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Sat, 21 Jul 2018
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Breakthrough discovery: Berberine and PQQ help power your body's mitochondrial energy factory

The latest science reveals exciting new roles for two less known supplements, crucial to the round-the-clock workings of your mitochondria. Who would ever suspect that a valuable metabolic master switch and a component of interstellar stardust may be one of the most important combinations ever for your mitochondria health?

As you're well aware, your body grows older with each passing day. But did you know that the 'battery' driving your body's aging is your mitochondria - those powerful energy factories within your cells?

For the first time, researchers have proven that mitochondrial function is associated with cell aging.

In a recent study, a research team successfully 'tricked' older cells into eliminating their damaged mitochondria until all were removed. They were stunned to discover that once these older cells shed their worn out, damaged mitochondria, they resembled younger cells!

These newly rejuvenated cells displayed levels of oxygen free radicals and expression of genes typical of more youthful cells.

Comment: More information on the health benefits of berberine and PQQ:

Evil Rays

FCC and States clear the way for next-generation wireless networks - despite heath concerns

© Environmental Health Trust
The wireless communications industry is rushing to blanket the nation with next-generation networks whose health effects are unknown. Despite studies linking radiation from existing networks to cancer in lab animals, the Federal Communications Commission and state legislators are bowing to industry lobbyists and clearing the way for the new networks.

The FCC recently voted to exclude base stations for new 5G wireless networks from review under federal environmental and historic preservation laws. Meanwhile, almost two dozen states have passed laws, pushed by wireless lobby groups, to override local ordinances that would regulate the siting of these new base stations, which could be installed on nearly every telephone pole in the U.S. Other states are considering similar legislation.

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Don't fall for the fake CBD trap

fake CBD
America is hungry for CBD. Consumers are already spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this pot compound-which has medical benefits but won't get you high-and the market is expected to soon surpass a billion dollars.

But not all CBD is created equal. That CBD-infused chocolate bar you just bought from your local health food store? It might not have any CBD in it at all.

That's because most CBD is sold without any government regulations or oversight, allowing dishonest companies to hawk snake oil instead of true medicine, according to Martin Lee, a journalist and founder of the advocacy group Project CBD.


Poison Papers project: Believing we have a functional EPA is worse than having a non-functional EPA

EPA pic
Jonathan Latham is co-founder and executive director of the Bioscience Resource Project and editor of the Independent Science News website. He is a noted critic of corporate interference in scientific endeavors and regulatory bodies, and provides independent scientific research and analysis to the public and media.

Latham holds a Master's degree in crop genetics, a Ph.D. in virology and has published scientific papers in disciplines as diverse as plant ecology, plant virology, medical genetics and genetic engineering. He regularly presents at scientific conferences on papers published by the Bioscience Resource Project.

Latham is currently working on a book about how genetic science has been manipulated and misrepresented by corporate interests, and how it can be better studied, understood and taught.

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Study suggests more Americans are drinking themselves to death

Man drinking alcohol
© Getty Images/IStock

The Great Recession continues to take a grim toll: Since 2009, a growing number of Americans have died from liver disease and liver cancer.

The increase among 25- to 34-year-olds is especially troubling because the deaths are due to cirrhosis, a disease caused by excessive drinking, the authors of a new study said. The researchers suspect the economic downturn in 2008 prompted people to comfort themselves with alcohol.

"These are deaths of despair," said lead researcher Dr. Elliot Tapper, an assistant professor of gastroenterology at the University of Michigan.

It's similar to overdose deaths from the opioid epidemic. In both cases, people are trying to relieve the emotional pain they feel, Tapper said.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Wireless Technology: 5G is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and soon 5G - we are living in a time of complete saturation of wireless signals. We're literally bathed in these frequencies 24 hours a day, from cradle to grave. But is this exposure safe? Official government bodies say yes, it's perfectly safe, and they back these assurances with seemingly solid scientific studies. This perspective is widely propagated and anyone raising concerns about wireless exposures is usually dismissed as a nutcase. But what if the very standard of measurement used in these studies is completely wrong?

On this episode we're joined by Scottie of scottiestech.info who has gone through the scientific research to get to the bottom of the question: What the heck is this technology doing to us? It turns out there is a great deal of research showing the harmful effects of wireless exposure that goes well beyond the red herrings used in studies "proving" its safety.

Join us on this episode as Scottie helps break down the complexity of the subject to help us make informed decisions about wireless exposure.

And stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where she discusses how humans from different cultures anthropomorphize different animals to represent the same human traits.

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Chinese Botanical Medicine: Wikipedia claims it is fake, we are certain it is real

Chinese Botanical Medicine

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of the world's population uses herbal medicine. Are these hundreds of millions of people simply deluded by superstitious nostrums, as Wikipedia and so-called 'skeptics' claim?

Modern conventional medicine has increasingly become a culture of scientific and historical denialism. Although portending to be an objective discipline of consistent progress, the medical establishment more often than not denies the insights, discoveries, medical systems and methodologies of the distant past and non-Western cultures. Rather, Western medicine is racing more rapidly towards a retro-future with a blind faith in the promises of new engineered, synthetic drugs. Sadly, this pursuit is misconstrued as synonymous with important medical breakthroughs and the evolution of scientific medicine in general. Yet as the statistics show, modern medicine is on a collision course with itself. This is most evident in the increasing failures conventional medicine faces in fighting life-threatening diseases and the annual increases in iatrogenic injuries and deaths.

Comment: The war on natural medicine - the beginning of the end


Monsanto on Trial: Toxicologist explains to jury how Monsanto colluded with EPA

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in front of the Superior Court of San Francisco where the Monsanto trial is taking place.
Thanks to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for providing a recap of the fourth and fifth day in court in the Dewayne Johnson vs. Monsanto Co. trial. Proceedings began in San Francisco Superior Court on July 9. The plaintiff, Dewayne Johnson, a 46-year-old former school groundskeeper who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma four years ago, claims Monsanto hid evidence that the active ingredient in its Roundup herbicide, glyphosate, caused his cancer. This is the first case to go to trial among hundreds of lawsuits alleging Roundup caused non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The trial is expected to last about a month. (Read recap of day six).

Throughout Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, July 16 and July 17, Monsanto's attorney, Kirby Griffiths, continued his ambuscade of Plaintiff's epidemiologist/toxicologist, Dr. Christopher Portier, probing for weaknesses in Portier's assessment that glyphosate and Roundup are human carcinogens. Dr. Portier yielded nothing; the studies evaluating glyphosate's carcinogenicity were performed correctly, he said, properly examined and interpreted accurately by the International Agency for Cancer Research, which determined that "glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen." Watching Griffiths try to get a grapple hold on Dr. Portier had the aspect of a man trying to climb a greased pole. Griffiths never got his feet off the ground.

Comment: More 'damning historical evidence of wholesale and pervasive corruption in EPA's pesticide office'


Norovirus outbreak hits several towns in Britain

sick Brit
© Getty
Hospitals in England are reporting a sudden spike in patients being hit by the bug Norovirus.

There have been numerous reports affecting people in Devon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, the West Midlands and Greater Manchester.

Norovirus is known as the "winter vomiting bug" since it is most common at that time, but it can strike at any time of year.

Public Health England warns it is "highly infectious and a common cause of diarrhoea and vomiting".

The health body adds that "the illness is generally mild and most people usually recover within two to three days."

Cell Phone

Study finds teens glued to their phones at risk for modest rise in ADHD behaviors

teens on cellphones
Could teenagers suffer symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder after engaging in excessive smartphone use?

A new study out Tuesday says digital overload could be linked to a "modest" but significant rise in new ADHD behaviors, offering a warning to parents about the potential dangers of too much screen time.

The findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association were based on nearly 2,600 Los Angeles teens who answered survey questions over a two-year period -- making it one of the largest and longest studies on the topic to date.

The more social media, streaming video, text messaging, music downloads or online chats they engaged with, the more likely they were to report symptoms like difficulty organizing and completing tasks, or trouble remaining still.