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SOTT Focus: Extraordinary Events Taking Place in America

you missed trump
There's something rotten in Denmark.

The beltway is abuzz with some of the wildest rumors imaginable. 'Is Joe Biden even alive?' is whispered through the storied halls of the capitol.

The unelected despot-in-chief seemingly renounced his election campaign via suspicious Twitter note on a lazy Sunday afternoon, after which he hasn't been seen or heard from since. Many are now pointing out the strange idiosyncrasies surrounding the unprecedented event, including the lack of letterhead or that Biden's signature appeared to be doctored:

biden signature


SOTT Focus: Assassination Eye-witness: Police Are Lying About Rooftop Confrontation of Alleged Sniper

crooks roof open window second building trump assassination
A reader sent in this image, which shows both the open window from the sniper location on the second floor, and the body of the alleged sniper on the roof with the rifle nearby.
"The guys on the second floor were watching - but they didn't do anything!"

Last Saturday, in Butler, Pennsylvania, President Trump was shot in the ear and narrowly saved from a fatal head wound from an assassin's bullet. Retired firefighter Corey Comperatore was fatally struck by a bullet, and two other pro-Trump rally-goers were seriously injured.

Over the last week, much of the federal narrative has broken down trying to explain the events. As the sniper's body was recovered on the roof of the American Glass Research company's warehouse in Butler, Pennsylvania, within a few days it emerged that snipers were in the second floor overlooking the sniper's body in an adjoining building.

One often-repeated part of the official story is that a Butler County Sheriff's Deputy climbed on top of the roof moments prior to the shooting to confront alleged shooter Thomas Crooks, and Crooks responded by pointing a weapon at the Deputy, who then fell off of an eight-foot ladder

Comment: Incompetence or setup? Police and SS were using different radio frequencies to "communicate".

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Trump Survived Deep State Hit-Job... For 'Higher Purpose'?

second shooter trump assassination rally newsreal
There was almost certainly a second gunman at the Trump rally in Pennsylvania last week. The police and Secret Service 'confusion' and finger-pointing over who had what security duties is a hallmark of 'deep state' involvement, but would its operatives really leave it to a skinny 20-year-old to take out their 'Number One National Security Threat'?

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall take a closer look at the venue layout of the Butler Farm Show fairgrounds to suggest that a professional marksman was situated in a window below Crooks, who probably only fired the second volley of shots after the first three barely missed Trump.

Which begs another question: how on Earth did the pro miss Trump? Divine intervention? Maybe, but there was also some 'high strangeness' in the air that day...

Running Time: 01:39:06

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SOTT Focus: Crowdstrike Causes Global IT Outage: Incompetence or Spooky Shenanigans?

scottie tech crowdstrike
The global IT outage on Friday, July 19th 2024 was a humdinger.

We're told it's nothing to worry about, but what's really going on?

I'm afraid the rabbit hole goes a bit deeper than you think.

Join me for a look at the Crowdstrike "bug" and what it means for you...


SOTT Focus: Trump Second-Shooter Theory Emerges

Trump assassination attempt 3
Alleged shooter being dragged off the roof.
Great communication yields far greater truths than the sum of its parts.
Post the Trump Assassination attempt, the Legacy mainstream media has been slow to explore obvious contradictions and holes in timelines surrounding the roles and responsibilities of various parties involved in the event, including but not limited to Government agencies.

Fortunately in what may be a watershed moment for the New Media to help shed light — and at least move investigative processes forward in a more timely manner giving events such as Presidential candidate assassination attempts the urgency needed — others are on the case.

The New Media is comprised of people with expertise and experience in pressure cooker environments able to interact, then develop and stress-test ideas quickly. Further, these quicker turnaround processes are facilitated by open culture free-speech media platforms, like X.Com.

In effect the X platform is a new community plaza where people meet and ideas are exchanged in full view of the whole community to be tested and rejected or accepted more efficiently than the legacy news media currently does.

Comment: Additional analysis on the audio from the videos. Somewhat in agreement with the above theory:

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Trump Miraculously Survives Assassination Attempt

trump rally assassination newsreal
© Photo: Evan Vucci ⁩/ AP ⁩
That was close, REALLY close...

Joe and Niall with their initial thoughts on the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

The shooter was probably put up to it, and it's miraculous that the first shot only grazed Trump's right ear.

What an amazing turn of events...

Running Time: 01:23:43

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - June 2024: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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Record rainfall and flooding around the world marked this month, along with some rare snow events in both hemispheres.

In Bangladesh, Laos, China and India, a severe monsoon season left millions of people stranded and caused significant damage to infrastructure. Parts of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and France were also hit by heavy rain, flooding major roads and prompting evacuations. Sydney, Australia, was flooded twice this month by unprecedented downpours, prompting mass evacuations of several low-lying suburbs.

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SOTT Focus: MindMatters: Do NPCs Have an Inner Monologue? Discussing the 5 Pristine Inner Experiences

Self-talk. Visualizations. Bodily awareness. Unconscious thought processes. In our day-to-day course of existence our minds assimilate, respond and react to any number of stimuli from within - and without. But how often do we stop to consider just how we do this and what faculties of apprehension are actually put to use? And do we even have a framework, vocabulary and level of awareness from which to do it?

Inner speech (inner monologue), inner vision, sensory awareness, emotions and unsymbolized thinking are all categories that, according to psychologist and researcher Russell T. Hurlburt, can help one come to know what one's "pristine inner experience" is. Along with such a framework and the research inspired by it come many questions. What does it mean to be "in the moment"? Do all people use all categories of inner experience with the same frequency? How are we used to describing our inner experiences to ourselves and to others? Were personages like Gurdjieff on to something when he encouraged people to observe themselves?

Join us this week on MindMatters as we question the many assumptions, presuppositions, and mediations that come between cognizance of individual inner experience, and a relative state of unawareness regarding just what makes us tick.

Running Time: 01:36:09

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SOTT Focus: The Burqa Ban Question

burqa ban
© AP Photo / Fred Ernst
Warning: I'm going to say a number of things in this post that will upset a variety of people on both sides of this issue. Don't get your undies in a twist at the beginning; read to the end.

I've given a lot of thought to the hijab issue in the past, and now that Marine LePen says she wants to ban them in France, maybe it is time to think about it some more and try to clarify my thinking. First, let me define a 'society'. It is a group of interdependent people distinguished by mutual interests, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, common culture, activities and interests.

Having said that, let me say that, as a Western woman, my gut reaction to the hijab WITHIN Western society, is quite negative; it doesn't belong there. It seems to express and represent a deep shame about a woman being a woman. It is part of a larger set of rather misogynistic cultural norms that are generally incomprehensible to the Western mind. A lot can be written about this, but that would make this too lengthy. I can just say shortly that it is a practice that originated with the idea that the hijab or burqa is designed to prevent men from looking 'perversely' at women. A woman, simply by being female, is something that must be hidden because she can incite negative outcomes in society by her mere existence. Men, at the same time, are too weak and hapless to resist. From my perspective, that attitude is insulting to both men and women.

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SOTT Focus: The Suspect Body Count: The Death Toll in Gaza is Much Higher Than We're Being Told

gaza dead
The number of slain Palestinians in Gaza, including those believed to be Hamas cadres, has gone through a series of public recalibrations in recent weeks, as Israel's reshuffled war cabinet has struggled to minimize international rage at the slaughter there. The reduced body count was little more than a sideshow because the Israeli offensive is continuing in Gaza with no signs of the ceasefire that the Biden administration has been desperately seeking.