Dalby records coldest temperatures in Queensland

Dalby records coldest temperatures in Queensland
The mercury dropped to almost minus 5 degrees in Queensland on Monday as cold and dry air swept across the so-called Sunshine State, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

In total, 15 locations in southern and central Queensland recorded their coldest morning of the year on Monday and the chilly spell was expected to hang around for much of the week.

Brisbane had a relatively warm minimum of 9.8 degrees, which did not break any records, but it felt colder in the River City because of the wind-chill factor.

However, plenty of other areas did surpass previous cold weather milestones.

Dalby, more than 200 kilometres west of Brisbane, dropped to minus 4.8, while to the south of the River City, Ipswich hit minus 3.2 and Beaudesert recorded minus 2.9.

In the south-east region, Gympie reached minus 0.2 degrees, Maryborough went down to minus 0.1, Coolangatta dropped to 0.9, Sunshine Coast Airport hit a low of 2.6 and Hervey Bay recorded 3.5.

In central Queensland, Biloela dropped to minus 2 degrees, Morandah recorded 1.2, St Lawrence reached 3.2, Mackay Airport had a low of 4.1, Rockhampton went down to 4.6 and Bundaberg hit 5.1.

The warmest record-breaking area in the state was the north Queensland town of Bowen, which only dropped to a low of 6.5 degrees on Monday, but it was enough to tumble the previous record.

Meteorologist Kimba Wong said similar conditions were expected to linger throughout the week.

"We've got a very static weather pattern at the moment with a very cool, dry air mass persisting through most of Queensland this week," she said.

"A little bit of moisture starting to return to coastal parts through the weekend should bring those minimum temperatures up.

"There's been a series of strong cold fronts passing through southern states in the past couple of days and behind that is cool, dry air making its way up through Queensland."