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The looming threat of vaccine passports have been a constant companion over the past year, sending chills down the collective spines of anyone with even the slightest value of liberty. While a large scale rollout is still on the horizon, we are starting to see these things issued in various places, and they're pretty much exactly what everyone has feared.

While New York State's voluntary app has proven to be a logistical nightmare, with its many shortcomings making it almost unusable, Israel's Green Pass has already started to create a two-tiered society, with stark contrast between the haves and the have-nots (vaxxed and unvaxxed) and Naomi Wolf is sounding dire warnings about "the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned."

Yet the plans of the elites are not without resistance. Gov. DeSantis of Florida has taken an executive action against vaccine passports and even the WHO has dismissed the idea as discriminatory. Meanwhile, the UK has said that the Covid passports will only be a 'short-term' measure until the covetted herd immunity has been reached (if you trust them on this, you might want do a little research into the history of 'temporary' government powers).

Join us for another rousing discussion on this episode of the Objective:Health show.
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Erica: Hello, and welcome to Objective Health. I am your host, Erica, and joining me in our virtual studio today is Doug, Elliot, and behind the scenes is Damian. Welcome all.


Erica: Back with another exciting and infuriating topic today. [Laughter] Today, we are going to be talking about "papers please"; these vaccine passports have officially arrived. We are going to go through some of the information that's coming out about this. It's pretty disturbing, so if I get a little worked up I apologise in advance.

Let's just call it what it is, it's fascism and medical tyranny, technocracy and all those wonderful, descriptive words. The inspiration for this show was an excellent article by Doctor Mercola which came out at the end of February, called 'Papers, Please': Vaccine Passports Have Officially Arrived You can read the article for yourself, but we will start with that because it addresses what most of us on planet earth are experiencing: a long, drawn out year of complete insanity and this idea of wanting to get back to normal - whatever that means.

This is about getting your proof of vaccination because apparently that is the only way we will get back to normal: if you can prove that you have had the experimental gene therapy that they are calling a vaccine. In the article he talks about the importance of knowing that this is not actually freedom and that this is a form of discrimination and it is a move towards technocratic fascism and that it is setting the stage for increased surveillance and additional invasion of your privacy.

On that note, in the article they talk about how these vaccine passports have been in development for quite a while. The UK has sizeable grants going to public private partnerships that are developing apps about your vaccine status and your PCR test results for your phone. We will cover some other states. Here in the US there are quite a few governors that have spoken out about this, one being DeSantis of Florida, who have gone as far as writing up an executive order that they will not make these passports mandatory for people coming to the state of Florida.

What do you guys think? I know you are not in the US, so what is your take on this?

Doug: I think it's crazy. It seems to be a way to institute this kind of thing, that Covid is the excuse to put in this mass-tracking, surveillance type of system that they have been chomping at the bit to do for a long time. It seems like it is all part of the great reset, all these things that we have covered in the past. It seems like this is the next stage in the plan to implement this fascist control system over the entire planet.

I think it was the president/prime minister of China who was saying that he is pushing for a global vaccine passport, something that transcends all borders so that they are watching every citizen of the planet at all times. Checking their travel, how many vaccines they have had, what PCR tests, the whole bit.

I am not surprised by it, because we have been talking about this kind of thing for a long time. It is just surprising that it is here now and that Covid was the catalyst. Every day I am blown away that this nothing-burger of a disease is the force to push all these things in which we have known have been coming for a long time. It seems really ridiculous when you look at the whole picture. All it took was an over hyped disease to get people to completely hand over their liberties and freedom.

Elliot: What it is in theory is somewhat different to the logistics and practicalities of how they are going to introduce this and enforce it. You could think that to one of these maniacs in power the idea of the vaccine passport sounds excellent, but for all practical purposes it doesn't seem like they are at a place where they can implement this on a global scale.

Even on a national scale, even on a county or state scale. There are a couple of examples of places where they have started to introduce vaccine passport apps. A lot of the ones that have already been attempted are based on technology like mobile phone apps. It has not yet been implemented as a paper passport per se..

There are several instances of these apps not being particularly reliable and not functioning well, in fact not working as they were expected to work. An example is in Israel - I think we have spoken about this a couple of weeks ago - where they have been implementing this concept of a green passport. They themselves have admitted that they can't really tell whether this is being enforced or not because they don't have the manpower to enforce it.

There are anecdotal accounts of people not enforcing it. Someone might go to a shop or go to do some activity where they should have a green passport, and if they don't they are not necessarily going to be unable to do that activity. At the moment it is still in its early stages, thankfully. There is a similar example in New York State where IBM or was it an app called Excelsior?

Doug: Excelsior!

Elliot: They have been encouraging members of the general public to start using this app if they have been vaccinated. Unfortunately - well, I say unfortunately but it is probably a good thing - the app has been malfunctioning and doesn't appear to work very well on the ground. It is fairly odd because the vaccination status only lasts for 180 days - 6 months.

The idea is that either you get the second dose of the Covid vaccine but the final dose of the vaccine is only functional for 6 months. After that, there is not really any indication of what someone needs to do and they no longer have the passport. There are lots of ways that this app is malfunctioning. It doesn't seem as though it is going to be implemented on a global scale any time soon.

Doug: I think the logistical stuff that they are trying to manage behind the scenes is probably a nightmare. They are talking about vaccine passports, but how ready are they to do it? It is like you were saying, Elliot, I have heard of other stories of ones that were being developed in the UK and other places where it is just not working and it is not doing what they want it to do.

The other problem with the New York one is that it is not working for people who are out of state. There is no way for anybody who is coming from out of state and who has their vaccine or has their PCR test to get into that system. It's completely limited in what you are able to do with it. Having it expire after 6 months is ridiculous. Nobody said anything about having to get another vaccine in 6 months.

Elliot: The UK is a particularly interesting example because they purport to have a very high vaccination rate standing at approximately 60% of the adult population. At least those are the numbers that they give us. There has been a lot of debate over whether they are going to introduce vaccine passports or not.

I think there is quite significant opposition on both sides. Boris Johnson has mentioned that it is a possibility, but many of the members of his own party, the Conservative party, have said no. They have stood against it, and the opposition leader, Keir Starmer, has also opposed it. It is a question as to whether this is going to be implemented or not.

If they could get it passed in parliament, they are not likely to introduce anything like this in the UK until they are out of the current lockdown that they are in; I think that's in June. Another problem with implementing this passport so early on is that if not everyone is being offered a vaccine then there is no way that they can introduce vaccine passports. That would mean that the people who had not had a chance to get the vaccine would be limited and be unable to access the events that the passport is going to be needed for.

In the UK, it specifically said they would not make it mandatory for essential services such as the health services - doctors and hospitals - and for supermarkets where people buy their food. Other than that, they have not ruled out that they will introduce it for large gatherings, theatres, pubs and clubs. It is being somewhat ambiguous, one day they will say "yes, we are likely to introduce this for clubs" and then another week they will say the opposite.

We are unsure at the moment and we can't really trust anything that they say. Originally, Boris Johnson was the guy who said that we would only be locked down for 2 weeks in the UK. We ended up being in lockdown for months, and then 2 more after that. They generally go back on what they say. Overall, it seems as though it is a concept which has been floated around and I tend to think that what they are trying to do is desensitise the population to the idea.

While there is nothing that has been implemented, they are working on it. The government has invested hundreds of thousands in different apps specifically designed to house something like a vaccine passport for people. It does seem as though it is coming round the corner.

Erica: I wonder if this is an attempt to get people to get on board with getting the vaccine. We talked about this in our last show, it is not FDA approved in the United States and so that is going to deter people who are semi-informed. For people that may be on the fence,
maybe this flouting and touting of the passport will make them realise that in another 6 months this may happen so they might as well get it even though they have questions and concerns.

Unlike in the UK, where I am in the United States there is not a high percentage of people that are accepting it. There are a lot of people who are not okay with it. I am wondering if it is this peer pressure or fear or a way to push people to consent to something that they normally wouldn't consent to because they fear they won't be able to travel or go to the grocery store.

Doug: I think that's a big part of it. I have heard a number of people saying "I'm getting it because I want to be able to see my daughter and son." Even though there has not really been an indication that that is going to happen. As much as they are talking about the vaccine passports, I don't think that they are ready to roll them out any day now.

It doesn't seem clear that once you get the vaccine you will be able to travel to see your daughter or whoever. It seems that it is working in that sense because it is just a suggestion right now. I haven't seen any official thing that says "you need to get the vaccine and then you will be able to travel."

They do say that once you get the vaccine you still have to wear a mask. I don't know how much of this is even going to work. Maybe you get the vaccine and then you have got a passport and you can go to a store or you can go to a concert, but are we going to go back to being able to travel wherever you want to? If you have family in another country are you going to be able to go and see them all of a sudden? I don't know.

It would surprise me if they did suddenly lift all of the current restrictions and everybody was able to go and do those things. It is essentially a form of coercion.

Elliot: In the western world it doesn't seem as though there is any mandate to be vaccinated. That is not the case in some countries in the Middle East. Apparently, Saudi Arabia announced not that long ago that pilgrims visiting Mecca and Medina during Ramadan would have to show proof of being immunised on a mobile app.

Doug: Oh my God, really?

Elliot: It's the same thing for the United Arab Emirates. They need to show their vaccination status on a certificate through a government developed app to get into Abu Dhabi. If you want to get into the capital, then you need to show that you have been immunised. So, there are a couple of countries which are going full steam ahead on that.

It wouldn't surprise me if we see many other countries adopting similar stances. I think there are several countries in Europe looking at it as a way to boost tourism. Denmark, Malta and I think Greece and Cyprus. A large portion of many country's economies relies on tourism from other European countries. They are saying "if we can require vaccination status then we can open up for tourists."

It is understandable. These countries are in a really difficult position because their economies have been utterly destroyed. There are some country's GDP which continues to drop by the day and there is seemingly no way out for them. It is understandable, but I think we are some way off from having this implemented on a global scale.

I have been thinking about the idea that they will mandate the vaccine. Can they ever mandate the vaccine? It is possible that they will not and they will not mandate this Covid passport. The difference is that they will make it so difficult for people not to have it that it is essentially the same thing. They might say "we will not mandate this, you do not legally have to have this, but the only things that you can do is go to the supermarket to get your food, go out exercising by yourself and you can go to the hospital or the doctors if you are physically sick. Other than that to do anything, go anywhere, to fly, to go to the theatre, to the cinema, or to go to a restaurant you might need a vaccine passport."

Technically, they are not mandating it but for the majority of people to do anything other than stay at home it is a necessity. I think what they are doing is they are pushing people into a corner where they are making it so difficult that people will just cave and they will get the vaccine and they will get the vaccine passport. It just makes things easier because all they want to do is return back to normal and if that is a way to return back to normal then they will do that.

Erica: What is interesting is that the WHO came out and dismissed Covid passports. There was an article on RT on April 6th 'Question of discrimination': WHO dismisses Covid passports, as governments consider them to reopen travel. It says "The World Health Organization (WHO) has rejected the use of Covid passports over fairness concerns and fears they would not prevent the spread of the virus, as experts worry vaccinated people could still transmit the disease."

We know this from our research and from this show. It doesn't confirm immunity and it doesn't prevent the spread. Not that I am a huge fan of the WHO, but it said "WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris ruled out supporting the use of Covid passports due to 'the question of discrimination' and because they 'are not certain at this stage that the vaccine prevents transmission.' WHO are saying at this stage we would not like to see the vaccination passport as a requirement for entry or exit."

It's discrimination. I have heard the term "medical aparteid" while doing research for this show. It's like what you were saying, Elliot. You can choose not to get the vaccine, but you can't go to church, or you can't go to a movie theatre. Another thing is that not everybody has a smartphone. How are you going to enforce the passport on people who might not even have the financial means to have a device as such.

I think we may see the paper version first, and what is interesting about that is that people are going to fake documents and they are going to make fake vaccine passports. Whitney Webb recently wrote an excellent article about all of this and that they are already finding people that are faking these documents and that this is a chance to crack down on false documentation. They have considered all the different elements.

I'm not sure where it is going to go from here, but I did find that a little bit positive. I am always looking for something positive in these things. The WHO said that they won't be doing that as of now. Whether or not that will change tomorrow remains to be seen. We went from 2 weeks for a lockdown to a year, and from "you don't have to wear a mask" to "you have to wear a mask". It's psychological warfare in the worst means possible.

Doug: The thing is, that is just the WHO. They are not a country, all they are doing is making recommendations and countries are free to disregard them or implement them as they see fit. Just because it is the WHO who is saying it doesn't really mean anything really.

Elliot: whilst the WHO have said that, the EU have said the opposite. I don't trust a word that any of these people say because time and time again they will go back on what they say. They will do U-turns. I think the best thing that we can do is watch and wait and not be surprised if there continues to be a push despite the sheer amount of opposition that they are getting from lots of different people. They will do all that they can to introduce some form of a tracking system or identification system.

The important thing to grok is that this has nothing to do with Covid. Ultimately, what it comes down to on a deeper level is implementing a system where the authorities can track and trace and gain a significant level of control over people. This can be built upon, aside from Covid vaccinations they could use this system for anything that they wanted.

I think it was Mercola who was speaking about how they could begin tracking your social media, tracking your movements and tracking every single detail of your life. They could be tracking all of your data and based on a system like this they could go about deciding where you do and do not go. It's like it's out of 1984, it's the worst possible thing that could happen for humanity at this point. We do not want to go down this path.

Doug: It's like the system that they have implemented in China, the social credit system. It is the ultimate control where if you haven't been vaccinated then you can't physically use your bank card to buy certain purchases. They can implement it in all areas of your life so it is not just vaccination. It could be other behaviour modification type things, if you play too many videogames then you don't get to get on the bullet train to another city. All these kinds of things could very easily come about this way.

Naomi Wolf, who is an author and activist - I don't actually agree with a lot of what she says - has come out and has been very adamant about the slippery slope that these vaccine passports are and that it isn't about Covid or vaccines and that it is about your data and being able to control the individual. It's exactly like you were saying, Elliot.

Erica: I have her book from 2009 and she has been making the rounds on places like Fox News with Tucker Carlson. I picked up her book because I was hearing her speak and all of a sudden she is sharing this information. If you go back through this book you will see she is exactly right. The censorship that we have seen and that we have talked about in the past is so shocking.

One thing for us in the United States is that this is a violation of the US constitution, the Fourth Amendment. She is reminding people that if you do not stand up now then this is a done deal. I do applaud her for that. Of course, you have to be a little incredulous when people are on mainstream media getting so much attention. I think she is correct, this could be the end of liberty and the end of America as we know it.

For those in the US, the Fourth Amendment is "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures" and that shall not be violated. I fear that people in the US don't know about that or are not aware.

Back to what you were saying, Elliot. I want to let our readers know that Whitney Webb has written an excellent article back in January, called Silicon Valley and WEF-Backed Foundation Announce Global Initiative for COVID-19 Vaccine Records. She goes through all the sordid individuals who are involved in this. I won't go through it all, but it's like all the other stuff that she writes. There are some very disturbing people.

They are talking about the CommonPass, which is a little bit different from the passport. In the end she talks about what you were talking about, Elliot. She said "The effort to manufacture consent for an all-encompassing digital identification system is notable given that its main selling point thus far has been coercion. We have been told that without such a system we will never be able to return to work or school, never be able to travel, or never be allowed to participate normally in the economy.

While this system is being introduced in this way, it is essential to point out that coercion is a built-in part of this infrastructure and, if implemented, will be used to modify human behavior to great effect, reaching far beyond just the issue of COVID-19 vaccines."

I think we talked about this last year when we were talking about the banning of Sayer Ji Voorhees and about all of your health data (like your sleep and your diet) being put into a digital cloud. Like you said, Elliot, I think it is far more involved in tracking humans as a whole. We have been really desensitised to that.

I don't know about you guys in Europe, but if you go to the grocery store you use your rewards card and you get rewards. All that is just collecting your data to market things to you. You think that they couldn't go after your money, Doug, you were talking about China and their whole approach but in this article she talks about how top executives have already been rolling out these types of things in countries like Africa so that is their idea. Whether or not they will actually pull it off? I am hoping help is on the way.

It's pretty depressing when you have been reading this type of stuff for so long and you can see it for what it is but everyone else seems to be going along with it. It can be pretty upsetting. I know I can get pretty worked up about it, this is just "crazy town". The fact that they could control everything and that you couldn't go to the grocery store and buy food if you didn't have said medical intervention. It doesn't just stop there, as we know. Do we have any solutions? Now there is no place to go.

Elliot: I don't think that following any particular diet or taking any supplements can help this.

Doug: It might not. That is sad isn't it? I don't know what to recommend here. I know in Canada people are fighting over vaccines because apparently there are not enough of them. Maybe just keep yourself at the back of the line, but then you won't be able to go and do all the things that you want to do. Go out and enjoy nature, that's our new entertainment I guess.

Damian: Get to know somebody.

Erica: It will keep you sane. I think that we have said in a previous show that this is like an anti-life agenda, this idea of merging everything into the text-sphere or the cloud. I think we do have some time, I don't think they can mandate it any time soon. We could be proven wrong about that but for now we are in this window of opportunity to at least start stocking food if you are afraid that you are going to get cut off from your grocery store or to start learning how to grow things that you like to eat in case you don't have the availability to go to a market without having even a paper passport. Be a little more self-sufficient.

Doug: That's always good advice.

Erica: I guess the message is that your governments, your countries, or your states do not have your health as their top priority. They may continue to parrott that "all we care about is keeping people safe" but I don't buy that. You have got to keep yourself and your family safe. Is there anything else? As always, it is evolving and changing and there is new information coming out every day.

Here in the United States there are a few governors that are coming out, but with the WHO and all these other organisations when push comes to shove who knows? I don't know if the constitution will even protect us in the United States any more.

Elliot: What I suspect is that there will be outliers. There are the countries who are full steam ahead, like Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. THey are four of the main ones at the moment in terms of how far they are with vaccinations and with how quickly they are trying to implement this vaccine passport system. I think that where there is a system which is successfully being implemented, that is when we will probably start to see other countries falling in line.

Until there is a system which can work - and there are probably several in the pipeline though it is hard to say who will implement it first - and does show that it is functional then I would imagine that many of the countries who aren't talking about vaccine passports at the moment will start implementing this.

Then, it might be the case that the countries who do not implement this will be punished in some way. Whether it be economically or there are some kind of sanctions or there is the inability for tourists to enter the country. If enough countries get on to this then it could leave any outlying countries with very little choice than to adopt a system like that anyway. I think it takes a critical mass, if there are enough countries that adopt a system like this then we could be looking at it on a global scale. Let's hope it doesn't get to that but it is entirely possible that it will.

Erica: I agree. We appreciate all who tune in and we work hard to at least bring the information, because knowledge does protect. For people who are not sure, trust your instinct. Stave off the coercion, the peer pressure, the manipulation that is happening and stand firm in your beliefs for informed consent, body sovereignty and integrity. That is all we can do at this point.

We appreciate everyone tuning in and listening and please share far and wide. These types of conversations are hard to have, especially with family and loved ones but it may make a difference. Share information with people to at least give them the option of knowing what they are signing up for. I think it is important.

Thank you to my co-hosts, thank you to Damian for working all the tech stuff for us and we will see you again next week.