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Fri, 02 Dec 2022
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Policing comes to a stop in New York, people get along peacefully and society continues

why they need us
So, where's all the chaos and the murder and the children smoking meth?

We are constantly reminded by State institutions, from lecture halls to mainstream "news" organizations, that if it weren't for the police out there arresting everybody, society would break down immediately.

Oh there will be the motorcycle gangs with flamethrowers invading supermarkets, the wild-eyed adolescents disobeying teachers and leaving school, the religious conservatives forming new dictatorships, the horde of unwashed illegal immigrants urinating on our golf courses, the rabid murder parties and fornication spilling onto the streets, zoo animals escaping and mauling the children - the end of human civilization.

Well, there has finally been a "virtual stoppage" of police activity in New York, and the people there are... reading blogs, working, buying groceries, watching netflix, waiting in lines, saying hi to strangers, checking facebook. Same as usual. It looks like they haven't murdered each other yet.

Of course they haven't.

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Psychopaths in power: The Parasite on the Human Super-organism

Black Magic

Strange black substance invades Chicago train station

© Ben Bradley/ABC7

Comment: One has to wonder, if it was a burst pipe that caused this, just why was the water black?

The bitterly cold weather may be to blame for a burst pipe that spilled dark-colored water onto part of Union Station Tuesday afternoon. Train service was not affected.
BREAKING: Mystery substance pouring out of ceiling in Union Station near Metra's south concourse. @OnTheMetrapic.twitter.com/GpvxZW0Bff

- Ben Bradley (@BenBradleyABC7) January 6, 2015
The pipe leading to a sprinkler in the south concourse of Union Station burst about 3:15 p.m., Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said.

"There was an issue perhaps related to the extreme cold in the station that caused the pipe to break," Magliari said.
Union Station leak has stopped, crews working to clean up "mystery liquid" in Metra's south concourse. pic.twitter.com/w5nhmX27WU

- Ben Bradley (@BenBradleyABC7) January 6, 2015
Crews cleaned up the spill within 15 minutes, and there was no impact on train service during the afternoon rush, he said.

Eye 2

Former cop-turned-evangelical pastor charged with dozens of sex crimes against children


Jamie Worley, evil pedophile
A former cop-turned-evangelical pastor was arrested last week on dozens of sex crime charges.

James Worley, senior pastor at Powell Valley Church in Oregon, was arrested Dec. 30 on 37 counts - including two counts of rape, 20 counts of sexual abuse, 11 counts of sodomy, one count of attempted sodomy and three counts of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct.

An indictment filed Dec. 16 showed the alleged abuse took place between 2002 and 2004, when the victims were under the ages of 12 and 14 years old, reported KATU-TV.

Prosecutors said they don't believe Worley was a pastor at the time of the abuse, although they believe there are additional victims.

Worley was fired from the Tillamook, Oregon, Police Department in 2007 for ongoing misconduct - including unethical citation writing, destroying marijuana evidence in the field, excessive Internet use while on duty, creating sexually explicit advertisements, and making unwanted sexual advances to a woman at a 911 dispatch center.

He complained to city officials that he had been poorly trained and that supervisors never told him what he was doing wrong, the station reported.

Worley is active on social media and maintaining Pastor Jamie's Blog.

Comment: Sexual predators often take positions where they have easy access to children. The best protection we have for our children is to educate ourselves and them, so they will have a better understanding of how these predators operate and learn how to spot them.

From Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders, Who They Are, How They Operate, and How We Can Protect Ourselves and Our Children by Dr. Anna Salter:
"One molester, who himself was a minister, said: 'I considered church people easy to fool ... they have the trust that comes from being Christians ... They tend to be better folks all around. And they seem to want to believe in the good that exists in all people. And because of that, you can easily convince, with or without convincing words.'

In interviewing victims in the growing number of cases involving priests, I have been surprised - although I should not have been - by how deeply religious many of the victims' families were. I have never before grasped that it was the most religious families who were thrilled to have a priest take an interest in their children, who wanted their children to be altar boys, who could not believe that a priest would do anything so wrong.

The growing crisis in the Catholic Church just underlines the fact that offenders can recognize ideal settings for child molesters even if the rest of us can't. In truth, a deeply religious and trusting group of people, plus the requirement of celibacy (an ideal cover for any man who has no sexual interest in adults), plus a hierarchy that doesn't report complaints to the police and simply moves the offender on to new and fresh territory with new potential victims, is the ideal setting for pedophiles."
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Bad Guys

While serving DUI warrant, 18 police agencies destroy entire New York home; family left homeless

© Youtube
A New York family has been left homeless after law enforcement agencies effectively destroyed their entire house in the process of serving a warrant for a DUI.

The Ithaca Journal reported this week that 36-year-old David M. Cady Jr. had died after being barricaded in his home for three days.

After Cady missed court dates for a DUI over the summer, a warrant had been issued, and the Tompkins County Sheriff Ken Lansing said that the suspect was convinced that he would go to jail. Authorities said that they had reason to believe that Cady had been traveling to Pennsylvania to purchase ammunition so he would be ready when deputies arrived.

Deputies attempted to serve the warrant at around 7 p.m. on Dec. 30, which led to a three day standoff with Cady. Autopsy results later indicated that Cady died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The suspect's wife, Melissa, and two sons were not harmed.

Video that began circulating on Tuesday showed the damage caused to the Cady home when the 18 law enforcement agencies decided to go in after the suspect.

Comment: 18 agencies for a DUI?!

The home, which easily could be mistaken for one that had been destroyed by a tornado, appears to have no external walls intact in the video. Some walls are only partially missing, while others are completely gone. The yard is scattered with shards of wood, windows, insulation and family belonging. Inside the home, food can still be seen sitting on the stove, but the kitchen and most of the other rooms are open to the outside elements.

Up to 150 law enforcement and emergency personnel reportedly participated in the operation.

Comment: Only in a police state would 150 people be needed to execute a warrant for a DUI.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Tompkins County Sheriff's Department said little about the damage to the house.

"Eventually, law enforcement knew and anticipated needing to enter the residence, in order to take the subject into custody," the statement insisted. "Based upon the information being developed through interviews and practices used by other agencies in the past, it became necessary to breech part of the outside area of the house to ensure the safety of all involved."

Comment: The video shows wholesale destruction of the Cady home, not a 'breech' in a 'part' of the home. What B.S.!


Fall out after Canadian dental students launch Facebook group promoting the drugging and rape of fellow co-eds

dalhousie dental school
© Tom Flemming/flickr
After a brief holiday respite, Dalhousie University must try -- again -- to reset a raveled, roiling mess that may have initially focused on a secret Facebook group but has now morphed into broader, thornier and out-of-the-university's-control debates about restorative justice, public safety, crime, punishment, education, rape culture, life and who gets to decide how this will end.

It will not be easy.

Last month, news reports a group of fourth-year dental students had created a private Facebook group known as the "Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen," and were posting comments promoting raping and drugging fellow female students exploded like a cluster bomb over the campus.

The university postponed fourth-year dentistry exams and delayed this week's reopening of a student-serviced dental clinic (though insisting there was "no public safety issue") while officials dealt with the crisis.

A tearful President Richard Florizone reported he had met with targeted women and they had agreed to participate in a restorative justice process with their male colleagues. "The process is confidential, so a safe space can be created for the parties to explore the impacts, to address accountability and to forge constructive, meaningful outcomes."

Bad Guys

New year, same social sickness in the US

tortura america
© REUTERS Nasser Nuri

As the New Year begins, the social crisis gripping tens of millions of working people in the United States is worsening. Hunger, poverty and long-term joblessness remain at the highest levels in decades, while vital social services continue to be slashed.

One would never know this from reading the press, watching the evening news, or listening to the statements of politicians. The official discourse is dominated by the supposed revival of the American economy, characterized by record corporate profits and stock prices. The fact that the great majority of the population finds it increasingly difficult to make ends meet finds no reflection in the media or official politics.

The incoming Republican-dominated Congress, working with the Obama administration, will focus on cutting corporate taxes and business regulations, planning new wars, and expanding the repressive apparatus of the state. No representative of the political establishment, including the supposedly outspoken liberal Elizabeth Warren and the "independent socialist" Bernie Sanders, is proposing any significant measures to address the deepening social crisis.

Comment: We should all be optimistic that this social chaos will come to a head and burst. It won't be easy, but the loss of the psychopathic "American Dream" will make life better for the rest of the world. From Dmitry Orlov's article "2015: Should we be optimistic?":
To my mind, the really interesting development of 2014 is that the world as a whole (with a few minor exceptions) has become quite lucid on the topic of what the United States, as a global empire, is and stands for. It is now very commonly and completely understood that:

1. The United States is an evil empire, attempting not so much to rule the world as to disrupt it to its short-term advantage.

2. The United States is failing, as an empire and as a country, and no amount of fraud, mayhem, torture and murder is going to save it.

3. The United States is still quite powerful and can cause massive damage on its way down. This damage must be contained, while plans are drawn up for an international arrangement that will arise upon its demise.
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Snowmobilers rescue moose from avalanche in Alaska

© Marty Mobley’s Facebook page
This moose was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily his human friends were in the right place at the right time.
Three friends helped save a moose in an avi-prone area of Alaska

When three snowmobilers were recently cruising through Hatcher Pass, just 55 miles northeast of Anchorage, Alaska, they were surprised to discover moaning and groaning coming from some avalanche debris as well as the snout of a moose. As the moose was still expelling air, the crew stopped their sleds and began their rescue attempt.

"There was just enough of its snout sticking above the snow that it could breathe," said one of the snowmobilers, Marty Mobley, to the Alaska Dispatch News.

Two men dug for about 10 minutes while the other kept an eye out for another avalanche. After clearing snow from about 75 percent of the animal, the men saw what they believed was a young cow that wasn't moving much. They were worried the moose was injured due to the slide that traveled more than 1,500 feet.

So one of the men used his shovel to give the moose's hindquarters a gentle nudge.

"It stood right up and towered over us, because we were in kind of a hole from the digging," Mobley said. "It looked like the abominable snowman because its fur was so packed with snow, and it looked at us, shook the snow off it, and off it went."

As it ran, it appeared to be uninjured, according to Mobley.

Heart - Black

This is the face of the U.S.: Couple facing murder charges in infant's starvation death

A couple is charged with a crime that Lakeland Assistant Police Chief Mike Link said is one of the worst he's seen in his 30-year police career.

The shocking developments were announced Tuesday at a press conference in Lakeland, where detectives said the duo is charged with murder in the death of an infant child.

The 22-day-old baby, Betsey Kee Stephens, was found dead in the couple's custody after detectives say she starved to death.

Ruby, 23, and Roy Stephens, 48, told police they had just arrived in town from Indiana and checked into their motel when they discovered something was wrong.

They said baby Betsey's feet were cold, so they covered them with a blanket and then got into the car to go to dinner.

After arriving at the Golden Corral restaurant on U.S. Highway 98, they said they noticed Betsey was unresponsive, so they called 911.

The investigation has since revealed that Betsey had been dead for more than three hours before anyone called emergency officials.

Comment: They planned to fill their stomachs with food while their child died of starvation. These creatures are not human, but they are also not animals, because no animal mother would deny her child food. Read the following article to understand the nature of these monsters.

Police Tuesday said pictures from the scene are unsettling.

Cow Skull

US: One million of the poorest to lose food assistance next year

© PressTV
The United States will cut off about one million of the poorest people from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) also known as food stamps in 2016, a new report says.

The reason is the re-imposition of a three-month limit which deprives unemployed adults aged 18-50 who are not disabled or raising children of SNAP benefits.

The above mentioned group will lose their food stamp benefits after three months, even if they are still looking for jobs, according to the report issued by Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The limit initially imposed in 1996 bans such people from receiving food stamps for more than 3 months in any 36-month period when they are unemployed or are not receiving any job-related training for at least 20 hours a week.

The limit also affects those SNAP recipients whose state operates few or no employment programs for them and cannot offer them a job or training program.

The 1996 welfare law is the most severe limit as it denies basic food assistance to people who are looking for employment and are ready to do any job or participate in any work program.

The food assistance averages approximately $150 to $200 per person per month for this group and its annulment will cause serious problems for many people.

SNAP provides food-purchasing assistance for low and no-income people living in the US. It is a federal aid program, administered by the US Department of Agriculture, though benefits are distributed by states.

Comment: The system in the U.S. was set up by and for psychopaths. The psychopath's moral ideology preserves the elite only. There is plenty of money for wars, but helping and feeding human beings just isn't in the 'budget'.

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Connecticut teen taken from mother and forced to endure chemotherapy

Cassandra C
© Photo courtesy of Jackie Fortin
17-year-old Cassandra C.
Hartford - A 17-year-old girl has been taken away from her mother and forced to endure unwanted, risky chemotherapy treatments that she absolutely opposes. The teen has been turned into a ward of the state and has been detained against her will in a hospital room for weeks without any choice in her own life-altering medical decisions or future.

Cassandra C.'s difficulties began in September 2014 when she became ill. Her mother, Jackie Fortin, took her to Connecticut Children's Medical Center, where she was diagnosed with Stage 3/4 Hodgkin's lymphoma.

CCMC doctors surgically removed Cassandra a portion of Cassandra's lymph node, and then pushed her to take chemotherapy drugs. But the strong-willed teen was opposed to the treatment, which she viewed as unacceptably dangerous.

"She has always - even years ago - said that if she was diagnosed with cancer, she would not put poison into her body," Ms. Fortin explained to NBC Connecticut.

Despite doctors' objections, the mother and daughter left the hospital "to seek a second opinion" in another state. CCMC doctors proceeded to get the government involved. They called Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) alleging "parental medical neglect."