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Sun, 29 Jan 2023
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The EU's energy security now rests in Turkey's hands

erdogan putin pipe line gas
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Europe has sought to bypass Russian gas with disastrous results. Turkey, which has been positioning itself as an energy hub for the past two decades, is set to reap the benefits
"Geography is the constant of history," is a quote attributed to the German statesman Otto von Bismarck. Today, those words ring true as we witness geography altering global politics, finance, and alliances.

The geostrategic importance of Turkey has rarely been as clear to European politicians as it has been in recent months, as the continent grapples with a burgeoning energy crisis this coming winter.

Whether it is grain exports from the Black Sea region or the flow of energy supplies from the eastern producing countries, the Bosphorus and the links to Eurasia are once again playing a decisive geopolitical role, as they so often have throughout history. The fact is, Turkey is now crucial for the security of Europe.

Pipeline politics

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The spike protein is disrupting immunity in millions after Covid infection OR vaccination

spike protein

A spike protein
Multiple studies have shown that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is a highly toxic and inflammatory protein, capable of causing pathologies in its hosts.

The presence of spike protein has been strongly linked with long COVID and post-vaccine symptoms. Studies have shown that spike proteins are often present in symptomatic patients, sometimes even months after infections or vaccinations.

The numbers of long COVID and post-vaccine cases have been climbing in the United States, increasingly posing as a healthcare problem.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that around 7 percent of Americans are currently experiencing long COVID symptoms, which would be over 15 million people. Some people with long COVID have been so debilitated that they cannot go to work, the same has been reported in people experiencing post-vaccine symptoms.

Comment: Another interview by The Epoch Times with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole on the same subject.

Eye 2

How the pro-Ukraine NAFO troll operation crowd-funds war criminals

NAFO NATO ukraine trolls war criminals funding
© The Grayzone
Celebrated in mainstream US media for its anti-Russian trolling, the Twitter operation known as NAFO was founded by a Polish antisemite to raise money for a militia that has hosted war criminals, white nationalists and wanted murderers.

Whether they know it or not, anyone who has checked Twitter for recent coverage of the Ukraine proxy war has likely encountered at least one of the thousands of trolls that comprise NAFO, or the "North Atlantic Fellas Organization." Thanks to the efforts of NAFO and its "fellas," any journalist or prominent figure critical of Ukraine or NATO on Twitter is likely to receive hundreds of replies accusing them of being paid by Russian President Vladimir Putin (or even performing fellatio on him) from accounts with Shiba Inu dog avatars.

Since its inception several months ago, NAFO has earned gushing praise from the Washington Post, which hailed it for "show[ing] that the tables could be turned on Russia, when it came to trolling." The arms industry-funded, Washington DC-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), meanwhile, hosted an online panel highlighting NAFO as an instrumental weapon in the Russia-Ukraine infowars.


Major internet cable cut in South of France - THIRD such incident this month

internet cut

A major Internet cable in the South of France was severed yesterday at 20:30 UTC, impacting subsea cable connectivity to Europe, Asia, and the United States and causing data packet losses and increased website response latency.

Cloud security company Zscaler reports that they made routing adjustments to mitigate the impact. However, users still face problems due to app and content providers routing traffic through the impacted paths.

"Zscaler is working with the content providers to have them influence their portion of the path," reads a notice from Zscaler.

"If you experience slowness with specific applications, especially applications hosted overseas, please contact the application provider and refer them to this trust post."

Comment: Regarding the update at the bottom of the article: Considering sabotage may be the cause may indeed be speculative, but with 3 similar incidents in one month, and a number of others from just the last year, it seems rather reasonable to suspect that they may be linked in some way. It is also reasonable to suppose that these incidents are linked to the attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines, that, notably, also occurred this month:


Sabotage? Subsea cable CUT in Shetland, major incident declared

ship laying subsea cable
A ship laying subsea cable off the coast of Caithness in Scotland in July.
Islanders on Shetland face being without landline telephones, mobile and internet services until Saturday after a crucial subsea cable link with the mainland was cut.

Police on Shetland declared a major incident and were patrolling the island to reassure residents after the cable link failed on Thursday morning. It is thought the line was dredged up by a trawler. Engineers are working to reroute some services using other networks.

Maggie Sandison, the chief executive of Shetland Islands council, said the emergency was likely to last until Saturday, although some landlines and internet services - running via a Faroe Islands link - were still working.

The council's landline services were down; flights from Sumburgh airport in the far south of Shetland's main island were still operating on Thursday but all its network and mobile links at the airport had failed.

Comment: Despite this happening at the island before, all things considered, it's reasonable enough to be a little suspect about these incidents. Because, in addition, over the last decade, there have been a number of unexplained incidents involving the severing of undersea cables:

Snowflake Cold

Temperature extremes: Tens of millions of people under frost and freeze alerts as cold temperatures hit US Deep South

Chris Dugan, from Santa Fe, plays with his dogs at the Ski Santa Fe, on Oct. 17, 2022, in Sante Fe, N.M.
© Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal
Chris Dugan, from Santa Fe, plays with his dogs at the Ski Santa Fe, on Oct. 17, 2022, in Sante Fe, N.M.
The cold air that's led to snow and sub-freezing temperatures across the Midwest and Great Lakes in the last few days is spreading across the southern United States.

Over 75 million Americans are under frost or freeze alerts as the cold weather moves south.

The temperature in Jacksonville, Florida, reached 42 degrees on Wednesday, with a wind chill that brought the temperature down to 37 degrees Wednesday morning, which marks the earliest recorded wind chill value in the 30s in Jacksonville's fall season.

On Wednesday morning, dozens of records were tied or broken.

Austin, Texas, hit 38 degrees; Jackson, Mississippi, reached 30 degrees; Charlotte, North Carolina, tied its record low of 30 degrees; Kansas City, Missouri, dipped to 25 degrees; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, hit a low of 16 degrees.

In the Great Lakes region, heavy snowfall combined with leaves still on trees caused many branches to fall on power lines leaving thousands of customers without electricity.


Up to 16 inches of early snow, fierce gales, pounding surf slap northern Wisconsin, Michigan

Photos and video footage taken overnight show the first snowfall in Michigan. The snowfall seen there, normally not expected for another few weeks, was largely fueled by the mild waters of the nearby lakes, creating a localized snow

Photos and video footage taken overnight show the first snowfall in Michigan. The snowfall seen there, normally not expected for another few weeks, was largely fueled by the mild waters of the nearby lakes, creating a localized snow
Severe wintry October storms dumps more than a foot of lake-effect snow

The season's first major lake-effect snow event has dumped more than a foot of snow on Lake Superior's leeward shores.

And up to another foot of snow could fall in some spots.

Parts of northwestern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula picked up more than a foot of snow so far. Marquette set a new daily snowfall record Monday.


Mad scientists: New Covid strain with 80% kill rate CREATED by Boston University

covid boston

In the new research , which has not been peer-reviewed, a team of researchers from Boston and Florida extracted Omicron's spike protein — the unique structure that binds to and invades human cells. It has always been present but it has become more evolved over time. Omicron has dozens of mutations in its spike protein that made it so infectious. Researchers attached Omicron's spike protein to the original wildtype strain that first emerged in Wuhan at the start of the pandemic. The researchers looked at how mice fared under the new hybrid strain compared to the original Omicron variant
US researchers have developed a new lethal Covid strain in a laboratory - echoing the type of experiments many fear started the pandemic.

The mutant variant — which is a hybrid of Omicron and the original Wuhan virus — killed 80 percent of mice infected with it at Boston University.

Comment: Indeed experiments on mice and in a laboratory do not necessarily reflect the possibility virulence and mortality of a virus on humans in a real world situation, however what's more concerning is why scientists are being funded to pursue such experiments.

When a similar group of rodents were exposed to the standard Omicron strain, however, they all survived and only experienced 'mild' symptoms.

The scientists also infected human cells with the hybrid variant and found it was five times more infectious than Omicron.

This suggests the man-made virus might be the most contagious form yet.

It will no doubt surprise many Americans that such experiments continue to go on in the US despite concerns similar studies may have led to the global Covid outbreak.

Comment: Americans might be surprised, but the US has the largest bioweapons research program of any country, with laboratories in vassal states across the planet.

Comment: See also: Bill Gates renews warnings over 'small pox terror' threat, FDA approved drug in May for disease that was 'eradicated' in 1980


A war Russia is set to win: The Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans - Former ambassador for India

© Vera Katkova/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Kerch Bridge explosion October 8, 2022: Breached: With the attack on the Crimean Bridge, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has crossed a red line that Moscow had warned him against.
Two massive terrorist strikes misfired spectacularly and a terrible beauty is born in the Ukraine war. These two carefully planned attacks in quick succession — on Nord Stream gas pipelines and Crimean Bridge — were intended as a knockout blow to Russia. According to President Vladimir Putin, people 'who want to finally sever ties between Russia and the EU, weaken Europe' are behind the Nord Stream blasts. He named the US, Ukraine and Poland as 'beneficiaries'.

Last Wednesday, Russia's domestic intelligence service FSB identified Ukraine's military intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, as the mastermind behind the Crimean attack. The New York Times and Washington Post also pointed fingers at Kiev, quoting 'sources'. While Nord Stream-1 has been crippled, one of the strings of Nord Stream-2 remains intact. Putin said last week that the pipeline could be restored and Russia could deliver about 27 billion cubic metres of gas. 'The ball is on the side of the European Union, if they want — let's turn on the tap,' he said.

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Bad Guys

Global finance vs global energy: who will come out on top?

opec russia saudi biden von der leyen
© The Cradle
There is more to the current struggle between the oil-consuming west and the oil-producing nations than meets the eye and it runs far deeper than the war in Ukraine. In the war between global finance and energy, one fact remains clear: You can print money but you can’t print oil.
On 6 October, when the European Union (EU) agreed to impose a Russian oil price cap as part of a new package of sanctions against Moscow, 23 oil ministers from the OPEC+ group of oil-producing countries spoke out in favor of a sharp cut in their joint production quota.

Their collective decision to decrease output by about two million barrels of oil per day elicited strong reactions in the US in particular, and there was even talk of "declarations of war." The EU feels duped, as the OPEC+ production cuts could drive up fuel prices and dampen their eight sanctions packages. Despite the narrative of the world edging toward a "post-oil era," it seems there's life in the old dog yet, as OPEC remains the talk of the town.

OPEC is as relevant as ever