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Thu, 29 Sep 2016
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US allies in Syrian conflict go to Moscow for solutions, not to Washington

© AP Photo/ Pavel Golovkin, pool
Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, shakes hands with Qatar Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani before their meeting in Sochi, Russia, Friday, May 6, 2016.
Thanks to its skillful diplomacy, Russia has taken leading positions in providing a solution to the Syrian crisis; Moscow has outmatched Washington both militarily and diplomatically to such an extent that even Washington's allies now come to Moscow to "probe Putin's intentions" rather than listening to the State Department, according to Le Figaro.

Russia's military operation in Syria has changed the course of war in the country enabling President Assad to ease the grip over Damascus, says an article in the French daily.

And the liberation of Palmyra came as a climax to this "efficient and well-coordinated ground-aerial campaign."

Russia has outperformed Washington both militarily and domestically to such an extent that major participants to the conflict now come to Moscow to "probe Putin's intentions" and pass their messages to him.


UK drone 'kill list' could leave MPs, military and spies 'facing murder charges'

© raf.mod.uk
Britain's drone 'kill list' could leave politicians, pilots and intelligence personnel facing murder charges unless rules of engagement are quickly clarified, a parliamentary report has warned.

The joint committee on human rights warned on Tuesday that killing with drones outside warzones could lead to "criminal prosecution for murder or complicity in murder."

The report also warned that the widely-used term "targeted killing" sounded "uncomfortably close to assassination" and took the view that the UK pursues an active policy "to use lethal force abroad outside armed conflict" under the banner of "counter-terrorism."

Comment: Drone assassination strikes are murder, plain and simple.

Bad Guys

Scaremongering in the UK: Claims that 'Putin supports Brexit' have no basis in reality

© AFP 2016/ Carl Court
Across social media, anti-Brexit "Remain" campaigners constantly insist that Vladimir Putin wants Britain to leave the EU. There is no evidence to support this theory.

Imagine you are an EU employee. Right now, your home country could be about to leave that very same institution. Naturally, that wouldn't be in your best interests. So, in the interests of self-preservation, you might feel the need to do your bit to help scare people into voting against a British exit.

What better way to achieve that than by posting a menacing Tweet alleging that some figures, constantly vilified by the British popular press, support Brexit? A sort of all-star compendium of tabloid poltergeists.

That's what Paul Reiderman did this weekend. According to his bio, Paul is the "Director (of) Media and Communication" at the European Council. The EU Council, under current President Donald Tusk, is where things get done in Brussels. Especially in foreign policy. For instance, the present anti-Russian sanctions were imposed from there.

Reiderman has been part of the EU team for 17 years, and his Twitter behavior this weekend is instructive as to how Brussels' propaganda works.

Comment: Also see: How would Brexit be good for Russia?

Bad Guys

German politician: "To send troops to the Russian border is to forget history"

Commenting on NATO's recent decision to deploy four additional armed battalions in the Baltic States and Poland in respond to so-called "Russian aggression", Karl-Heinz Kamp, a German national security expert, compared it to children arguing in a playground with each claiming the other one 'started it'.

Western allies are preparing to put four additional battalions — a force of about 4,000 troops — in Poland and the Baltic countries as part of an effort by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to "reinforce its border with Russia".

Reports suggest that the US is likely to provide two battalions, while Germany and Britain would likely provide a battalion each.

Commenting on the reason behind the decision, Karl-Heinz Kamp, the Academic Director of the German Federal Academy for Security Policy (BAKS) has compared it to children arguing in a playground with each claiming the other one "started it".

Comment: 'Children arguing in a playground'? There is a much more accurate analogy for Russia standing up to NATO's global aggression' - it's Russia stomping the Nazis in World War II.

Comment: Further reading:


Control the money, control the world: From golden dollar to petrodollar to narcodollar

The role as world reserve currency is something no financial hegemon in history has willingly surrendered. It took two world wars for the City of London and Bank of England to reluctantly concede hegemony of the Pound Sterling to the Dollar. As Henry Kissinger is said to have remarked decades ago, "If you control the money, you can control the entire world." Whether or not Kissinger ever said that publicly, he and his patron, David Rockefeller, certainly believed it. Now, with US government debt shooting past $19 trillion and the true state of the American economy and its infrastructure at its worst since the Great Depression, with most Americans living on the brink of financial disaster, the brilliant financial engineers of Wall Street and Washington have once again come up with a scheme to prolong the role of Dollar as King in the world economy.

The recent Panama Papers revelations by a select group of Western mainstream media including the New York Times, BBC and Süddeutsche Zeitung, were notable as a brazen attempt to attack foreign leaders such as Russia's Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping for alleged corruption. Notably, the leaked files of the Panama law firm, Mossack Fonseca, so far have failed to leak even one significant name of a US citizen hiding money in offshore accounts of the Panama facilitators.

While the world's eyes were on the identities of alleged offshore money holders, they failed to consider the longer-term consequence of the huge revelations. The one country so far to benefit from the Panama Papers revelations is the country that is rapidly becoming the new "Panama" or better, the new Switzerland, namely the United States of America, the initiator of attacks on other hot money havens offshore over the past two decades.

Golden Dollar Era

Over the past seventy two years ever since the US and select wartime allied governments met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944 to decide the shape of the postwar monetary order, the US dollar has reigned supreme in the world economy. By end of the War in 1945 the US Federal Reserve held the overwhelming bulk of world monetary gold.

Comment: Why are Russia and China buying gold at a fever pace?


India: Is it now a US ally?

© timesofindia.indiatimes.com
India aligns with the US against China and Russia. India's recent moves are putting India's multipolar commitment in doubt and raise questions about whether India has defected to the US's unipolar system.

India used to be universally acclaimed for being a multipolar pillar in the emerging world order. The country played a pivotal role in BRICS and in the larger globally transformative processes that are currently underway. Historically as one of the founder members of the Non-Aligned Movement India has been respected for its wise pragmatism and its ability to engage any partner on a win-win basis. India now looks ready to abandon its geopolitical traditions. It seems to be starting a new foreign policy trajectory openly siding with the US against China in the New Cold War.

Prime Minister Modi has made a series of moves over the past month which show that India's strategic calculations have radically changed since US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter visited the subcontinent last month.

Comment: What a difference a month makes when you are India sitting on both sides of the strategic fence. It is obvious it has bought into the bull pucky the US is serving up in order to 'flip' certain multipolar states and bring them into the fold. Has India lost all perspective and rationale or has the US created enough fear and diabolical 'reasons' (case in point the Syrian example) for it to jump the BRICS ship? The US is scheming all the BRICS members, hoping to dismantle the financial and geopolitical alternatives they represent, and logistically place US troops within striking distance of its targets. India might well be leveraging its position in hopes of flushing out a better deal from either the East or the West. Maybe it should be looking, instead, at what it stands to lose and from whom.

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Brazil's senate rejects lower house speaker's move to annul impeachment process against Rousseff

© Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters
Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff.
Brazil's Senate has rejected the lower house speaker's decision to halt impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff. The head of the Senate said the vote on whether to put Rousseff on trial will be held as scheduled.

The impeachment procedure against President Dilma Rousseff is still in force and the vote on whether to bring her to trial over an alleged breach of budgetary laws will take place this week, Renan Calheiros, the head of the Senate has announced, according to Reuters.

The announcement comes in defiance of the lower house speaker's move earlier in the day to suspend the impeachment process. The surprise decision by Waldir Maranhao - who entered office last week - came as the impeachment process was being passed to the Senate for a vote, following last month's decision in the lower house. The upper chamber was set to vote on Wednesday.

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Ukrainian court reveals the obvious: DPR and LPR are not terrorist organizations

The Ukrainian court did not find sufficient reason to consider the DPR and LPR as terrorist organizations.

The Zarechny district court of city of Sumy heard the case of a former SBU officer who tried to get a job in the Ministry of State Security of DPR. He failed, but he did almost go to jail. The Prosecutor's office of Ukraine tried to throw the man to the Gestapo's torture chambers only on the basis of job attempts.

However, the court fully acquitted the former officer of the SBU, citing a lack of evidence against him. It turns out that today Ukraine has still not established the fact that the DPR and LPR are terrorist organizations at the legal level. Checkmate, as they say.

The judge revealed the absence of normative-legal acts, where there would be a list of terrorist organizations from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions that are recognized at least by one state or international organization. Moreover, the relevant international courts' decisions, and even the final decision of the Supreme court of Ukraine on this subject do not exist in nature.

In other words, the DPR and LPR are terrorist organizations only in the sick imagination of the Maidan power. The rest of the world lives by different rules and norms.

Comment: The entire war on Donetsk and Lugansk was justified on the basis that Kiev was fighting terrorists. The name of the war is the ATO or anti-terrorist operation. Now it turns out there is no legal justification for this, even within Ukraine. These guys didn't even bother to create a fraudulent list of internal terrorist organizations. Why are we not surprised?


Benghazi Committee Chairman: New facts about Benghazi attacks discovered

According to a statement obtained by LawNewz, Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said "the committee has identified new facts that significantly impact our understanding of what happened before, during, and after Benghazi." In 2014, the House established the Select Committee on the events surrounding the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. The committee says they plan to release their report, with the revealing new facts, before the summer, which means it could come out in mere weeks.

The timing of the report is interesting because it comes just as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is poised to be nominated as the Democratic candidate for president. Clinton has come under fire for her handling of the attacks which killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith.

Comment: The response from Cummings is typical partisan nonsense. You don't have to be a Republican to know that Killary should be in jail, not running for president. Benghazi isn't the half of it! And as for Gowdy's statement about the four brave Americans, we wonder if this report will reveal what Stevens was really doing in Benghazi, i.e., funnelling weapons through Turkey to Syria, and making deals with al-Qaeda, according to the Morairtys: Behind the Headlines: NATO Slaughter - James and Joanne Moriarty expose the truth about what happened in Libya.


US 'contain China' policy in trouble?: Anti-crime hardliner Rodrigo Duterte claims win in Philippines elections

Rodrigo Duterte has a persuasive story to tell, Jonathan Head reports
Hardline anti-crime candidate Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte has claimed victory in the Philippine presidential election.

The official PPCRV poll monitor said the mayor of the southern city of Davao had more than 14.8m votes - about 39% - with 90% of ballots counted.

Manuel Roxas is in second place with 9m (23%). The winner is decided on a simple majority of votes cast.

Mr Duterte has been the long-time front-runner in a campaign also driven by the economy and corruption.

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