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Wed, 20 Feb 2019
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Greenland Crater - The 12,000 year old comet that erased ancient civilization

Ancient Impact
© ScreenCapture/YouTube
NASA recently discovered of a massive, 19-mile (31km) wide crater, found hidden underneath Greenland's Hiawatha Glacier. This crater is the result of an asteroid impact, from a nearly 1 mile-wide mountain of iron, weighing somewhere around, get this, 11-12 BILLION tons, and was traveling at approximately 12 MILES per second - which is equivalent to more than 43,000 miles per hour - when it slammed into the earth some 12,000 years ago - And...with the mind-boggling force of essentially a 700-megaton bomb. And without a doubt, THIS is the reason why there is so much mystery and why we know so little about lost Ancient human civilization


Stromboli volcano in Italy sees elevated activity from at least 7 vents

Spattering from the main NE vent today

Spattering from the main NE vent today
The activity at the volcano remains above average.

Our colleague Marc Szeglat (www.vulkane.net) reported that continuous spattering, in addition to sometimes relatively strong strombolian explosions, can often be seen from from the NE vent.

A total of at least 7 vents are currently active (spattering, strong degassing and/or explosions) in the crater terrace.

The alert status of the volcano had been raised last week.

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Indonesia tsunami: Erupting Anak Krakatau volcano now a quarter of its original size

Anak Krakatau volcano
© Antara Foto/Reuters
The Anak Krakatau volcano continues to throw out hot ash in a photograph taken from an Indonesian naval patrol boat on 28 December.
The Indonesian volcano that triggered a deadly tsunami when it erupted and collapsed a week ago is now only a quarter of its previous size.

Scientists said Anak Krakatau now has a volume of 40-70 cubic metres, having lost up to 180m cubic metres of volume since the eruption on 22 December.

The analysis from Indonesia's Centre for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation demonstrates the power of the tsunami that crashed into 186 miles of coastline in Sumatra and Java.

More than 420 people died in the waves that reached up to 2m in height, and 40,000 were displaced.

The centre said the crater peak was 110m high on Friday, compared to 338m in September.

Experts have largely relied on satellite radar images to work out what happened to the volcano. Cloud cover, continuing eruptions and high seas have hampered inspections. The centre said it would get more precise results from further visual inspections.

Comment: Meanwhile the number of injured in the volcano-triggered tsunami in Indonesia jumped significantly to 14,059 from 7,202 say reports, as search and rescue operations continue. See also:

Indonesia 'volcano tsunami': Grim search for survivors continues as death toll reaches 430, almost 22,000 displaced after Krakatoa erupts - UPDATE


Ice Age Farmer Report: Grand Solar Minimum 2019: What to expect

winter storm diego
© Stephanie Klein-Davis /The Roanoke Times via AP
John Woodrum, shovels his car on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018, in Roanoke, Va. A massive storm brought snow, sleet, and freezing rain across a wide swath of the South on Sunday — causing dangerously icy roads, immobilizing snowfalls and power losses to hundreds of thousands of people.
2018 has been a hell of a year, and 2019 promises to be even more "fun." What can we expect? Christian breaks it down, from the geophysical to the geopolitical, in this Ice Age Farmer special edition.


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Strange 'lava-type flow' oozing from ground creates panic in North East India village

lava flow in India
A volcanic lava type inflammable liquid has been reportedly profiting out of the ground in Tripura's Jalifa village and has triggered panic among the local residents of the area. It has gradually become a matter of concern for the Tripura state government, in North East India, which is highly vulnerable to earthquakes as it lies in seismic zone V.

This is the third such incident reported this year the state which is very close to Chittagong in Bangladesh.

Earlier in mid-April, at two spots, namely Baishnavpur and Ghagrabasti of Sunroom, lava-like liquid erupted along with fire and gas.

In the recent incident from a few days ago, the local villagers of Jalifa were scared to find lava erupting from the lower portion of the electric pole on the roadside and reported the matter to the fire extinguishing team and local police. A team of firefighters rushed to the spot and tried to spray water and foam, but failed to stop the ongoing eruption that had already burned the spot.

Meanwhile, scientists from the Department of Science, Technology and Environment of the Government of Tripura also visited the spot. After examining the spot and analysing the samples collected from the spot they concluded that the fire, smoke and other materials running out of the ground is due to a fault line that passes through that area beside the displacement of the underground tectonic plates in that region and which is creating huge subsurface heat causing the incident.

Comment: A few months ago a mysterious burning hole with flames shooting out of it was discovered in Midway, Arkansas which baffled geologists. See also:

SOTT Exclusive: The growing threat of underground fires and explosions


Powerful explosion at Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka, Russia - Aviation code to red

This morning's explosion at Shiveluch volcano seen on the KVERT webcam

This morning's explosion at Shiveluch volcano seen on the KVERT webcam
A powerful, brief explosion has sent ash possibly up to 40,000ft (12km), prompting KVERT to raise the Aviation Colour Code to Red.

Activity has recently returned to a moderate level following a hiatus for most of the year.

Explosions like this are typical for Sheveluch- many have happened in the past 25 years as dome-building continues.


Bali's Mount Agung volcano erupts, spews ash over wide area

Mount Agung volcano erupts,
Mount Agung volcano erupts, as seen from Kubu, Karangasem Regency in Bali, Indonesia on June 29, 2018.
A volcano on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali erupted Sunday, belching ash high into the air and over nearby villages as officials warned tourists to keep clear of the area.

Mount Agung has been erupting periodically since it rumbled back to life in 2017, when it grounded hundreds of flights and left 120,000 visitors stranded.

On Sunday morning, the volcano - which is about 70 kilometres from the tourist hub of Kuta - sent ash skywards as it erupted for about three minutes, according to the country's volcanology centre.

"Residents near Mount Agung as well as climbers and tourists should not carry out any activity in the danger zone or within a four-kilometre radius from the crater," the centre said in a statement.

Cloud Precipitation

Ice Age Farmer Report: Volcanic tsunami Indonesia - Hail catastrophe Sydney - Cooking w preps - The great manure crisis

The size of the hail that just fell

The size of the hail that fell in Sydney
Anak Krakatau's eruption caused a tsunami that has taken 280 lives and counting. Hailstorm in Sydney, Australia declared a catastrophe. Crop loss reports from around the world. Cooking with your preps -- putting dehydrated eggs and butter to the test. Finally, Christian recounts the Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894. All the best for your Christmas. Prepare.


Comment: See in addition: 20 volcanoes across Indonesia currently showing above normal activity


Mayon Volcano explodes, spews ash in the Philippines

Mayon remains under Alert Level 2 after

Mayon remains under Alert Level 2 after its full-blown eruption episodes that started January
Mayon Volcano in Albay exploded two times yesterday morning, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) reported as it warned residents to stay out of the six-kilometer radius permanent danger zone.

The phreatic or ash explosions occurred at 8:17 a.m. and 8:28 a.m. that generated grayish to grayish white ash plumes 600 meters and 200 meters above the crater, respectively based on Phivolcs' latest bulletin.

Phivolcs director Renato Solidum said the explosions were possibly triggered by the sudden degassing of magma inside the volcano's chamber.

Mayon remains under Alert Level 2 after its full-blown eruption episodes that started January and simmered down in March early this year.


Indonesia raises volcano alert, reroutes all flights around erupting Anak Krakatau

Anak Krakatau
© Antara Foto / Bisnis Indonesia / Nurul Hidayat / via Reuters
An ash column from the erupting Anak Krakatau volcano has forced Indonesia's aviation chiefs to reroute all flights between Java and Sumatra islands, just days after a deadly tsunami triggered by the volcano killed more than 400.

"All flights are rerouted due to Krakatau volcano ash on red alert," the government air-traffic control agency AirNav said in a release. After raising the volcano's alert level on Thursday, authorities went on to impose a five-kilometer exclusion zone.

Authorities continue to urge people to stay clear of the coast, already devastated after an underwater landslide caused by the eruption of Anak Krakatau triggered a deadly tsunami that killed at least 430 people last Saturday night.

Comment: Indonesia 'volcano tsunami': Grim search for survivors continues as death toll reaches 430, almost 22,000 displaced after Krakatoa erupts - UPDATE