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The corporate media has been awash in article after article highlighting a previously unknown reason for why people may suddenly drop dead of a heart attack. For some strange reason, none of these outlandlish causes were ever previously known and are only being brought to light now. What a strange coincidence!

Everything from cold weather or shoveling your driveway to post-pandemic stress disorder and climate change (you read that right) are now big risks for cardiovascular problems. Even going to bed too late is apparently going to make your heart crap out. And it's not just adults - now kids and teens are at risk of heart problems even though this was never an issue before.

Join us on the latest episode of Objective:Health as we do the selfless service of going through all the perfectly normal behaviors that now pose a serious heart risk so that when your friends and neighbors who seemed perfectly young and healthy start dropping off, you know that they were probably staying up too late and having too much sex. We try to work through this enigmatic puzzle of why everyone's hearts are now apparently so weak. What could it possibly be?

For a recap, checkout: https://www.sott.net/article/464768-MSM-Ignores-Elephant-in-The-Room-Gives-Ridiculous-Reasons-For-Major-Increase-in-Vaccine-Related-Health-Conditions

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