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We've already received some interesting feedback from readers about the changes on the SOTT page. It seems that there is some real confusion by the change of focus. For example, one reader wrote:
I am extremely sad to see that your coverage on the Levant is gone ? any reason were u bought out, caved-in or gave up? or are you re-directing your coverage to the more esoteric - i hope its the latter as it would be sad if any of the former was the reason.
Another reader wrote:
I'm sorry to see the changes that you have implemented in your website.

I thought it was a great place to find out news that was unbiased and found from other sources that I was unaware of. I especially loved how you covered the world situation, news, big brother, 911 truth, etc. That is how you have backed down from telling the truth. For start, I thought your mission was getting the truth, corruption, and propaganda out into the public eye and not having to rely on the state controlled media which toe's the party line.

I do not have the same values that you do when it comes to my beliefs. I am a born again Christian and I don't believe what you espouse on your website.

I wanted to thank you for what you have offered in the past and let you know I will not be returning to your site.

Pretty stupid when you think about it, all over an article that you wrote about "chemtrails" or "contrails". People have strong beliefs and will argue and fight the way they believe, just look at politics and religion. Just because you didn't like some of the comments and had your feelings hurt, you change everything that you stood for. Unless I was mistaken about you and this was what you wanted all along.

I'm very sorry to see the change.
Yet another:
I have been an avid reader of Sott for at least the last 4 years, bought several books, contributed and I had enjoyed access to real unbiased, unmolested news and views that do not make it to Lame Street Media or that have been twisted and distorted and robbed of essential facts and information.

Sadly, I no longer see the real news in your New Age and Mystic groupings. Should you still continue to give the news as before, but under different headings then I am missing the mark and therefore I do not stand by this confusing new look.

I do commend you on you sterling efforts to offer something new and improved however, I find that it now has some aforementioned elements missing.

This is important to myself and no doubt others on being able to get a handle on what is going on in the world around me/us, as I cannot trust the MSM to give me a straight and unbiased answer. I do not want to sound bitter, but the new look does rather defeat my reasons for dropping by and contributing now and again to the sott cause. I find it sad that there would be precious little on the sott site to hold my interest.

Sincerely hoping that you can address the loss of real news as we knew it.
Keep your coins, I want change
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First of all, these changes were discussed and planned long before the Chemtrails article. In fact, you could say that the Chemtrails article was a first salvo of change. Such a topic would never have been covered on SOTT before except perhaps in the "Haunted Planet" category. If you search the SOTT database for "chemtrails" you will find less than a dozen articles on the topic. However, it will now receive more coverage under the "High Strangeness" category. So will many other important things that fell by the wayside.

Let us assure you that our coverage of news from the Middle East will not cease. It will, however, be re-categorized under the heading "Society's Child." That's where you will find news that is "anthropological." That will include politics, social movements (including 9-11 Truth, anti-Big Pharma, etc), murder and mayhem, psychopaths in action, (including government and economics), and so forth. The point of this change is to consolidate all anthropological phenomena on a more-or-less level playing field.

You will notice that there is a category that is devoted to fireballs, meteorites, comets, and so forth. There's a good reason for this: the reports are becoming so frequent that this topic deserves more attention than the former "Axis of Evil" which focused on US, Israel, and UK politics. It is becoming increasingly clear that politics are actually being driven by what is "out there" (and we don't mean aliens, either, though we leave that possibility open), and, at the same time, what is happening "out there" is being driven by the anthropological dynamic on the planet. As below, so above and vice versa.

The Science of the Spirit is the most exciting new category. There is so much material from the cognitive sciences as well as the spiritual sciences that can help the individual that we think it deserves it's own category. Included will be material about psychopathology which we hope will help to educate the reader about the fundamental things within humans that contribute to the anthropological phenomena which then act as a feedback to the phenomena that affect our planet.

High Strangeness is another exciting new category and we think that a lot of our readers will really enjoy the fact that this will open up SOTT to a lot of material that was formerly excluded because it wasn't considered "mainstream."

Secret History speaks for itself, we think, as the anthropological record of the past, showing us where we have been, and possibly revealing the patterns that can indicate where we are going.

Gaia's Children is a new way of looking at the Living Planet since we have separated out from that old category those things that pertain particularly to Earth Changes, making this a new category also. Obviously, Earth Changes is a big thing nowadays and if you haven't noticed that, we hope to help you to do so!

Health & Wellness is going to get a thorough cleaning because there is a lot of material in there that has little to do with being Healthy and Well, though it was formerly necessary to put it there for lack of any other place that was reasonable. As noted above, the health of the mind and spirit will be covered separately which is as it should be.

Science & Technology will remain much the same though, since we now have a new category for anthropological sciences, it will get a cleaning also.

Some items in "Don't Panic" will be moved to Society's Child, but it will generally remain the same - a repository for fun, games, satire, and general hooliganism. We DO have a sense of humor! In fact, if you watch the following video it might help you to get in the right mood for SOTT!

So, as I said, change is good! The new categories reflect a different focus - a longer view of the bigger picture - and it will challenge everyone to create new brain circuits, grow new synapses, and in general, broaden their perspective!

We hope that you will try it out before you assume that anybody here has "sold out." As I've already written, I'm not ready to make nice and I won't back down.

On Fire for Change
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