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Mon, 29 May 2017
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The best probiotic for brain and gut health

Probiotics relieve the symptoms of depression, as well as helping with digestion problems, a new study finds.

The research was carried out on people with irritable bowel syndrome who were also depressed.

Twice as many reported improvements in depression symptoms if they took a specific probiotic.

Dr Premysl Bercik, senior study author, said:
"This study shows that consumption of a specific probiotic can improve both gut symptoms and psychological issues in IBS.

This opens new avenues not only for the treatment of patients with functional bowel disorders but also for patients with primary psychiatric diseases."

Comment: Good health begins in the gut:

Cloud Lightning

What it is like to be struck by lightning

© William LeGoullon
Hat and shirt worn by Jaime Santana and boots worn by Justin Gauger when they were struck by lightning.
If you're hit by lightning, there's a nine in ten chance you'll survive. But what are the lasting effects of being exposed to hundreds of millions of volts?

Sometimes they'll keep the clothing, the strips of shirt or trousers that weren't cut away and discarded by the doctors and nurses. They'll tell and retell their story at family gatherings and online, sharing pictures and news reports of survivals like their own or far bigger tragedies. The video of a tourist hit on a Brazilian beach or the Texan struck dead while out running. The 65 people killed during four stormy days in Bangladesh.

Only by piecing together the bystander reports, the singed clothing and the burnt skin can survivors start to construct their own picture of the possible trajectory of the electrical current, one that can approach 200 million volts and travel at one-third of the speed of light.

In this way, Jaime Santana's family have stitched together some of what happened that Saturday afternoon in April 2016, through his injuries, burnt clothing and, most of all, his shredded broad-brimmed straw hat. "It looks like somebody threw a cannonball through it," says Sydney Vail, a trauma surgeon in Phoenix, Arizona, who helped care for Jaime after he arrived by ambulance, his heart having been shocked several times along the way as paramedics struggled to stabilise its rhythm.

Comment: Knowledge protects.


Dirty electricity and what it means for your health

Did you know that a significant percentage of the diseases we now face is related to an artifact of electricity? In this interview, Dr. Sam Milham, author of "Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization," explains the health hazards of dirty electricity or electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Milham is a physician and an epidemiologist, and has spent decades (he's now 85 years old) doing pioneering research in this field. In his book, he details the extensive journey he took to uncover the link between dirty electricity and human disease. In a nutshell, dirty electricity, or more accurately stated, EMI, impacts your biology, specifically your mitochondrial function, which we've now come to appreciate is at the heart of virtually all chronic disease.

What Is Dirty Electricity?

Sunlight is a natural or native form of electromagnetic frequency (EMF). There are also four basic non-native or artificial EMF exposures: magnetic, artificial light, electrical and microwave (which includes not only your microwave oven but also cellphones, routers and portable phones).

Comment: See also:


Italy facing unprecedented mandatory vaccine push

The people of Italy are currently facing an unprecedented assault on their health choice and informed consent.
A 2015 government plan in Italy aimed to boost vaccination rates and introduce a series of new vaccines triggering protests among Italian citizens. The National Vaccination Plan for 2016 - 18 would instantly make Italy a European frontrunner in vaccination. At the time, many questioned the sudden vaccine push. Some suspected the hand of Big Pharma behind the government's new plan which was confirmed when the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) suspended Sergio Pecorelli, the president of its board and one of the authors of the new plan, because of his conflicts of interest with Big Pharma. In addition, GlaxoSmithKline made headlines in 2015 with their announcement to invest more than €1 billion in Italy over the next four years.

Now recently, The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of President Paolo Gentiloni and the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin, approved an emergency decree containing what they deemed "urgent measures in disease prevention." According to the decree, vaccinations may only be omitted or deferred in the event of an established health condition in relation to specific, documented proof by a general practitioner or pediatrician. The full language of the decree has not been made public, causing many in Italy to speculate as to what is in the document. Only a short list of bullet points has been posted on the government's website containing the information below.


Millions of Americans uneasy about vaccine safety are now labeled "notorious"?

© ignoring data
The biased, vicious, and personal attacks against vaccine safety advocates by the mainstream media continue and seem to show no signs of abating.

Coming on the heels of a column published on May 8, 2017 by the editorial staff of the Boston Herald calling for those concerned about the safety of vaccines to be hung,1,2 and an opinion piece on March 3, 2017 in Scientific American by Peter Hotez, MD saying that steps should be taken to "snuff" out the antivaccine movement,2,3 senior health writer Maggie Fox of NBC News has now written an article describing vaccine skeptics as "notorious."

Fox's piece, "Vaccine Debate Vexes Vermont Ski Resort Town,"4 opens:
A planned symposium featuring notorious vaccine skeptics has set off a testy but polite debate in the Vermont ski resort town of Stowe.4
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word notorious as: "well-known or famous especially for something bad."5 Examples of the word's usage include: "a notorious gangster" or "a notorious mastermind of terrorist activities."6

Comment: Dr. Peter Hotez is calling for the anti-vaccine movement to be "snuffed out"
Dr. Hotez also mentions the Revolution for Truth march in Washington, D.C. on Mar. 31 sponsored by what he labels as "anti-vaccine groups" in Washington, DC on Mar. 31 and and he ridicules the idea of a vaccine safety commission reportedly being considered by the new administration.

These are all things that are of great concern to Dr. Hotez, who wrote:
I'm worried that America's anti-vaccine movement has sufficient strength and momentum to affect vaccine coverage globally. Whether it's Hollywood movies, rap music, or soft drinks, the world is quick to embrace American culture. The "Vaxxed" tour has already begun with showings so far in the United Kingdom, Australia, and elsewhere, but I'm especially concerned about the large middle- and low-middle income nations such as Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Russia. A small drop in measles vaccine coverage in those nations would lead to measles outbreaks and deaths on a scale that we haven't seen since the years prior to EPI (Expanded Program on Immunization).1
Dr. Hotez added:
Things might only get worse pending the imminent expansion and export of an American-led antivaccine movement. We need to recognize that the current activities in Texas and Washington DC could ignite reversals of global disease elimination and eradication efforts that are now more than 50 years in the making.1
Dr. Hotez is also a vaccine developer and president and director of the Sabin Vaccine Institute's Product Development Partnership (PDP),5 and he is so worried about the growth in size and influence of the grassroots movement of well-educated people, who are questioning mainstream vaccine science and demanding that their informed consent rights and basic civil liberties be respected that he is actually calling for this movement to be snuffed out.

Dr. Hotez closed his opinion by saying:
An American antivaccine movement is building and we need to take steps now to snuff it out.1


Opioid addiction and other iatrogenic health problems re-evaluated

The opioid addiction problem in the U.S. is growing dramatically and urban areas are having a hard time trying to cope with both sides of the issue. For a few days, all news talk radio KYW 1060 reported on those problems in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the fifth largest U.S. city [3], not very far from where I reside.

According to Philly.com, statistics are frightening:
Drug overdose deaths in Philadelphia surged to 900 last year — nearly a 30 percent increase in a single year — as the nation continued to grapple with an epidemic of opioid use and abuse. [1]
A 30 percent increase in a single year!

According to the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health, data every year since 2004, with 358 deaths, have risen year-after-year until in 2016, 900 deaths! However, Philly is not an anomaly; opioid addiction/deaths are a national problem, as the CDC indicates. Nationally in 2015, opioids contributed to 52,404 deaths per the CDC's "Drug Overdose Death Chart" listing state-by-state [2].


Deadly glioblastoma tumor rates rise in Europe and the US -- are cell phones to blame?

Deadly brain tumour rates on the increase in the UK, US, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden, is it attributable to mobile phones?

A simple question posed by the telecommunications industries and its regulators is oft quoted "if exposure to mobile phone frequencies causes cancer, why are cancer rates falling?" Within the past year or so, this question is slowly being answered and its implications are deeply worrying. Whilst the total number of cancers are falling in some countries, certain 'rare' types of brain tumours are rising and these tumours are associated with studies looking at the usage of mobile phones.

Much of the data and information contained in this article can be found at http://www.microwavenews.com(1). It is an excellent source of the latest scientific, medical and epidemiological studies on mobile phone use and its carcinogenic effects on our biology.

Rates of glioblastoma multiforme (IV), an aggressive and deadly form of brain tumour, are increasing in the UK, US, Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. This is ominous because as in smoking and cancer induction, a certain time span is required before cancer sets in the body and is recognised as such by medical and scientific bodies. No one is really sure on the latency period between exposure to microwave radiation emitted from cell phone and WIFI router antennas and the induction of carcinogenic processes within the body.

Comment: Cell Phone Scare: What Do We Really Know About the Health Risks?


What screen time does to a child's brain & sensory processing ability

It's a scene we're sure you've witnessed again and again:
A family is sitting in a restaurant having dinner. The four year old is clearly fed up with sitting, and starts to complain, jump on her seat or run around. But a few moments later, she's quietly in her seat again, enabling her parents and older siblings to enjoy a peaceful meal and conversation for the next 30 minutes.
What happened?

Her father handed her his iPhone.

It's a scene we see repeated in doctors' waiting rooms, supermarkets, public transportation... and while we entirely understand it, it also saddens us.

So many caring, well-meaning parents are unaware of the developmental damage caused to their children by exposure to screen time and screen media.


Televisions. Computer monitors. Tablets. Smartphones. Dumb phones. Children's toy computers. Kindles. The Apple watch.

If it gives off electromagnetic radiation in the visual spectrum, it's a screen.

Comment: The Health & Wellness Show: Digital 'pharmakeia': Glow kids, screen addiction, gaming and the hijacking of children's brains

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Statins, statistics and statinistics

Current medical knowledge is to a large extent based on results from scientific studies. Traditionally, these results are published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Before being accepted, a scientific paper has to go through critical assessment by expert reviewers who will assess the paper's suitability for publication. The peer review process is intended to guarantee standards of quality and provide credibility. The highest ranked medical journals only accept a small fraction of papers submitted to them for publication.

Clinical medicine relies on the scientific literature. For a clinical cardiologist like myself, this is a key issue. The procedures I decide to perform, and the therapy I recommend is, and should be, based on scientific evidence. For the clinician, evidence based medicine is the holy grail.

But what if scientific studies are flawed? What if evidence based medicine relies on erroneous data? Then, obviously, clinical medicine is broken.

Unfortunately, the scientific community is not free from dishonesty and greed. Scientific fraud is hard to deal with.

Comment: More food for thought: Corruption of science: Mass production of redundant, misleading, and conflicted systematic reviews and meta-analyses


Gynecologist gives 10 reasons women should ditch the pill

Millions of women are prescribed birth control pills every day to prevent pregnancy or to control a hormonal imbalance, but Dr. Sara Gottfried, a practicing gynecologist, is convinced women have been sold a pack of lies when it comes to these top-selling pharmaceutical drugs. Here's why.

First, you should know that this article is about supporting women completely in having full choice of when to conceive or not to conceive. However, it is also about informing them (and the men who love them) what happens to their bodies and minds when they take birth control pills year after year.

As Elizabeth Siegel, another medical expert reveals in her study, marketing decisions rather than scientific innovations, have guided the development and positioning of contraceptive products in recent years. What's even more disturbing is that though there are hundreds of birth control brand names to choose from, there are only a handful of actual formulations, all based on science that is more than 50 years old (and dare I say, based on the tired, patriarchal notion of female sexuality).

Considering that there are forces which would like to sterilize the entire population, this topic deserves a little extra inspection. Compulsory sterilization is no joke. It's been happening for several decades now. The recent realization of Kenyan doctors that a UN tetanus vaccine was a "mass sterilization exercise," and other telling attempts reiterate this truth.

Comment: See also: