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Mon, 11 Dec 2023
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Evidence That an Israeli Jet Dropped an Air Burst Bomb on the al-Ahli Hospital Courtyard

Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital Gaza

Screen grab captured from a video shows the doctors of the al-Shifa Hospital making a press statement among the corpses after the injured and dead are brought there following the Israeli attack on Gaza's Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, in Gaza City, Gaza on October 17, 2023
It's true that Israel didn't "bomb the al-Ahli hospital" in Gaza on the night of Oct. 17th 2023. The evidence suggests it did something much worse.

As is the case with all other hospitals in Gaza, al-Ahli hospital had become a refuge for the thousands of people internally displaced in Gaza due to Israel's massive bombing campaign that began on Oct. 7th. On the night of Oct. 17th, hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children had congregated in the courtyard of the hospital (the hospital itself being already full) because they believed it to be a relatively safe haven from Israeli bombs.
Canon Richard Sewell, the dean of St George's College in Jerusalem, told the BBC that about 1,000 displaced people were sheltering in the courtyard when it was hit, and about 600 patients and staff were inside the building.
Not only had the IDF already warned this hospital in the three consecutive days before the explosion that it would be attacked, they actually attacked it on Oct. 14th, hitting the cancer ward. Since Oct. 7th, the WHO has reported 59 attacks on healthcare establishments in Gaza City and 137 across the entire territory of the Gaza Strip.

Note also that, in the past week, Israeli political and military elite have publicly stated that they view all Palestinian resistance groups as "literal Nazis" and by implication the Palestinian people as "Nazi sympathizers", and therefore "subhuman" and not entitled to the same rights as "normal" human beings.

Initially, and based on claims by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and hospital staff, the media reported that Israel had bombed the hospital, "killing hundreds of people." Within a day however, the IDF claimed that the explosion was in fact a result of a PIJ rocket that "misfired" and hit the area, and provided evidence to "prove" it.


In Memoriam: Pierre Lescaudron

à bientôt

Pierre Lescaudron
We are deeply sad to announce that a core member of the Sott.net and Cassiopaea.org team, Pierre Lescaudron, has passed from this life, leaving us, and all of you who knew and loved him, feeling a profound loss.

From the day he joined our team some 14 years ago and literally up until the day he chose to pass, Pierre was a charming, positive, dedicated and insightful contributor to our work, both online and in the real world, where he served as a skilled mentor to many.

Pierre reserved his greatest enthusiasm and effort for his attempts to better understand the fundamental nature of our reality, the hidden history of our planet and what essential part we, as human beings, play in the 'grand scheme' of things.

While Pierre's list of achievements are too many to detail in full here, the following provides a sample of his work and commitment.

Bonne route Pierre, et à bientôt!


The Walls Are Closing in on the Zionists

Source: @KeithWoodsYT

A new poll this week showed that support for Israel is cratering among young Americans. There has been a staggering collapse in support, support for Israel's recent actions in Gaza fell from 81% among those over 65, to just 27% among the 18-34 demographic.
poll israel war
Today, a leaked document was released which revealed there is concern in the US military that soldiers are no longer willing to fight Israel's wars:

letter american troops israel
This is a potential disaster for Israel, since it is hugely reliant on support from the US. As we saw this week, polling in countries like China is firmly on the side of the Palestinians, while in the past polling has shown people in European countries also side more with the Palestinian side than the Israeli.

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NewsReal: Israel's Revenge - Will Gaza Genocide Provoke Wider War?

israel gaza war newsreal
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Last week's multi-site terror attack in southern Israel, and Israel's aerial bombardment of Gaza in response, have divided public opinion like never before. In this NewsReal Joe and Niall again explain why it's extremely unlikely that Israeli security services were caught by surprise, and speculate as to the motives of a 'fifth column' for provoking this almighty maelstrom of hatred and vengeance.

* Starts at 03:12 *

Running Time: 01:31:38

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Fascism in the West to Enable Genocide in Palestine

pro palestinian protest paris
© AP Photo/Thibault Camus
A protestor holds a Palestinian flag during a rally in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, in Paris, Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023.
The UK and the US are both sending military assistance to Israel to commit a calculated and deliberate act of genocide, which is already underway.

Over 500 children have been killed in Gaza in the last week and over 2,000 maimed, many with life changing injuries. Nobody can claim they do not know what is already happening or what is about to unfold. The cutting off of food and water to Gaza is a major international crime, which the western proponents of the "rules based order" universally refuse to condemn.

In both the UK and the US there can be no more stark illustration of the lack of any kind of meaningful democracy, than the fact that there is no major political party that opposes the genocide - despite massive public opposition.

The bought and paid for media and political class in the west are extremely nervous, throughout the western world. Now they have come to the final genocide for which zionism has always aimed, they face a good deal of popular resistance.

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War in Israel is Another 'Flip', This Time Trapping 'Conservatives'

jordan peterson israel netanyahu
How they might be conducting a genius-level psy-op:

In the face of rapidly declining public support for US military intervention and imperialism in the Middle East, sometime in the 2010s, the establishment decided to flip a "switcheroo" to destroy the reputation of the traditional "anti-war Left".

Practically overnight, the mainstream narrative regarding Muslim immigrants went from "Islamic terrorists" to "victims of Islamophobia and xenophobia."

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - September 2023: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


The wildfire season around the world came to an abrupt end in September with sheets of water and widespread flooding. Furthermore, the increase in electrical phenomena, such as rare tornadoes, waterspouts, severe storms, and lightning, was evident this month.

In the United States, Hurricane Ida made landfall near Corpus Christi as a Category 1 storm with sustained winds up to 75 mph. The resulting high tides caused extensive coastal flood damage from Texas to Louisiana. Meanwhile, in India, heavy monsoon rains triggered severe flooding and mudslides that claimed over two dozen lives across the country. In South Africa, a similar weather system brought record-breaking rain which led to widespread power outages as well as road closures due to landslides.

The incredible amount of water and unexpected hailstorms also damaged a significant amount of crops in the Northern Hemisphere, as in the case of Valencia, Spain, where 54,000 acres were destroyed, causing losses of 43 million euros.

Excessive rainfall also damaged large areas of crops in the United States, Canada, India, Australia, China and parts of South and Southeast Asia.

Other flooding events worth mentioning this month:
  • Shenzhen, China - Record 18 inches of rainfall in just 12 hours
  • Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil - 37 dead after unusually heavy rain and floods
  • Central Greece - Unusual heavy rain and floods caused widespread damage - 10 dead (2nd event in 3 weeks)
  • Astara, Iran - 10 inches of rain in just 12 hours
  • Turkey's Black Sea region - Deadly flash floods triggered 1000 landslides
  • Spain - 9.4 inches of rainfall in 24 hours
  • Massachusets, US - 11 inches of rain in just 6 to 7 hours
  • Arizona, US - 4 inches of rainfall in just 2 hours
  • Jalisco, Mexico - Sudden floods leave 7 people dead and 9 missing
We also need to pay attention to the skies, as there has been an increase in meteor fireballs this month. At the same time, we need to be aware of some unusual explosions around the world that could be caused by meteorites, as was the case with a warehouse in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Some media outlets blamed lightning for the explosion, and that's not too far of an assumption due to the number of strong lightning events around the world, but we can't rule out that it was caused by a meteorite. Witnesses reported a light in the sky and a loud explosion just before the fire.

All this, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary:

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Observations from Occupied Palestine: Gaza

Israel checkpoint west bank workers
© Nedal Eshtayah/Anadolu Agency
Thousands of Palestinians queue up to cross into Israel and begin their work day as the sun begins to rise, at Eyal Border crossing, in the city of Qalqilya, West Bank on 1 May 2019
Part 1

Over the years since May 2007, I have lived in different areas of occupied Palestine, witnessing the crimes of the Zionist entity and sharing in the daily tragedies, injustices and realities of Palestinians' lives.

In the occupied West Bank in 2007, I volunteered with the ISM for eight months, during which time I was detained at a protest against a Jewish-only highway in the West Bank, arrested at a road-block removal action, and was finally deported and banned from occupied Palestine.

During those months, I was witness to the ugliest aspects of life under Zionist rule: attacks by illegal Jewish colonists (also armed) and by Zionist soldiers on Palestinian children, women, elderly; humiliating military checkpoints, some with zoo-like turnstiles, all which serve to delay or completely prevent Palestinians' movement; and raids and weeks-long lock-downs on Palestinian towns and cities, in which the Zionist army ransacks homes and usually abducts one or more member of the family, including children. There are currently 195 Palestinian children in Zionist prisons.

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NewsReal: Hamas 'Invasion' of Israel: Surprise or LIHOP?

israel terror hamas newsreal
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Hamas' surprise 'breakout' of the Gaza Strip 'prison' into multiple settlements across southern Israel has pushed the Ukraine War off the news and divided public opinion like never before. Many are joining the Israeli regime in calling for Gaza to be 'levelled', and Israel is formally 'at war' with the Palestinian statelet.

But could Hamas really have taken the mighty Israeli Defense Forces by complete surprise? Israel's military and hi-tech surveillance capabilities are world-renowned, and Hamas isn't known to commit ISIS-style atrocities. With Israel mobilizing its entire military, apparently to bring a 'final solution' to its 'subhuman Palestinian problem', a major power-play is afoot, one that may eclipse the Ukraine War and inflame the entire Middle East anew.

* Show starts at 03:25 *

Running Time: 01:25:50

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The Green New Death

The Green New Death
The apocalyptic prophecies of government, academic, and corporate sponsored climate alarmism have manipulated the minds of the masses to believe that mankind is to blame for our own demise.

Despite their failed predictions of climate catastrophe over the years, the propaganda campaign has paid off, as a vast segment of the population emphatically supports funding so-called "green" projects. The climate doom boondoggle has swindled trillions in taxpayer funds from the working-class multitudes into the pockets of the powerful and wealthy few. Turns out the climate hoax was always a thinly disguised ploy to launder money, consolidate wealth and power, and justify government land grabs.

Yet the decades-long indoctrination has also bred an army of zealots who hold deeply anti-human beliefs about climate catastrophism with religious fervor. And an unwitting pubic has been unceremoniously initiated into a new incarnation of an age-old death cult once practiced in secret by the self-described elites that has gone mainstream in the form of depopulation for the sake of saving the planet.

Built on a crumbling foundation of broken promises, manipulation, hypocrisy, and lies, one of the greatest deceptions to ever sweep across the planet has left nothing but a legacy of death and destruction in its wake. From the disastrous fires in Maui to the global war on farming, Green New Deal policies have earned the more appropriate title of a Green New Death.