Tawergha man threatened
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Tawergha man threatened by US-backed terror gangs in Libya
There is an immediate urgent crisis in Libya.

The Tawergha tribe of Libya, a people that have been slandered, abused, killed, imprisoned, tortured and had their homes and land stolen are once again being attacked for no legitimate reason.

Young Tawergha tortured
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A young Tourega man who was tortured to death in Misurata prison by US-backed terrorists
Please understand, the Tawergha tribe of Libya is a black tribe, they are first class Libyan citizens, carrying first class passports. They were the most productive tribe agriculturally in Libya, they had dairies, farms and animals. They posed no threat to anyone in Libya and were respected as strong and honest members of Libyan society. Their homeland is east of Misurata on the road towards Sirte.
Tawergha tribe

Location of Tawergha people in Libya
When the phony revolution was started by Obama and Clinton in 2011, some of the Tawergha who were in the Libyan military, fought against the illegal invasion of mercenaries and radicals. Many of them were killed and any black person captured was slaughtered, burned and chopped up. Many of their women were raped and murdered and many of their children killed.

The radical mercenaries who were brought into Libya (funded and armed) by Clinton and Obama openly stated that they intended to do an ethnic cleansing of Libya of all blacks. There were articles written about these statements in the mainstream media. Because of this, the misinformation machine fed by CIA lies claimed that Ghadafi had hired a bunch of African mercenaries. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The 250,000 radical, psychopathic terrorists that were brought into Libya (by Clinton and Obama) were the only ones committing heinous crimes against humanity.
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Tawergha families forced to wait in the Libyan desert by US-backed terrorists

The Libyan army was attempting to protect the Libyan people from this barbarism. I know this is true because I was there, I witnessed the crimes and personally interviewed the families of the people who had been slaughtered or tortured and raped. I have photo and video evidence of the ethnic cleansing of the Tawergha tribe. I will post some of the photos below. There were 128 mass graves in Libya after 2011 many of them filled with black bodies.

Tawergha mass grave
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A mass grave of Tawergha
What happened to the black Libyans during 2011 is a story that must be told and all people of the world must stand and fight this horrible racist crime now happening in Libya.

The Tawergha tribe has been homeless since 2011, living in makeshift cargo containers. Their land was taken from them by the Misurata criminal militias, the main group of terrorists supported by Hillary Clinton and her US State Department. Money, weapons and mercenaries from US government sources have flowed into Misurata since 2011 feeding these criminals. One of the mainstays of US foreign policy is to keep Libya de-stablised and occupied so that Libyan people and the countries natural resource wealth can be controlled by the West.

Misurata has no claim to the Tawergha land, they stole it by use of force and fear. When their crimes came to light in 2011, the US-backed Misurata militias came out with a HUGE LIE. They tried to say that the Tawergha people had raped their women and killed their men so they had the right to kill and rape and steal everything that was owned by the Tawerghans. Yet this is exactly what the terrorist militias from Misurata had done to the Tawerghans. Being directed by the criminal CIA deep state, they took their lead of accusing their victims of the crimes they had committed. No one in Libya believed it and knew it was a lie, but the lie was repeated at the UN and by US mouthpieces who the terrorists in Misurata need to maintain their criminal activities.
Tawergha children
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Tourega children in a UN refugee camp before the (now broken) agreement that would allow them to go home
After 7 years of being homeless, the Tawergha tribe had negotiated with all the tribes of Libya and even with the UN puppet government in Tripoli, to be allowed to return to their rightful homes in Libya. The negotiations were successful and even the criminal military council of Misurata agreed that they should be allowed to return to their homes. However, Misurata wanted the Tawergha tribe (homeless with nothing) to pay them 3 billion dollars to be allowed to return to their home. The Misurata criminals also demanded that the UN pay them for allowing the Tawerghans to return to their OWN homes. This demand was not successful as the Tawerghans had no money and the UN did not agree.

As a side note: The Misurata militias stated that all the crimes committed against them by the Tawergha tribe was the reason for the payment demand - again criminals accusing their victims of what the criminals themselves had done. Still the agreement for the Tawergha people to return home stood and the time for them to return was set for February 1st, 2018.

As was their agreement with all of Libya, approximately 43,000 Tawergha members began their journey home this morning in Libya. When they reached a point in the road past Misurata, the Misurata militias and some rogue smaller militia groups blocked the road to their homes and refused to let them pass. These are exactly the kind of lawless, criminal acts that occur in Libya since the illegal destruction of that country in 2011 by the USA. Now we have a humanitarian crisis because 43,000 people are trapped on the road and nearby areas. There is no support for them to stay by the road and they have nothing to return to so they are now in a trap.
Misurata terrorist threatens Tawergha
© JoanneM
Misurata terrorist threatens Tawergha
We ask urgently for all humanitarian agencies to step forward and help these people. We ask for countries that have the ability to help these people to step forward immediately.

This is a serious CRISIS, there are 43,000 lives at risk. The world cannot stand by and let a gang of US-backed criminal terrorists keep the necessities of life (water, food, shelter etc.) from over 43,000 innocent people.

This latest crisis in Libya is a direct result of the brutal 11 month bombing of Libya and its people by the US and its allies in 2011 that culminated in the public execution of Qaddafi that caused that foul harpy Hillary Clinton so much glee. These are war crimes, crimes against humanity and cannot be ignored.

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