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Sat, 03 Dec 2022
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Extreme Temperatures


Surprise June snow dump at Castle Mountain Resort, Alberta - nearly a foot deep

A dump of snow made things look more like winter than spring at Castle Mountain.
© Castle Mountain
A dump of snow made things look more like winter than spring at Castle Mountain.
While much of the province was pummelled by heavy rain on Tuesday, areas in the eastern slopes were covered with a fresh blanket of snow.

Castle Mountain Resort employees woke up to find more than half the mountain covered in a layer of powder.

"Being in the Rockies, anytime of year, you'll for sure see dustings of snow up on the alpine," said guest services coordinator Kelly Dolan.

"But to wake up to close to 30 centimetres at mid-mountain, the snow line's even a little bit lower than that, is unexpected for sure."


Snow in mid-June, wind force closure of Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana

Whitefish Mountain Resort
© Whitefish Mountain Resort website
Whitefish Mountain Resort
While parts of southern Montana are dealing with record flooding, it's snow and wind that's hitting the higher elevations of Northwest Montana.

Whitefish Mountain Resort has announced they are closed Tuesday and all activities have been canceled because of wind and snow.

The resort will be providing updates at https://www.facebook.com/skiwhitefish.


Spain in grip of second earliest heatwave on record

A construction worker drinks water to fight the scorching heat during a heatwave in Seville on June 13, 2022.
A construction worker drinks water to fight the scorching heat during a heatwave in Seville on June 13, 2022.
The "unusual" temperatures for the time of year follow the hottest May in at least 100 years in Spain, Ruben del Campo, spokesman for the Spanish Meteorological Agency (Aemet) said.

He told AFP that the current heatwave would bring "extreme temperatures" and "could last until the end of the week".

The mercury will rise above 40 degrees Celsius (around 104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the day in many Spanish towns and remain high at night, above 20 to 22 degrees, he said.

According to Spain's national weather agency, the earliest heatwave on record was recorded on June 11th 1981, making the current episode of soporific heat the second earliest heatwave on record in Spain as it began on Sunday June 12th 2022.


Strong winds and blizzard conditions hit Tasmania, Australia


Eight people were rescued in a blizzard on a Tasmanian mountain authorities said, as extreme weather wreaked havoc across the state.

Authorities said two of the walkers, a 27-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl, were 'very lucky to be alive' and are currently being treated in hospital for hypothermia.

The cold front is travelling north up the Australian mainland, causing large swells along the coast


A return to summer: Tornadoes, funnel clouds, hail, 90 degree temps, and snow

Summer weather is back in Wyoming as evidenced by Tuesday's weather. It was nice and springy in some areas while other parts of experienced a bit more excitement like tornadoes, funnel clouds, and hail.

The National Weather Service of Cheyenne sent out a note on Wednesday morning wondering if anyone had more information about a funnel cloud spotted just east of Lusk.

"Quite the capture!" they wrote of the "brief tornado" which was taken near Duck Creek Ranch just north of Highway 20 at around 2:30pm.

The photo was taken by Garrett Wurdeman and shared with KNEB-TV in Nebraska.

Tornado Chaser Reed Timmer was paying attention to this twister. He had high regard for it.


Thredbo alpine resort in Australia receives over 125cm (4 feet) of snow in 7 days ahead of its official opening

Snow blanketing the Thredbo chairlifts after the early season storms.
© Thredbo
Snow blanketing the Thredbo chairlifts after the early season storms.
The start to the 2022 ski season has been described as the best in more than 20 years, with the Thredbo alpine resort preparing for a huge opening weekend after 125cm of snow fell over the past seven days.

Snow was still falling at Thredbo on Tuesday afternoon, with the village described as "looking picture perfect" after some 40cm of coverage.

Thredbo's mountain operations teams have been working long hours in preparation for the opening weekend, which will be celebrated with an illumination show and fireworks on Saturday night, June 11.


Scientists shine new light on role of Earth's orbit in the fate of ancient ice sheets

Scientists have finally put to bed a long-standing question over the role of Earth's orbit in driving global ice age cycles.

Ice Sheet
© Cardiff University
In a new study published today in the journal Science, the team from Cardiff University has been able to pinpoint exactly how the tilting and wobbling of the Earth as it orbits around the Sun has influenced the melting of ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere over the past 2 million years or so.

Scientists have long been aware that the waxing and waning of massive Northern Hemisphere ice sheets results from changes in the geometry of Earth's orbit around the Sun.

There are two aspects of the Earth's geometry that can influence the melting of ice sheets: obliquity and precession.

Obliquity is the angle of the Earth's tilt as it travels around the Sun and is the reason why we have different seasons.

Precession is how the Earth wobbles as it rotates, much like a slightly off-centre spinning top. The angle of this wobble means that sometimes the Northern Hemisphere is closest to the Sun and other times the Southern Hemisphere is closest, meaning that roughly every 10,000 years one hemisphere will have warmer summers compared to the other, before it switches.


Heavy snow falls on ski resorts in Australia - up to 40cms

Snow covered vehicles at Perisher Resort in the NSW Snowy Mountains yesterday.
© Perisher Resort
Snow covered vehicles at Perisher Resort in the NSW Snowy Mountains yesterday.
Reggae Elliss is back with the first snow report for 2022 Australian season and it's looking good after 40cms of snow this week and some set to open for the season this Sat, June 4. Presented by XTM

Ice Cube

Arctic sea ice extent at 30-year highs

Despite ever-increasing CO2 emissions, Arctic sea ice is actually expanding, not melting, proving once and for all that the drawn correlations between the two are political, not scientific.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently convened its annual conference in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss the "climate crisis" and how the "existential catastrophe" could be used to roll-out additional tyrannical powers over the purblind masses.

However, and according to data from the intergovernmental European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, Arctic sea ice is currently standing at a 30-year high — ice loss in May was the lowest in over three decades.

EUMETSAT, as the organization is known, was created through an international convention signed by 30 European nations.


Dozens of camping trailers abandoned near Red Lodge, Montana following spring snowstorm - 2 feet of snow reported

Dozens of camping trailers abandoned following Montana spring snowstorm

Dozens of camping trailers abandoned following Montana spring snowstorm
Memorial Day weekend typically marks the start of the busy summer camping season in Montana, but campgrounds near Red Lodge looked more like a winter wonderland on the holiday.

"We woke up, and we were immediately wanting to go. We were wondering what in the world just happened? It was crazy," explained Elise Habel, a Billings woman who was camping near the M-K campground.

Habel was one of the dozens of campers who quickly realized their camping trailers were stuck.

"It was at least two feet where we were. It was super unexpected, really wet, and thick. It was kind of a crazy, little adventure for sure," she said. "I don't think a single person got theirs out."

One camping trailer after another was swallowed by the snow. Everyone in the campground piled into their vehicles and abandoned their camping trailers.