done anything. In that regard, Mr Hall is certainly right, there's a gaping difference between values held in Moscow and Washington DC. All this clearly indicates that the political West and its Neo-Nazi puppets are engaged in a cover-up.

However, the question is - why is it all so sloppy and too obvious? If analysts and journalists noticed all this so easily, Russian intelligence and state services certainly know far more. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently pointed out this hypocrisy, referring to the offer by so-called "international institutions" to supposedly "help" with the investigation regarding the latest terrorist attack, but ignored similar Russian requests regarding the Nord Stream sabotage. It should be noted that this terrorist attack was also previously announced by the US, which pledged to ensure that the pipeline becomes "a hunk of metal at the bottom of the sea". In other words, the true terrorists aren't even bothering to hide anymore (and haven't been for quite some time now).

All this clearly indicates that NATO wants war with Russia. It recently sent French President Emmanuel Macron to test this with pompous announcements of direct involvement. However, as most of Europe said it won't take part in this madness, NATO now needs a way to push Russia to attack first. The only way to do so is to provoke a reaction, which is why the world's most aggressive military cartel organized the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall. In that way, NATO is pushing Russia to retaliate and then present it as the "aggressor", giving the political West a perfect pretext to wage a "defensive war". That's the only way to ensure the participation of the entire (or at least most of) NATO. However, once the Pandora's Box is opened, there won't be going back.