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The great battle to delegitimize and possibly unseat President Trump appears to be coming to a head - in its current phase anyway. Speculation in Washington has reached fever-pitch over when Congress will publish the apparently damning contents of what has become known as the 'FISA Memo'.

According to those who have viewed it, the memo exposes collusion between the FBI and the DOJ to frame Trump for 'colluding with Russia'. Its publication would put an official seal on what most already know: that 'deep state' actors used the infamous Steele Dossier as a justification to spy on and undermine Trump, his campaign, and then his presidency.

A groundswell of support for Trump has seen viral a campaign for declassifying and releasing the memo so that 'Russiagate' is laid to rest. But the DOJ, as well as the Democrats and their obliging media spin-masters, have been doing their level best to suppress its release and downplay its significance. The twists and turns in the Deep State vs Trump just never stop!

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