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Sat, 28 Jan 2023
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Earth Changes


Magnitude 6 earthquake strikes Sulawesi, Indonesia region

A magnitude 6 earthquake struck Sulawesi, Indonesia region, on Wednesday, the European Mediterranean Siesmological Centre (EMSC) said.

The quake was at a depth of 145 km (90.09 miles), EMSC said.

Cloud Precipitation

California mudslides force evacuations in Berkeley Hills neighborhood, prompts warnings at UC Campus

mudslide calfirnia berkeley january 2023
© UC Berkeley Police
A mudslide forcing a road closure at UC Berkeley, January 16, 2023.
The mudslides come amid a series of major winter storms that have walloped California in recent week

A mudslide in a Berkeley Hills neighborhood in Northern California Monday morning forced around 10 homes to evacuate as nearby residents were warned to prepare to leave quickly if needed, fire officials said.

Berkeley police said The Spiral, a short road off Wildcat Canyon Road, and Middlefield Road, north of the Crossways, were both closed.

A mudslide forcing a road closure at UC Berkeley. (UC Berkeley Police)

A mudslide has also closed Wildcat Canyon Road between Sunset and Park Hills roads. Authorities responded to the area around 7 a.m.

Berkeley Fire Battalion Chief Bill Kehoe said the ground was still moving and trees could be heard cracking from the side as of around 9 a.m.

No injuries have been reported so far. Around 20 residents that were affected by the evacuation orders were being assisted by the Red Cross.

Snowflake Cold

Siberia records minus-80 degrees as talk of polar vortex grows

polar vortex january 2023
© Climate Change Institute/University of Maine
Several weeks after the Christmas Arctic blast, much of the US and Europe have enjoyed record warmth. Recall on Dec. 27, we noted the cold air mass from Siberia that spread across the continental US would dissipate into the new year. So far, this is correct, as three weeks of above-average weather has staved off an energy crisis in the Northern Hemisphere. But just north, in Siberia, temperatures are sinking to near-record lows. And it could only be a matter of time before the giant cold air mass swirling in the North Pole becomes unstable, breaks down, and begins pouring into the US and Europe.

Global warming alarmists who called for an imminent climate disaster last summer are scratching their heads as the rural northern Siberian town of Zhilinda just recorded temperatures of minus-79.8 degrees, according to climatologist Maximiliano Herrera, who tracks extreme temperatures across the globe.

Comment: Disconnected as we are from Earth's rhythms, very few will realize that a 'delayed' winter will disrupt everything from animal migration to agricultural planting and harvest schedules. We are in for a rough ride in the next couple of decades as our accustomed survival patterns disintegrate.


Top 10, 2023 total snowfall in North America, mid-season check


Brighton Resort
Its January 15th which is not only MLK weekend but also roughly the middle of the season for much of the North American ski resorts across the USA and Canada. We decided to take a look at the top 50 snowfalls across the continent to see who has had the most snow so far of the 22/23 season. Hint, the whole top 10 only comprises of ski resorts in Utah and California, are we really that surprised as the conditions across these two states have been all time since mid to late December.

All the snowfall numbers in this video have been taken directly from the ski resorts published numbers on their website as of 15th January 2023. A few days ago there was a report of 444" at Mammoth Mountain however this was never published to their website so we have listed them with what is showing to date.

Comment: Many US ski resorts already surpassed their peak total snowpack for last season


Weekend storm produces up to 2 feet of snow in Utah, advisories issued for next system

Motorists drive near Brighton Ski Resort
© Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Motorists drive near Brighton Ski Resort on Wednesday. The resort received another 2 feet of snow over the weekend and may receive another foot or more in the next few days as a result of the next storm to impact Utah.
Sundance Resort received 28 inches of additional snow, while Alta, Brighton and Snowbird resort areas also received near or more than 2 feet of snow from a storm system that arrived in the state Saturday and lingered into Sunday.

The storm ultimately produced robust snow accumulations across the state's mountain resorts. Eagle Point, Park City Mountain, Snowbasin and Solitude resorts all received more than a foot of snow from the storm, as well, which has recreation enthusiasts salivating. Utah Department of Transportation officials tweeted that parking lots of multiple Cottonwood Canyons ski resorts were full Monday morning, as skiers and snowboarders looked to take advantage of the fresh powder.


Dead sperm whale spotted in Osaka, Japan

A whale spotted near the mouth of the Yodo River
A whale spotted near the mouth of the Yodo River in Osaka has been confirmed dead and will be sunk off Osaka Bay.
A sperm whale spotted near the mouth of the Yodo River in Osaka last week, that was subsequently confirmed dead, will be sunk off Osaka Bay, the city mayor said Tuesday.

Ichiro Matsui told reporters that he hopes the disposal, which entails removing built-up gas from the animal's carcass to prevent an explosion before moving it by ship, will be completed within the week.

There was talk of temporarily burying its body on land to reduce it to a skeletal specimen for a museum, but the mayor said there had been no requests.

Cloud Lightning

Dozen sheltering sheep killed by lightning in Central Otago, New Zealand

About a dozen sheep were killed when lightning struck a tree on a Naseby farm.
© Phil Smith
About a dozen sheep were killed when lightning struck a tree on a Naseby farm.
A lightning strike near Naseby, Otago which left a dozen sheep and lambs dead has prompted a sobering reminder to stay indoors during thunderstorms.

Maniototo farmer Phil Smith said five ewes and seven lambs were sheltering under a tree on his property when it was struck by lightning on January 6, killing them instantly.

He said he had heard of it happening on other farms around New Zealand, but it was the first time he had seen it on his farm.

"I didn't know it had happened for the first few days. I only got notified by my neighbour. She walked her dogs down the road and she came across them and rang me about it.

Snowflake Cold

Tens of thousands of Iranians left without gas amid snow and freezing conditions

Pigeons forage for something to eat in the snow at Tajrish Square in Tehran.
© AP
Pigeons forage for something to eat in the snow at Tajrish Square in Tehran.
Tens of thousands of Iranians were left without gas to heat their homes at the weekend as unusually cold weather swept across the country, the state broadcaster reported.

Gas deliveries were cut to about 90,000 residential users in the north-eastern Razavi Khorasan province by Saturday night, Governor Yaghoub-Ali Nazari said on national television.

Supplies were also disrupted in at least four other northern provinces and several districts at the tail end of the national gas pipeline network near the country's eastern borders, according to reports by state TV.

President Ebrahim Raisi paid an unannounced visit on Sunday to the national gas company and was briefed on the supply situation.

Mr Raisi told employees at the National Iranian Gas Company that the closure of offices and organisations was not a suitable solution in addressing the shortage.


Over 7.5 feet of snow in a week from California storm falls at UC lab in the Sierra

A snow blower attempts to clear the roadway on Interstate 80 near Kingvale on Jan. 15, 2022.
© Caltrans
A snow blower attempts to clear the roadway on Interstate 80 near Kingvale on Jan. 15, 2022.
Researchers at the UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab near Donner Pass said they recorded 21.5 inches of snow between Saturday and Sunday morning as a winter storm warning remains in effect until 10 p.m. Monday for the Sierra Nevada and Tahoe Basin.

"We are now 204% of average precipitation to this point in the water year (Oct 1 to Sept 30) and we have 92% of our average peak seasonal #Snow Water Equivalent (SWE)," the lab tweeted Sunday, noting the snow water equivalent refers to the amount of water that can be collected by melting the snowpack.

At least 7.5 feet of snow has fallen at the lab in the last week. Caltrans said about one inch an hour had fallen over Donner Summit from Friday through Sunday alone.

"It's still coming down hard out there!" the lab tweeted earlier on Saturday. "The snowpack is DEEP with ~10 feet (3 meters) of snow already on the ground!"

Cloud Precipitation

Latvia hit by worst flood in decades

Flooded houses are pictured in Jekabpils, Latvia, on January 15, 2023.
© Gints Ivuskans
Flooded houses are pictured in Jekabpils, Latvia, on January 15, 2023.
Latvian authorities on Sunday urged residents of certain central areas to evacuate their homes in response to the worst flooding the Baltic state has seen in decades.

"It will be near impossible to get you out from among the ice cold sludge once it rushes into your homes," Raivis Ragainis, mayor of the city of Jekabpils, warned on local radio.

Particularly exposed are Jekabpils and the town of Plavinas and surrounding areas, where the flow of the Daugava river has been blocked by pack ice that drifted in from Belarus.

"Chunks of ice and torrents of ice-cold water rapidly took over our city," Jekabpils resident Maris Kodols told AFP.

"These are the worst floods since 1981," he said, adding that current water levels are just five centimetres (two inches) below that year's all-time record.