Translated by SOTT

Comment: The U.S. government has taken away all the freedoms that they have claimed the Islamic Terrorists hate us for! And governments all over the world, sometimes in slightly different ways, are doing exactly the same. In France, it's an organization known as MIVILUDES that has taken on this role, and their mandate seems to be exactly the same as that promoted by Evgeny Morozov, cited in Columnist Calls for Internet Quality Control" to Quash Dissent where you will read:
Do you think anthropogenic global warming is a hoax? Are you unconvinced that your ancestors had more in common with Cheetah than with Tarzan? Have you any doubts about the official version of how 9/11 went down? Then you, according to Evgeny Morozov, are part of a "kooky" "fringe movement" whose growth must be checked by forcing you to read "authoritative" content whenever you go looking for information on such topics on the Internet.

Morozov is a visiting scholar at Stanford University, a contributing editor to Foreign Policy magazine, and a former fellow at George Soros' Open Society Institute - in other words, a reliable bellwether of globalist establishment thinking.
What shows the terrible, collective, weakness of character of the soft and hedonistic U.S. population is their acceptance of the loss of their freedoms in exchange for protection from those who are claimed to "hate us because of our freedoms." This same poison is being spread in France by the above mentioned MIVILUDES in lock-step with the Globalist Elite agenda. A French doctor of my acquaintance showed me a magazine that she (as a physician in France) receives. In the last issue, there was an article explaining to doctors that they need to be on the lookout for anybody who thinks or acts "different from the norm". Doctors are, apparently, being encouraged to abrogate their Hippocratic Oath in favor of reporting on their patients who might be holding "aberrant ideas" such as that vaccines may be bad, vitamins are good, food does have an effect on your health, and so forth. Doctors in France are even being offered special perks if they take a course in "spotting cult members"! I kid you not! The same types of articles are being included in legal journals that attorneys and judges subscribe to! And all of this activity, undertaken by MIVILUDES, is being financed by the French government!

Invited by the order of lawyers, Georges Fenech, president of the MIVILUDES (Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combatting Cultic Deviances), will be in Toulouse next Wednesday.

An ex-magistrate, deputy of the Rhône departement in 2002 and 2007, Georges Fenech, 57, came back to the magistracy in 2008. Since then, upon nomination by the Prime Minister, he's the head of the MIVILUDES.

Why taking part in a symposium about the training of lawyers?

Georges Fenech: I was invited by the president of Toulouse's bar, and training constitutes one of the essential missions of the MIVILUDES. We attach a lot of importance to it. It allows us to transmit information, to go deeper in the analysis of the phenomenon and to train on the issue of cultic deviances, on detecting criteria, and on the means to counter them.

Who are these trainings aimed at?

We intervene in schools of magistracy as well as labour inspectorate, schools of police and gendarmerie, among lawyers, educators, doctors... We must offer a guide to these professionals so that they can detect a cultic deviance in someone, and then decide how to react.

Is the economic crisis a fertile ground for these movements?

Of course. Actually, we consider that in 10% of training organisations, especially in the fields related to consulting and personal development, there is the presence of cultic movements. It is obvious that these times of economic as well as social uncertainty are a very favorable ground for cultic deviances.

Can we estimate their weight?

In 2009, we ordered a poll about the perception of the French people towards cults. 66% considered that they were a threat, and 25% knew at least one victim in their family or friends circles, which represents 12 million French people. A lot of these victims are targets for these "alternative" medicines, these charlatans who call themselves therapists and promise anything and everything. Vigilance is crucial and when in doubt, one must not hesitate to ask questions!

Comment: On the 30st November, following Georges Fenech's visit in Toulouse, La Dépêche published this article:

How cults recruit

Varied, fluctuating, nebulous - cultic movements are difficult to spot. However, they have themes in common for approaching people: well-being, politics and the end of the world.

Distribution of flyers in the street, Internet websites, illegal billsticking or word-of-mouth are a few of the approach techniques used by cultic movements. These fluctuating movements, which are present in all areas of activity, are difficult to detect and quantify. "On top of big organisations, there are also cultic offshoots. They don't have the same name, which makes them difficult to spot, but if you make some research, you always find a link to the mother cult. On the other hand, deviant organisations, once spotted, can easily change names and places, which adds to the difficulty", explains Simone Rich, vice-president of Info-Sectes Midi-Pyrénées. Difficulties which increase the risk of subjection, isolation, and breaking off from society for the followers of these structures which are often registered as associations loi 1901.

Well-being and the end of the world as catcher themes

Despite the diversity of these movements, common themes are locally found. "Health and well-being in general are themes which are often present", explains the vice-president of Info-Sectes. "In Toulouse, there is a proliferation of pseudo-therapeutic centers which lead to the sick person giving up their health treatment, which is worrying", adds Georges Fenech. "At present, with the presidential election drawing near, one can also find political networks which are not officially approved. This phenomenon is present at each election. Then, there is the theme of the end of the world and the apocalypse which should take place in 2012. This has awakened a lot of structures which are talking about the hope of a new world", adds Simone Rich. A problem also observed by the MIVILUDES. "In the Pyrénées, there are vulnerable people who are piling up on food and are locking themselves in."

Internet: an easy approach

This phenonemon has been developing for a few years already; cultic groups are taking over the Web to approach future followers. "Followers of these movements - often members at the top - are keeping blogs, Facebook pages or Internet websites which are highly performing", explains Simone Rich. A practice which often concerns young people but which also tends to reach other age groups. "We had the case of a young woman who was searching for information on world peace on the Internet after the 911 attacks. She stumbled upon a cultic network and through this medium, came into contact with an organisation in the area. The approach was easy, and unfortunately, this is a situation we frequently observe, says the vice-president of Info-Sectes Midi-Pyrénées. [...]

Comment: On the 1st December, Toulouse Infos website published this: "Even Steve Jobs was in the thrall of a naturopath". Extract:

In Toulouse, there aren't many affairs related to cults which are dealt with by the courts, but it doesn't mean that they don't exist or that this phenomenon is decreasing. [...] This is especially due to the increase in the number of therapeutic gurus who exert a psychological hold on their patients, because they know their weaknesses. "There's no typical profile, everyone in a moment of physical or emotional weakness can be lured into a cult". There's no age, children as well as old people are concerned. "Take Steve Jobs, he was a genius, and yet, his pancreas cancer could have been cured by modern medicine, but he was in the thrall of a naturopath and was treating himself with fruit juices." He was using treatments that he found on the Internet, "by the way, this medium has become one of the means used by cults to recruit."