hunter biden water slide

Videos obtained by show Hunter Biden stripping naked and sliding down a waterslide into a pool in Malibu hills in 2018.
New photos and videos show Hunter Biden's wild and debauched parties at a luxury Malibu AirBnB.

In the videos Hunter is seen riding across the lawn on a bicycle, stripping naked and sliding down a waterslide into the $4,140-per-night property's pool.

Other pictures show him having group sex and entertaining hookers in his luxury rental's hot tub in 2018.

The videos were stored on Hunter's abandoned laptop and obtained by

This comes as President Biden spoke highly of Hunter and praised him for overcoming drug addiction in an interview aired Sunday night.

'I love my son, number one,' Biden said when asked about whether Hunter's work or past struggles could be a liability on the 2024 campaign trail. 'He fought an addiction problem and he overcame it, he wrote about it.

'And no, there is not a single thing that I've observed, at all, that would affect me or the United States relative to my son Hunter.'

In September and October 2018 Hunter rented lavish vacation homes around Los Angeles, including a six-bedroom villa with a pool, hot tub and water slide in the gated Serra Retreat neighborhood in the Malibu hills.

In one picture, shirtless Biden laughs as he flips the bird at the photographer

He invited a friend of Hallie Biden, his former lover and brother's widow, to come and party with him. During her fall 2018 visit to see Hunter, the woman videoed him prancing around the pool naked and slapping his own bottom.

In another video Hunter cycles into view on a bicycle across the lawn, ditches it and pulls off his pants. Stripped naked, he hops up the steps of the water slide and rides it down, hitting the edge at the end and splashing into the pool as the woman laughs.

Hunter appeared to be in a playful mood that week, as he hosted friends at a second rental property in West Hollywood a few days earlier and had them photograph him posing in a pair of sunglasses similar to his father Joe's trademark aviators, a light red scarf, tiny white underpants and red and white sneakers.

Videos of Hunter at the $7million West Hollywood hillside property show him grilling and dancing topless while two unidentified men sat near him by the pool.

In one set of bizarre photos, Hunter poses topless with his female friend in one of the property's bedrooms, licks her face, and grins as he pulls her hair while she crouches on the bed.

A week before the LA parties, she texted Hunter saying 'How are you ? I've been clean 10 days!! Wahoo!!

Hunter replied a day later with a garbled text apparently referring to having taken 16 hits of drugs: 'I did Sixt en tokes now.' The friend was also pictured on Hunter's laptop with Hallie in 2017.

At another party in the West Hollywood holiday home, photos show Hunter standing naked next to two women in lingerie on top of each other on poolside deck chairs.

There is no evidence his and Hallie's friend was present at the parties with hookers.

A copy of one of the videos, a clip of Hunter riding the water slide, was shared on social media in July.

The video was claimed to come from a batch of material posted on the controversial chatroom 4chan, which was reportedly a hack of Hunter's iCloud account.

The reports of the hack were unverified, and found the same content contained within Hunter's abandoned laptop.