belgian soldiers
© Youssef Boudlal/ReutersBelgian soldiers and police patrolling the streets of Brussels, protecting against imminent terror.
Things are heating up and moving fast since the terror attacks in France just over one week ago. Since then, we have seen almost daily police raids, arrests and terror alerts and threats on every continent. Western governments are reacting in the only way they know how: declaring states of emergency, cracking down on maybe terrorist cells, staging night-time raids on citizens' homes, dropping bombs in Syria and Iraq, and pushing through new 'anti-terror' legislation.

What we are seeing, among other things, are the reactions of various factions within the Western power elite, sometimes acting at cross purposes. Chaos - no matter what the cause - is always an opportunity to bring about a new kind of 'order'. It's cynical, but for those of a fascist bent, this means tightening controls on populations, solidifying their own power base, and manipulating the public through fear. Think of it as a social 'shock doctrine'.

Having said that, not all European leaders are likely to be fully on board with this kind of "fascist" agenda where big government and big business hook up to expand their influence and wealth. Some have some shred of decency, or at the very least, some enlightened self-interest. They realize that as the leaders of supposedly sovereign nations, they are little more than US vassals, and while they are largely powerless to do anything about it, they don't like it. They know that such a power relationship only ends up benefiting the U.S. They've been blackmailed, threatened and otherwise coerced into toeing Washington's line for years, and that's bound to grate on the nerves.

A terror attack like the one in Paris last week loosens the existing status quo. Emotions run high, making easier political actions that would otherwise be too much to hope for. Both types of leaders can exploit such an attack for their own purposes. Consider the raids taking place in various EU countries. These are a perfect opportunity to take care of various types of undesirables, whether domestic or foreign. Possible targets: jihadi terrorist cells, 'Gladio' cells, foreign spies, domestic saboteurs. In the case of Gladio, this is a perfect opportunity for European leaders to clean up a few U.S.-backed terrorists. What can the U.S. say? "You arrested our terrorists!" As for the fascist types, they are more than willing to throw a few expendable Islamic patsies to the dogs. The same goes for non-European nations.

At the same time, it looks as if France (and maybe other nations) is responding in such a way that it draws it closer to Russia. France did not invoke Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty ('an attack on one is an attack on all'). Instead, the Russian and French militaries are talking with each other and coordinating their operations in Syria, to some degree anyway. Hollande is scheduled to meet with Putin this week, right after visiting Washington. This is perhaps a way of joining the Russian-led operation in Syria without doing so explicitly. France can still pretend to be Washington's lapdog, when in reality it is working closer with Russia. It would be nice to see that, but it's hard to say for sure at this point if a full EU/Russian rapprochement is on the cards.

But even if there are some within the European establishment who are attempting to exercise a little sovereignty in their response to the bloody mayhem in Paris, on the whole it looks like things will only get worse. No matter how many positive actions they take within the events and narrative provided for them by the international terrorists (whether in Raqqa or Washington), they can't stop what's coming. The trajectory is predictable: even if France and others were to get on board with Russia's anti-ISIS coalition, that will not change the shift to fascism going on in these nations. With racism on the rise (thanks to the refugee crisis) and far-right parties gaining in popularity, they are one step away from full-blown pathocracy of the same sort brought on by the Nazis and the Bolsheviks. Europeans are stumbling blindly right into it.

That said, continuing on with my coverage of the Paris attacks, I have a few more questions. First of all, I missed this one from last Sunday. The screenshot below is from a cached version of an ITV Report:

Question: Who told RTL that Salah was "captured alive" and that tear gas helped them do it? Perhaps the RTL reporter responsible for this lie should be fired. Or the official who shared it. Or perhaps they were telling the truth.

Next is an account of the death of Hasna Ait Boulahcen - the West's "first female suicide bomber":
Her death in the Saint Denis siege was instant. Jean-Michel Fauvergue, 56, the French anti terror commander who led the raid described how he saw her head fly through the window. Her spine landed on a police car.

'That's when we saw a human body, a woman's head, fly through the window and land on the pavement, on the other side of the street,' Fauvergue said.

'A suicide bomber had just exploded. The blast was so devastating that a supporting wall moved.'
Now watch this video for the latest iteration of the story.

So Ait Boulahcen was NOT the suicide bomber - a suggestion I made in my previous article before the story changed. Additionally, 7 out of 8 of the people arrested during the raid have been released. That includes all 5 who were allegedly in the apartment, including the 2 who were reportedly found "in the rubble" and who had allegedly been the ones engaging in a shootout with the police for several hours.

But the real question here is; how can it be possible that the Chief of the French RAID team that attacked the apartment saw a head and spinal column of a "woman" land in the street beside him only for the "truth" to then be revealed that the suicide bomber was in fact a third, unidentified, man?

This isn't the only serious problem with the narrative around the Paris attacks. One of the attacks that night took place at the Comptoir Voltaire cafe. At about 21:40 on the 13th, a man named as Ibrahim Abdeslam - the brother of Salah who is currently the subject of a man hunt - sat down in the Comptoir Voltaire café and placed an order before detonating his suicide vest, killing himself and injuring fifteen people. That's it. No gunfire, no fatalities, just some guy who blows himself up while seated at a cafe. According to people who knew him, Ibrahim ran a bar in Brussels where he and patrons would drink and smoke pot, two 'vices' that are illegal under strict Islamic law. Just like the "mastermind" that allegedly died in the St. Denis raid, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who never attended mosques, these are some very unlikely "Muslim extremists".

When Ibrahim allegedly blew himself up, the blast was so small that it didn't even kill him, according to a man who was at the cafe. David, who is a registered nurse, tried to give CPR to Ibrahim, thinking he was a victim. "He did not look to have massive injuries but appeared unconscious."

The strangest part of the story of the Comptoir Voltaire attack however is an image of the cafe's window that the mainstream media has been using to illustrate the 'suicide bomb' story:

The window of the Comptoir Voltaire cafe where a "suicide bomber blew himself up". No shots were fired...yet those windows...
[Update: It has been brought to my attention that the above image is likely not from the Comptoir Voltarie but another cafe nearby that was shot at, although this is the image that several mainstream media outlets used as part of their reporting on the Comptoir Voltaire]

Lastly, consider these details about Ibrahim's brother, Salah, who is allegedly being hunted through Belgium and now Germany:
‌They often saw him in the club, the clean-shaven 26-year-old who enjoyed smoking joints and chatting with other men. He was in the gay sex bar in central Brussels as recently as one month ago, and nobody who saw him lounging comfortably there could have imagined for a moment that he was about to become the most wanted man in Europe.

The handsome youth with a taste for hashish has since been identified as Salah Abdeslam, suspected of being part of the terrorist unit that killed 130 people in Paris last weekend. The attackers were hailed in jihadist circles as martyrs, yet for regulars at the men-only clubs in the Saint-Jacques quarter of central Brussels, Abdeslam was just another pot-smoking party-goer.

"We had him down as a rent boy, he was always hanging out with that kind of crowd," said Julien, the bartender of a club Abdeslam visited last month. The owners of the club, who spoke to The Sunday Times on condition that they not be identified, recognised Abdeslam's picture in the aftermath of the attacks and immediately alerted the police, who are now studying CCTV footage of the area.
A druggie rent-boy jihadi terrorist? I've surely heard it all now. And this is the guy who "spent time with ISIS" in Syria, those crazy fanatics with a penchant for throwing homosexuals off the nearest roof...

To get a picture of what has happened in just ten days or so, have a look at the following headlines.

Anti-terror ops, raids, arrests, executions Terror attacks, possible acts of sabotage and tragic 'accidents' Terror threats and false alarms Planes diverted, evacuated Fascists coming out of the woodwork