Reindeer in Rovaniemi, Finland cool down at the beach
© Johanna Koivisto
Reindeer in Rovaniemi, Finland cool down at the beach.
Finnish reindeer in the Christmas destination Lapland were pictured lying on the beach in a shaded spot to seek respite from abnormally high temperatures.

The two reindeer were pictured seeking solace from the soaring 28C weather at Ounaskoski beach, in Rovaniemi, Tuesday. Fellow beach-goers snapped pictures of the unlikely visitors as they cooled off in the shade.

"Many people took photos and it didn't seem to bother them in the slightest. Children were playing nearby and that didn't disturb them either," Johanna Koivisto told a local news outlet after snapping a picture of the relaxed pair.

Last week, reindeer were pictured "queuing" outside a local social benefits office in the Lapland village of Inari as they sought shade.