blm black power fist
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Folks, we've officially entered a dystopian alternate reality that seems to be combination of Mad Max and Through the Looking Glass. It's not even October, and the wheels of our society are coming off.

In this video from Hollywood, the glamour capital of the USA, a confused driver in a Prius blunders into a BLM-Antifa (aka BLAMtifa) riot. The driver cautiously maneuvers around the rioters, avoiding contact with any of them. The rioters, having none of it, dispatch a customized truck to chase down the Prius and block it off. (This is the Mad Max part.) Rioters then swarm the trapped Prius and try to drag the driver out of his car in the hope of delivering a savage beatdown. After having his windshield smashed, the driver manages to back away in his vehicle and escape the scene. In a charming coda (this is the Through the Looking Glass part), we see him pulled over by L.A.'s Finest, the Thin Blue Line, the brave "men" of the LAPD, who arrest him for the crime of not allowing BLAMtifa to kill him.

CBS News, "reporting" the story, says that the driver struck several rioters (he did not) and was "stopped" by "protesters" (no, CBS, he was chased down, trapped, and swarmed by a homicidal mob that tried to assassinate him).

If you're wondering why the Prius driver didn't just emerge from his car to reason calmly with the "protesters," perhaps it's because, like many Angelenos, he's seen footage of what happened to truck driver Reginald Denny in the 1992 riots. Pro tip: Do not ever let them pull you out of your car.

Fasten your seatbelts. The next two or three months will be among the most turbulent in American history. Odds are that most of us will come through okay — America is a big place, and BLAMtifa can't be everywhere. Still, it would be a wise precaution to put your personal affairs in order. You never know how far the violence will spread or how many innocents, like the Prius driver, will be caught up in it. And if the angry mobs don't get you, the police (who do not seem to know who they're working for) just might.

This is a good time to hunker down and stay safe. It may not be the most heroic option, but for those of us who are not action heroes, it's the sensible thing to do.