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Sat, 16 Oct 2021
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Migrant crisis could bring 1M people to US-Mexico border, Guatemalan activist warns

Harris and migrants
© Getty Images/AP/Moises Castillo/KJN
Vice President Kamala Harris and unending throngs of migrants
Failure by the Biden administration to adequately address the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border could result in far greater numbers of people trying to enter the U.S., an anti-corruption activist in Guatemala is warning, according to a report.

"You will have 1 million people at the border," activist Manfredo Marroquin, who met with Vice President Kamala Harris when she visited Central America earlier this year, told the Los Angeles Times in a story published Wednesday.

To get a sense of what that would mean, the recent incident that strained local resources in Del Rio, Texas, after large groups of people gathered under a bridge, involved about 15,000 migrants.

Marroquin argued that the "root causes" of migration, which Harris has pledged to tackle in her role as the Biden administration's manager of the U.S. response to the migrant crisis, have only worsened since Harris' June visit, according to the report.

Comment: The trade off for migrants is one country's corruption for another. There should be no illusion: The US is not the lesser of this evil. It just disguises it bigger and better - at least until this administration...which begs the question: To where shall the Americans migrate as they leave Biden and Harris home alone?


'He's exposed': Steve Bannon could go to jail for defying January 6 subpoenas says Rep. Raskin

© Getty Images
Steve Bannon
Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin has said that Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist under former President Donald Trump, is "completely exposed" to possible arrest if he defies a subpoena issued by the House Select Committee on the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Trump has invoked executive privilege to prevent his former aides from testifying before the investigative committee. Executive privilege is a presidential power that bars the president's communications from being shared with Congress. As a result, Bannon has said that he won't cooperate with the committee's subpoenas. He had until midnight last Thursday to hand over documents relating to January 6 to the committee.

But Raskin, a Democrat who sits on the committee, said that that executive privilege doesn't extend to Bannon because Bannon was fired from the executive branch before he allegedly consulted Trump on overturning the 2020 election and holding a "Stop the Steal" rally on January 6.

Executive privilege is generally limited to people who spoke with the president while working in the White House.


IMF board backs its managing director despite claims of bias in favor of China

© Clemens Bilan / Pool via REUTERS
Kristalina Georgieva
The International Monetary Fund decided to keep Kristalina Georgieva as its managing director, expressing full confidence in her leadership, despite accusations she'd altered data to favor China during her time at the World Bank.

Georgieva had been serving as the Chief Executive of the World Bank Group for two years before she was appointed to head the IMF in October 2019. The Bulgarian economist is the first person from a developing country to lead the institution.

On Monday, the Fund's 24-member board that represent the 190 member states held a meeting to review the allegations that Georgieva had pressured World Bank staff to influence a report in favor of China.

Comment: Well, despite what the new MD's claims, it's pretty clear by now that the IMF and World Bank are far from 'independent' organizations with 'integrity' - unless she means independent from oversight and unwavering in their commitment to globalist plans - and so whilst her comments reveal where her allegiance lies, the whole affair is still rather curious: For more on those institutions egregious escapades, check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Confessions of an Economic Hitman: Interview with John Perkins


Governor Abbott signs executive order expanding Vaccine Mandate Ban to any private 'entity'

© Reuters/Lucas Jackson
Texas Governor Greg Abbott
After previously issuing an executive order prohibiting state agencies from requiring employees to get vaccinated, Texas Republican governor Greg Abbott has expanded the ban to include any "entity, " including private companies.

Citing President Biden's recent edict mandating vaccines for businesses with 100 or more workers nationwide, calling it "yet another instance of federal overreach," Abbott signed a subsequent executive order Monday that defies and effectively reverses the directive within Texas. As health-care staff, law-enforcement officers, and other essential workers have resigned en masse in protest against vaccine mandates, Abbott is appealing to his emergency authority to stop "workplace disruptions" that "threaten Texas's continued recovery from the COVID- 19 disaster." The order reads:
"No entity in Texas can compel receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine by any individual, including an employee or a consumer, who objects to such vaccination for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from COVID-19. I hereby suspend all relevant statutes to the extent necessary to enforce this prohibition."
Any private business that fails to comply with the order is subject to penalty, including potentially the maximum fine stipulated under Section 4 1 8. 173 of the Texas Government Code, although jail time is expressly does not apply.

Abbott has added the issue to the agenda of the state legislature's special session. If the executive order is codified into law, the governor will revoke the executive order, according to a press release from the governor's office.


Carlson: Dems accuse GOP of authoritarianism while practicing it themselves

© Getty Images
Tucker Carlson
Fox News host Tucker Carlson is sounding off on Democrats for being hypocrites on key issues.

During a segment on his program, Carlson went after Democrats for claiming they are the party against "authoritarianism" by using tactics that one might see from an authoritarian regime.

Carlson then mentioned "censorship" online, proposals to monitor American's financial transactions, and measures instituted in the name of coronavirus.

Partial transcript below:

Take 2

Kamala's NASA video was full of child actors who auditioned for roles

© Unknown
VP Kamala Harris • Kid actors
A 13-year-old actor from California explained how he got the gig to local reporters. After sending in a monologue talking about topics he's passionate about, along with three questions he'd ask "a world leader" (Vice President Kamala Harris), child actor Trevor Bernardino got the part.

"Then after that, like a week later my agent called me and was like 'Hey Trevor you booked it,'" Trevor told a local media outlet. He didn't really realize he was going to get to sit down with the vice president ahead of time.

Harris used child actors in this collaborative special put together by YouTube, including Bernardino and four other kids from other parts of the USA. The premise is highlighting NASA to get kids more interested in learning about space.

Comment: The country is going down the sh*t hole while the VP is making staged kid movies and playing bingo.

Bad Guys

Twitter censors thread from entrepreneur who regrets taking the vaccine after serious side effects

Michael Robinson twitter censor vaccine
© Michael Robinson
Twitter has censored a thread in which Michael Robison explained that he regretted trading "my solid health, for a temporary freedom to travel and freedom from being criticized."

Robison — an investor, entrepreneur and the founder of SPARTN Monkey Rescue — had posted his personal story about his health declining after taking the COVID vaccine and warned people to "THINK, STUDY & BE AWARE" before getting it themselves.

"I am not anti-vaccine... but I will caution.... Proceed with care!!! Police cars revolving light I am now fighting a T-Cell Lymphoma as a result of the degraded MRNA Protein Spike via dendritic reaction, called by Pfizer a waning immunity! It is not truly a safe precaution for #COVID19," Robison wrote.

Comment: See also:

Star of David

Pompus Maximus pays his dues: Proclaims 'Israel is not an apartheid state' while standing in an illegal West Bank settlement

mike pompeo israel
© Binyamin Regional Council
Mike Pompeo speaks at the Psagot Winery
Former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo called Israel 'a democracy where faiths can be practiced' during a visit to the Psagot winery.

Israel is not an apartheid state and it does not "occupy" the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said on Sunday during a special visit to the Psagot winery in the West Bank.

"This is the rightful homeland for the people of Israel here in Judea and Samaria," Pompeo said.

"We recognized that this is not an occupied nation, this is not an apartheid country. It is a democracy where faiths can be practiced from all of the Abrahamic traditions," Pompeo said.

Comment: Psagot Winery has been at the heart of several BDS battles over boycotts of Israeli products produced in the Occupied West Bank. The winery was established on stolen Palestinian private property.
Before 1967, Jabel Tawil was known to locals as "Kuwaiti hill" because of numerous visitors from the Persian Gulf who hiked in the area.[6][4] In 1964, some of the land was purchased by the Jerusalem municipality for a future tourist resort.[6] In the Six-Day War, it came under Israeli occupation. From September 1976, Arabs were prohibited from building in the area.[7]

According to ARIJ, Israel confiscated 780 dunams of land from the nearby Palestinian town of Al-Bireh in order to construct Psagot.[8] There is also an archaeological site near some of the Caravillas on the hill of Psagot.

In 1981, Ariel Sharon, then Israeli Minister of Defense, told Pinchas Wallerstein, head of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, that he would support initiatives to settle the area.[4] In July 1981, Wallerstein moved the council headquarters to the hill, then occupied by a military intelligence base. Five families from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit VeGan took up residence there. A year later, they were joined by a group from the Kerem B'Yavneh yeshiva who came to create a kollel.[6][4]

According to B'Tselem, Psagot prevents the expansion of Ramallah and cuts it off from the surrounding villages.[9] During the course of the Second Intifada, snipers shot at Psagot from buildings in Ramallah, leading to the construction of a concrete wall to protect the inhabitants. In 2001, the Israeli army stationed nearby fired two missiles into Ramallah targeting Marwan Barghouti.[10]

Writing in November 2019, Gideon Levy and Alex Levac noted:
"The land is owned by Palestinians, with documents to prove it - but is now the site of a Jewish winery."[..] "This is the estate of Yaakov Berg, CEO of the Psagot winery, in the central West Bank. Berg's house stands on section 233 of bloc No. 17. This property belongs to two sisters, Amal and Keinat Quran and their cousin, Karima - but they don't have any access to it. The grapes are planted on sections 219-220, which is owned by Huria Quran, another relative.

That petite, elderly woman is also unable to get to her property."


With its plan to unite Eurasia from sea to sea, Russia is betting the days of total US economic supremacy are now coming to an end

Russky bridge vladivostok
Inaugurated in July 2012, the Russky Bridge in Vladivostok is 1,885 meters long, with its central section suspended by cables is 1,104 meters
The centre of the world is moving. While once it sat somewhere within the Atlantic, balanced between Europe and the US, it is now moving east. With Asia on the rise, Russia is now planning its role at the heart of two continents.

The annual Eastern Economic Forum, held in Vladivostok, has just come to an end. Focusing on the development of Russia's Far East and enhancing interconnectivity between Russia and Asia, it has become a key arena for the promotion of Russia's Greater Eurasian Partnership.

The Partnership is a relatively new initiative. Ever since former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev's concept of a Common European Home, Russia has pursued the objective of creating an inclusive Europe without dividing lines. The aspirations for Greater Europe unofficially ended in 2014 with the Western-backed 'Maidan', which overthrew a democratically elected government in Ukraine, and confirmed that Moscow would have no place in the new Europe. Instead, it would be organised solely around the EU and NATO. Russia has since abandoned the Western-centric foreign policies it had pursued for the past 300 years, since Peter the Great first attempted to "return" Russia to Europe.

Comment: The world is fed up with the Empire's bullying. Overtly or covertly, countries are building new ties to free themselves from it. One the other hand:

Black Magic

Will Vaccine-Linked Deaths Rise Sharply This Winter?

grim reaper
"I am concerned about the possibility that the new vaccines aimed at creating immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein have the potential to cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in a way that does not appear to be assessed in the safety trials." Dr J. Patrick Whelan
"We are dealing with evil. In case you hadn't noticed." Robert W Malone, MD, Twitter

Why does everyone have to be vaccinated?

Answer- In order to save lives. Vaccines provide immunity which helps in the fight against disease.

Question- So the vaccines prevent infection?

Answer- Not exactly, but the vaccines do provide temporary immunity that typically lasts about 6 months.

Question- Then what?

Answer- Well, then the public health experts recommend that eligible people - particularly old and immune-compromised people- get a "booster".

Question- So, another injection?

Answer- Yes.

Question- Has the booster been adapted to the new "Delta" variant that's spread across the US and the world?

Answer- No, it hasn't. It's the same vaccine as before.