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Joe Biden catches a cold

© usatoday.comSneezy Joe
Maybe ninety-seconds into last night's long-awaited debate spectacle, the consensus must have jelled among the woke-and-broken news media mavens that their champion, "Joe Biden," was not quite killing it out there at the podium. CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash acted like witnesses at a ritual sacrifice. And afterward, the CNN post-mortem panel seemed genuinely shocked that months of playing pretend had skidded to such an ignominious finish.

Which raises a great many questions, starting with: why on earth did the Democratic Party and its media handmaidens persist in pretending month-after-month that "Joe Biden" was a fit candidate for another four-year term? Last night, he didn't appear capable of even finishing the current term. Why did they usher him so jauntily into the nomination? And what are they going to do about that now? And what were their motives for all that pretending? "Joe Biden" circulates among scores of astute officials every day. Did they all fail to notice his incapacity? Or has the whole thing been a sham and a lie all along? Was this just the culminating hoax by the Party of Hoaxes of a long string of hoaxes against the nation going back to 2015?

To the question of motives, the answer is obvious: the news networks have worked tirelessly (and with stunning dishonor) to hide their collusion with the government in gaslighting the public. More to the point, they've concealed the appalling truth that the CIA, DARPA, and their many intel blob subsidiaries conducted a silent coup over the USA and have been running our country's affairs disastrously behind the "Joe Biden" façade — and that the coup actually started well before Mr. Trump's 2016 inauguration. You know it, and they know that you know it.

Comment: Exciting times ahead...so many choices, bad and badder!


Ukrainian attack on Russian civilians 'terrorism' - RFK Jr.

© Konstantin Mikhalchevsky/RIA NovostiVictim of Ukraine's attack on Russia's Sevastopol in Crimea
The US presidential candidate suggested that the incident was an act of war staged by Washington.

The recent Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol using American-made ATACMS missiles was "terrorism" and constituted an act of war by the United States against Russian civilians, US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian military fired five ATACMS missiles at Crimea on Sunday, each armed with cluster munition warheads. While Russian air defenses managed to destroy four of them, the fifth was damaged and detonated in mid-air above the seaside, raining explosives onto beachgoers. Over 150 people were injured in the attack and at least five were killed, including two children.

Responding to the incident in a post on X on Wednesday, Kennedy noted that the US-supplied ATACMS missile launcher receives targeting data from "a sophisticated system only Americans can operate within Ukraine."

He suggested that the only word to describe Kiev's attack on a civilian beach is 'terrorism' and claimed that the fact that this was done using what are effectively US-operated weapons meant that it was also "an act of war by the US against Russian civilians."

Kennedy stressed:
"Only Congress can legally declare war. They should stop the unaccountable and reckless hawks directing an impaired President Biden."

Comment: See also: What if Americans targeted little boys and girls in Crimea?


'Genocidal denial': US House bars use of official Gaza death toll

© WTTW NewsUS House of Representatives
The US House of Representatives passed an amendment on 27 June barring State Department officials from citing the Gaza Health Ministry's death toll of the ongoing Israeli war on the strip.

The amendment was passed to the State Department's yearly appropriations bill in a bipartisan vote of 269-144.

Sixty-two Democratic lawmakers voted in favor, as well as all but two Republicans.

Palestinian-American representative of the Democratic party, Rashida Tlaib, slammed the amendment in a speech at the House on Wednesday, a day ahead of the vote. Tlaib said the decision was "absolutely unconscionable" and represents a wider trend of dehumanizing Palestinians in the House.

Tiaib said:
"Since 1948... there has been a coordinated effort, especially in this chamber, to dehumanize Palestinians and erase Palestinians from existence. 'Apartheid' Israel is committing genocide in Gaza, and in real time, and this amendment is an attempt to hide it ... This is genocide denial."
Citing the now-barred Gaza Health Ministry death toll, she added:
"My colleagues want to prohibit our own US officials from even citing the Palestinian death toll. So let me read it into the record. Here are the latest casualties of Palestinians killed: 37,718 Palestinians, including more than 15,000 Palestinian children and more than 86,377 Palestinians have been injured."
Tel Aviv has repeatedly accused the Gaza Health Ministry of inflating figures for political purposes.

Comment: More details from Press TV:
The amendment initiative was led by Representatives Jared Moskowitz, Josh Gottheimer, Joe Wilson, Mike Lawler, and Carol Miller.

Representative Barbara Lee also voiced her objections on the House floor, noting that:
"The Gaza Health Ministry's data is often the only information available about what is happening on the ground in Gaza. Israel has sealed Gaza's borders barring foreign journalists and others who can offer this reporting. The journalists and medical professionals who are there are unable to account for all of the bodies trapped under rubble and discovered in mass graves."
Best kind of reactionary denial is to not seek nor engage real information? Says a lot about the US government and its conditional bias affecting topics it doesn't like.

Mr. Potato

Biden responds to calls for him to drop out after 'car crash' debate

biden debate trump 2024
© Getty ImagesBiden sounded tired and hoarse, frequently stumbled over his words and on one occasion completely lost his train of thought and trailed off into silence during the June 27, 2024 debate
President refuses to step aside as he visits a Waffle House post-event.

Joe Biden immediately faced calls to drop out of the presidential race following his catastrophic debate with Donald Trump last night as the 81-year-old stopped off at a Waffle House after delivering a desperate performance in Atlanta.

Biden's campaign spokesperson Lauren Hitt declared early this morning: 'Of course he's not dropping out.'

But a torrent of his own party members and strategists are clamoring for their aged president to throw in the towel off the back of the car-crash debate, with one anonymous Democrat telling NBC it was 'time to talk about an open convention and a new Democratic nominee'.

'Biden is about to face a crescendo of calls to step aside,' one Biden-backing strategist told the New York Times, while another Democrat put it even more flatly to the Washington Post.



Biden State Department official admits 'Great Replacement' is real

project veritas whistleblower great replacement
© Project Veritas
'They want to change the demographics of the United States'

In a third video in a series investigating the U.S. State Department, officials provide an inside look at the Biden Administration's disastrous handling of the mass illegal immigration crisis, and even provide a theory for why the Southern Border has been left wide open - to change the population demographics of the United States.

Daniel Fitzgerald, a State Department Official responsible for allocating U.S. foreign aid across the Western Hemisphere told a Veritas investigative journalist that the U.S. State Department will be forced to answer to Congress for its failure to slow migration from Central America.


Democrats looking to replace Biden after debate 'disaster' - Politico

Joe Biden during his presidential debate with Donald Trump in Atlanta, Georgia.
© AFP / Andrew Caballero-ReynoldsJoe Biden during his presidential debate with Donald Trump in Atlanta, Georgia.
The party is "panicked" by the US president's performance in his first face-off with Donald Trump, the outlet has reported

The Democrats are actively discussing the possibility of replacing Joe Biden on their ticket for the November 5 election after the US president's "faltering" display in his first debate against Republican rival Donald Trump, Politico has reported.

Hopes among the Democrats that a strong performance by the 81-year-old Biden would ease concerns about his advanced age had turned out to be in vain, the outlet acknowledged on Thursday. "Instead, it [the debate] did the opposite," leaving the party "panicked," Politico said.

Comment: See also: Majority believes Trump beat Biden in TV debate - CNN poll
CNN, citing the findings of a flash poll of 565 registered US voters, reported that 67% believe Trump came out on top in the debate. The other 33% thought Biden had outperformed his rival. The media outlet noted that, prior to the event, 55% of the same group of voters said they expected the Republican to put up a stronger showing, while 45% had more confidence in the incumbent.
33 % is a very strong showing, all considered, and as the article ended:
Another member of the president's team insisted that Biden is "the only person who has ever beaten Donald Trump. He will do it again."
Using the same techniques as last time, anything is possible, but will it be believable?

While it is known that there behind many selected puppets are puppeteers, in the case of Biden it is so thinly veiled that the concept is becoming increasingly clear. Will the puppeteers reveal themselves more in the process of finding a replacement who did not have to bother about being involved in an expensive and exhaustive campaign, but who can be granted the position as Presidential Candidate for the Democrats in a barely veiled coup style fashion? Or is it rather that at this stage, revealed or not, they don't care.

Eye 1

The man who could be president: California Governor Gavin Newsom - who looks like Hollywood's version of commander-in-chief

Gavin Newsome
Amid calls for Joe Biden to step down following his catastrophic performance at the presidential debate, one man has hovered around the edges reminding the Democrats that he is there should the 81-year-old commander in chief fail.

With his Hollywood good looks and perfect wife and family he seems like a president straight out of central casting.

But behind the slick (literally) exterior is a seasoned operator accused of ruining California with woke laws, rising crime and who has a very uncomfortable link to the Trumps.

Comment: Newsom is a snake in a suit. See also:


Macron's brand 'toxic' - Bloomberg

Emmanuel Macron
© Sebastien SALOM-GOMIS/AFPFILE PHOTO. Emmanuel Macron
Even close allies of the French president fear aligning with him ahead of snap elections, the outlet has reported

French President Emmanuel Macron's allies could distance themselves from him ahead of snap elections as the leader has become a "toxic brand" due to his waning popularity, Bloomberg has reported, citing sources.

The heads of communication at the Elysee Palace have admitted they have "no polls or data to suggest candidates should publicly align themselves with Macron to retain their seats," the outlet said on Wednesday, citing attendees at an emergency meeting of top French government officials.

Soon after Macron called snap elections earlier this month, dozens of lawmakers who initially supported the French leader now want him to keep a "low profile" as his behavior grows increasingly "erratic," Bloomberg claimed.

Even political heavyweights such as French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, once Macron's closest allies, are keeping their distance, the outlet stated.

1) From the article:
Jordan Bardella, the National Rally leader, recently said that if he becomes prime minister, he will not send troops or long-range missiles to Ukraine, describing any such moves as "very clear red lines."
From the same source, there was and indication of what Macron is determined to do:
25 Jun, 2024 12:23
Macron pledges 'unequivocal' support for UkraineThe upcoming election in France could bring a victory for the far-right, thus upending the country's foreign policy

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday reassured NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that Paris is determined to "unequivocally" help Ukraine "in the long term."

Stoltenberg was visiting the French capital in preparation for the NATO summit in Washington next month. According to the military bloc's chief, more support to Ukraine is NATO's "most urgent task."

Macron's reassurance comes as France could soon find itself with a new prime minister who is less supportive of the EU's and NATO's policy of aiding Kiev in its conflict with Russia.

France is heading for legislative elections next week, and if the right-wing National Rally (RN) wins, Macron is expected to offer the job of prime minister to Jordan Bardella, the current RN leader. The RN handed Macron's party a resounding defeat in the European Parliament elections earlier this month.

"Our support for Ukraine remains and will remain constant and we will continue to mobilize to respond to Ukraine's immediate needs, to convey the message of our unequivocal determination to stand alongside the Ukrainians in the long term," Macron said.

His comments came after France's Armed Forces Minister Sebastien Lecornu suggested that the snap elections could affect the country's defense cooperation with its European allies.

"Political formations will be sending out a message: either one of withdrawal, weakening France's position in the world... or a message of clarity," Politico quoted Lecornu as saying during a meeting with his German and Polish counterparts Boris Pistorius and Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz.

The popularity of Macron, who's been one of the staunchest supports of the Ukrainian leadership in its conflict with Russia, has tumbled in recent months. Opinion polls indicating that Macron's party is lagging far behind the RN.

Bardella said on Monday that if he becomes prime minister, he will not send troops or long-range missiles to Ukraine. He described such moves as "very clear red lines."

In February, Macron said he would not rule out the possibility of deploying troops to Ukraine. Last month, the French leader announced that the country's weapons sent to Ukraine, including long-range missiles, could be used to hit targets deep inside Russia.
2) Macron can promise what he does, if one considers: SOTT Focus: Macron Allegedly Considers Adopting Emergency Powers After July 7th Election Results

3) There are indications, Macron has secured support. The British paper, The Telegraph carried this article:
Le Pen victory threatens 'Liz Truss-style' debt crisis in France
Finance minister warns voters over economic impact of backing National Rally party
12 June 2024 - 3:30pm
Two weeks later they doubled down:
Le Pen threatens Britain's economy, Bank of England warns
Global financial stability at risk from looming elections around world, officials fear
27 June 2024 - 10:48am
There was also: The great Brussels stitch-up: Over dinner last night, von der Leyen was crowned again
For now, Germany and France haven't formally endorsed her, but everything indicates Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron — faced with record-low domestic support and massive gains by the AfD and the National Rally — are betting on a second von der Leyen term as a way of securing an "anti-populist" ally in Brussels. "We will build a bastion together with others against the extremes of the Left and Right," von der Leyen stated after the elections — something which Scholz and Macron are desperately in need of.
Might the National Rally make a Liz Truss realization and find out they have little influence compared to the bankers:

4) See also:


Italy's Meloni slams 'surreal' backroom deals for EU jobs

Giorgia Meloni
© Simona Granati/Getty ImagesItalian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.
The Italian PM has slammed the backroom deals giving Ursula von der Leyen a second term as president of the European Commission

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has hit out at backroom deals being struck to fill top positions in the EU's institutions, saying it was "surreal" that voters' opinions were being ignored.

Citizens across the bloc shifted significantly away from the left in the European Parliament elections earlier this month, with ruling coalitions in Germany and France being comprehensively trounced by right-wing parties.

Comment: Georgia Meloni is not the only malcontent: Brussels ignoring will of voters - Orban (Jun 2024)

1) An underlying theme behind the squabble about who from which country gets what position in the EU is the influence of the US:
I'll give you a great example of this in 2019 at meeting of the German Marshall Fund, which is an institution that goes back to the US basically, I don't want to say bribe, but essentially the soft power economic soft power projection in Europe as part of the reconstruction of European governments after World War ii, to be able to essentially pay them with Marshall Fund dollars and then in return, they basically were under our thumb in terms of how they reconstructed.
In 2014, these State Department diplomats did an international roadshow to pressure European governments to pass censorship laws to censor the right-wing populous groups in Europe and as a boomerang impact to censor populace groups who were affiliated in the us.
Now, the Atlantic Council has seven CIA directors on its board. A lot of people don't even know that seven CIA directors are still alive, let alone all concentrated on the board of a single organization that's kind of the heavyweight in the censorship industry. They get annual funding from the Department of Defense, the State Department, and CIA cutouts like the National Endowment for Democracy.

The Atlantic Council in January, 2017 moved immediately to pressure European governments to pass censorship laws to create a transatlantic flank tank on free speech in exactly the way that Rick Stengel essentially called for to have us mimic European censorship laws.
It is difficult to admit, but the Anglo-Saxons do not hide from it. To paraphrase a famous quote from the first Secretary General of the Alliance, NATO was designed to "keep Russia out, the Americans in and the European Union under trusteeship".
2) Ursula von der Leyen
The great Brussels stitch-up: Over dinner last night, von der Leyen was crowned again (Jun 2024)
For now, Germany and France haven't formally endorsed her, but everything indicates Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron — faced with record-low domestic support and massive gains by the AfD and the National Rally — are betting on a second von der Leyen term as a way of securing an "anti-populist" ally in Brussels. "We will build a bastion together with others against the extremes of the Left and Right," von der Leyen stated after the elections — something which Scholz and Macron are desperately in need of.

This is arguably why Scholz has said that "there is every indication that Ursula von der Leyen will be able to serve a second term", and why even Macron, who had previously flirted with replacing her with the former Italian prime minister and president of the European Central Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi, would appear to have fallen in line. "I think that things can move quite quickly," he coyly remarked before last night's summit.
The new-old European Commission president has a long list of achievements:
Tell me: is there a fairer grandmotherly face than this in all of Western Civ? Does it not seem to radiate eons of aggregate wisdom, maternal kindness, bountiful nurture, caring, and healing, and even a hint of fun in the nursery. . . the rectified essence of Teutonic beauty, fertility, vitality, and virtue. . . the loving smile of the life-giver caressing humanity like a spring zephyr wafting through the piney Schwarzwald on a June morning?
That is exactly why Ursula von der Leyen was (s)elected President of the European Commission, and why she was sent out to front the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week in her keynote speech to the assembled global grandees of Davos in the dead chill of January. It's one thing when a cadaverous goblin such as Yuval Noah Harari tells you to eat bugs, and quite another thing when Oma Ursula tells you Keine Sorge, Kinder. Alles ist gut.

Ursula did offer us children-of-the-world one wee note of caution, though, as every good "grammy" might give to the global kindergarten: watch out for misinformation and disinformation on the internet! Like the evil imps of the Germanic Märchen, these wicked forces lurk and propagate on the internet — waiting to dash all of the WEF's benevolent plans for our utopian future. That's why, she explained, the European Commission has drawn up the Digital Services Act — because misinfo and disinfo can fluoresce into hate speech, the most dangerous thing in the world. It must be stomped out! Ground into the dirt under a boot heel!
3) Estonian PM, Kaja Kallas, the new EU foreign policy chief
Under the reported deal, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas will become the new EU foreign policy chief, replacing Spain's Josep Borrell
The choice of Kaja Kallas to this post is the second best for her after being ditched as Secretary General of NATO, although in 2022, there was:
"We shouldn't be afraid of our own power. Russia is saying this or that step is escalation, but defense is not escalation," the Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas told Sky on Wednesday. "I'm saying we should have all options on the table. What more can we do in order to really help Ukraine win?"
Lily Lynch, a Belgrade-based writer, argues that,
"...especially in the past 12 months, telegenic female leaders such as the Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, and Estonian Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas, have increasingly served as the spokespersons of enlightened militarism in Europe ... "


Weary Israeli army 'not ready' for war on Lebanon

idf israel army tanks
© Anadolu Agency/GettyPoor planning and a nine-month long campaign of genocide in Gaza have left the Israeli army depleted and unprepared to confront Hezbollah in Lebanon
Israeli journalist Alon Ben David on 28 June reported that the losses suffered by the Israeli army in Gaza have significantly diminished its capabilities to wage war on multiple fronts and that the forces are "not currently ready for a broad campaign in Lebanon."

According to David's report on Hebrew Maariv, more than 500 armored vehicles have been damaged by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza over the past nine months, and the Israeli army has consumed a much larger volume of ammunition than estimated in all of its war plans.

Comment: And the West won't be much help having given much of theirs to the failing proxy war in Ukraine.

David claims that the depletion of Israel's arsenal is one of the reasons why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently accused the US of "withholding" arms shipments, using this as "an excuse ... for the reason that he does not initiate a campaign in Lebanon."

Comment: Perhaps that's one more reason why, whilst there's been an awful lot of rhetoric from Israel's pathocrats about invading Lebanon, nothing of significance has yet to occur?

That said, even though reality is stacked against them, there's no reason to believe that the West-Israel will be giving up their world war plans anytime soon: