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Wed, 20 Oct 2021
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'Third World' NYC drug store shelves empty amid shoplifting surge

New york theft 1
© Helayne Seidman
Essentials like tampons are completely gone from the shelves at certain drug stores.
Thanks to a citywide shoplifting tsunami, bare necessities are now rare luxuries on drug-store shelves across New York City.

"It looks like the Third World," bemoaned one Manhattan resident, after eyeing the aisles of a CVS on Sixth Avenue in Soho desperately low of toothpaste, face wash and hand sanitizer, among a long list of other items.

"They've all been stolen," a CVS employee told The Post.

State bail reform laws make shoplifting a promising career option for some New York City crooks. One man, Isaac Rodriguez, 22, of Queens, was arrested for shoplifting 46 times this year alone, The Post exclusively reported last week.

The blame goes straight to the halls of power in Albany, said New York City top cop Dermot Shea.


Moderna vaccine suspended by Sweden, Denmark for under 30's amidst surge in reports of serious side effects - UPDATE: Finland, Iceland follow suit

© REUTERS/Juan Medina
A nurse prepares a syringe with a dose of the Moderna coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine at Enfermera Isabel Zendal hospital in Madrid, Spain, July 23, 2021.
Swedish health authorities on Wednesday suspended the use of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine for those ages 30 and under, saying the move was done out of precaution.

The reason for the pausing is "signals of an increased risk of side effects such as inflammation of the heart muscle or the pericardium" — the double-walled sac containing the heart and the roots of the main vessels, Sweden's Public Health Agency said in a statement. "The risk of being affected is very small."

Comment: Clearly the risk of the experimental injection is higher than any risk posed by Covid, otherwise they would still be pushing it on children and young people. Moreover, data elsewhere is showing that the risk of these life-threatening side effects, from all of the vaccines, but particularly the mRNA injections by Pfizer and Moderna, is anything but 'small': Pfizer vaccine in Israel: Mortality rate 'hundreds of times greater in vaccinated young people'

Anders Tegnell, Sweden's chief epidemiologist, said they "follow the situation closely and act quickly to ensure that vaccinations against COVID-19 are always as safe as possible and at the same time provide effective protection" against the disease.

Comment: See also: RNA Vaccines, Obedience and Eugenics

And check out SOTT radio's: UPDATE: From RT:
Finland halts Moderna vaccinations for young men over heart inflammation concerns

Finland has decided it will pause rolling out Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine to men born in 1991 and later due to concerns about the rare side effect of heart inflammation post-inoculation, following Nordic nations Sweden and Denmark.

Speaking at a news conference on Thursday, the director of Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare, Mika Salminen, announced Helsinki's halt on offering Moderna's Spikevax jab to its younger male population.

"A Nordic study involving Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark found that men under the age of 30 who received Moderna Spikevax had a slightly higher risk than others of developing myocarditis," he explained.

Salminen said that while the heart inflammation often went away on its own in a few days, he recommended instead that this demographic be inoculated with Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine, marketed as Comirnaty.

The director also said young male Finns who have had their first dose of Spikevax would receive Comirnaty for their second. He insisted it was still important to get the second dose to get maximum protection against the virus.
UDPATE: Via Medical Express:
Iceland halts Moderna jabs over heart-inflammation fears

Iceland on Friday suspended the Moderna anti-COVID vaccine, citing the slight increased risks of cardiac inflammation, going further than its Nordic neighbours which simply limited use of the jabs.

"As the supply of Pfizer vaccine is sufficient in the territory ... the chief epidemiologist has decided not to use the Moderna vaccine in Iceland," said a statement published on the website of the Health Directorate.

This decision owed to "the increased incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis after vaccination with the Moderna vaccine, as well as with vaccination using Pfizer/BioNTech," the chief epidemiologist said in a statement.

For the past two months, Iceland has been administering an additional dose "almost exclusively" of the Moderna vaccine to Icelanders vaccinated with Janssen, a single-dose serum marketed by America's Johnson & Johnson, as well as to elderly and immunocompromised people who received two doses of another vaccine.

This will not affect the vaccination campaign in the island of 370,000 inhabitants, where 88 percent of the population over 12 years old is already fully vaccinated.



Scientists: 'Natural immunity to Covid is a thing'. So why can't I have my freedoms back?

covid clinic vaccine mexico
© AFP / Pedro Pardo
A Covid vaccine clinic in Mexico City
I've got immunity from having had the virus, so where's my permanent health pass and end to testing hell? Governments are ignoring an avalanche of clinical studies proving the Covid-recovered could simply be left alone.

As someone who has recovered from Covid-19, I'm tired of spending the better part of a year now contending with brainwashed sheeple glued to every word of our flip-flopping, agenda peddling, manipulative government authorities trying to sell us on the idea that if you've already had the virus, you still need to get at least one approved anti-Covid jab.

The fact that governments can't even agree on whether the Covid-recovered should get either one or two jabs to qualify for their government-issued QR code health pass, allowing them to live and travel freely as before this fiasco, should already make thinking people skeptical. Here in France, government propaganda requires the Covid-recovered to take just one jab to qualify for the national QR code health pass - which is insufficient for travel to my home country of Canada, which requires that all travelers be double-jabbed three months after any Covid infection.

Comment: The 'pandemic' is merely the trigger to set long-held plans in motion. Unfortunately, as with all wishful thinking, they are not unfolding quite as hoped.


Energy crisis may unleash winter blackouts across US, insider warns

Finnigan's power out
© Brittany Hosea-Small/San Francisco Chronicle
Finnigan's Marin Restaurant in Novato, California during power shut down in 2019.
The energy crisis that is rippling through Asia and Europe could unleash electricity shortages and blackouts in the U.S., according to Bloomberg.

Ernie Thrasher, CEO of Xcoal Energy & Resources LLC., told energy research firm IHS Markit that U.S. utilities quickly turn to more coal because of soaring natural gas prices. He warned:
"We've actually had discussions with power utilities who are concerned that they simply will have to implement blackouts this winter. They don't see where the fuel is coming from to meet demand. 23% of utilities are switching away from gas this fall/winter to burn more coal.
With natgas, coal, and oil prices all soaring is a clear signal the green energy transition will take decades, not years. Walking back fossil fuels for unreliable clean energy has been a disaster in Asia and Europe. These power-hungry continents are scrambling for fossil fuel supplies as stockpiles are well below seasonal trends ahead of cooler weather.

Comment: Fuel shortages means skyrocketing prices as supply does not meet demand. Consider alternatives now.

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New York Times issues massive correction after overstating COVID hospitalizations among children

© Business Insider
The New York Times issued a massive correction Thursday after the liberal newspaper severely misreported the number of COVID hospitalities among children in the United States by more than 800,000.

A report headlined "A New Vaccine Strategy for Children: Just One Dose, for Now," by science and health reporter Apoorva Mandavilli, was peppered with errors before major changes were made to the story. The Times initially reported "nearly 900,000 children have been hospitalized" with COVID since the pandemic began, when the factual data in the now-corrected version is that "more than 63,000 children were hospitalized with Covid-19 from August 2020 to October 2021."

Comment: The recalculation may also be a fallacious number depending on the actual count criteria of valid diagnoses.

The paper also botched actions taken by regulators in Sweden and Denmark and even bungled the timing of a critical FDA meeting.

Comment: Reporting standards? The author's lies therein.
The correction issued on Thursday means Mandavilli exaggerated the number of child hospitalizations by 837,000 cases. Approximately 500 American children have eventually died from the disease. The exaggeration was included in a report on the debate surrounding whether and how to vaccinate children.

Mandavilli has been a controversial figure at the Times for her ideologically-colored pandemic coverage. In May, she tweeted that
"Someday we will stop talking about the lab leak theory and maybe even admit its racist roots. But alas, that day is not today."
She later deleted the tweet but not before adding
"a theory can have racist roots and still gather reasonable supporters along the way. Doesn't make the roots any less racist or the theory any more convincing, though."
The theory has not yet been disproved. To the contrary, it has picked up a number of prominent supporters in the scientific community, including former Times reporters Nicholas Wade and Donald McNeil. McNeil was the lead coronavirus reporter at the publication prior to his being fired and smeared by the Times for uttering a racial epithet in the context of discussing its moral valence and grace on an educational trip several years ago.

The correction is notable as the nature of the threat that coronavirus poses to children figures heavily in the continued and often partisan debates over vaccine and mask mandates in schools.

While Republicans such as Florida governor Ron DeSantis maintain that such decisions should be left up to parents, President Joe Biden and American Federation of Teachers head Randi Weingarten have advocated for mandates, insisting that they're necessary to protect students and staff alike.
While there have always been reporters that cut corners or frame an issue to enhance an ideology, altering the scope of children's deaths is sensationalism most despicable.


Metropolitan Police is worst in country at solving sexual & violent crimes, new policing study finds

Met Police
© Reuters/Henry Nicholls
Met Police outside New Scotland Yard
The Met, the UK's largest police force, has reportedly been ranked the worst in England and Wales for solving sexual and violent crimes. A new analysis found charges were brought in only one in 20 offences probed by Scotland Yard.

The rankings, which are based on official police data, showed that the proportion of sexual and violent crimes where the Metropolitan Police charged a suspect was 5% as of August 2020. Five years earlier, that figure apparently stood at 14%.

At the national level, police forces now solve about 9% - fewer than one in 10 - of sexual and violent offence cases. According to the new analysis by Poliscope, that number was 19% - roughly one in five - in 2016. A study published by the group in May projected sex and violent crimes to rise by 13% by 2022 and reach 20% by 2023 compared to figures from 2019.

London's Victims' Commissioner Claire Waxman told The Telegraph:
"Too many rape victims in London are being failed and we need to see an urgent overhaul of the criminal justice system's approach to rape, from the police through to prosecution and courts. Without drastic changes, we won't be able to restore the trust and confidence of survivors that they will be able to get justice."
Waxman also criticised the current "disproportionate focus placed on discrediting a victim and their case," while calling for police forces to shift towards an "offender-centric" approach to investigations.

Comment: When is law enforcement a farce? When the police force is as complicit in rape crimes as those arrested.

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California Gov. Newsom signs bill to require ethnic studies courses for all high school graduates

california require ethnic studies graduation high school
© Bloomberg via Getty Images
California public and charter schools will be required to offer at least one ethnic studies course starting in the 2025-2026 school year.
High schoolers in California's class of 2030 will be required to complete an ethnic studies course in order to graduate, under a bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom Friday.

The Golden State is believed to be the first in the US to institute such a mandate.

Public and charter schools in the state will be required to offer at least one ethnic studies course starting in the 2025-2026 school year.

Students will have to take the class on top of other standard gen-ed requirements in English, math, science and social studies.


Key witness in Assange case jailed in Iceland after admitting to lies and ongoing crime spree

thordason fbi witness assange
© Stundin / Samsett
Sigurdur Thordarson and Julian Assange
Sigurdur Thordarson, a key witness for the FBI against Julian Assange, has been jailed in Iceland. The notorious alleged hacker and convicted pedophile was remanded to custody in Iceland's highest security prison, Litla Hraun, on September 24. Þórðarson´s lawyer, Húnbogi J. Andersen, confirms that he is in custody. Thordarson was given immunity by the FBI in exchange for testimony against Julian Assange.

Thordarson was arrested the same day he arrived back in Iceland from a trip to Spain, and was subsequently brought before a judge after police requested indefinite detention intended to halt an ongoing crime spree. The judge apparently agreed that Thordarson's repeated, blatant and ongoing offences against the law put him at high risk for continued re-offending.


Bad Guys

ISIS claims responsibility for deadliest attack on Afghanistan since US withdrawal

mosque attack
Taliban fighters investigate inside a Shiite mosque after a suicide bomb attack in Kunduz on October 8, 2021.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing in Afghanistan which targeted Shia Muslims in a mosque on Friday.

The attack killed at least 46 people and injured more than a 140 in Afghanistan's northeastern Kunduz province. The extremist group said that an ISIS suicide bomber "detonated an explosive vest amid a crowd" of Shia worshippers who had gathered inside the mosque.

Taliban spokesman confirmed the attack which targeted worshippers while they were performing Friday prayers.

Comment: There's every reason to suspect that this surge in ISIS attacks is being facilitated by the West and its allies; after all, ISIS would barely exist were it not for them, and factions working for the West had already begun to renew the slaughter of civilians before the US had even left the country with the atrocity at Kabul airport: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Kabul Airport Atrocity - What Actually Happened?


Russia rejects Council of Europe demand to repeal country's ban of LGBT propaganda that targets children, accuses body of 'abuse of power'

LGBT Russia
FILE PHOTO. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Russia has rejected calls from the Council of Europe's Commission against Racism and Intolerance to repeal the country's controversial ban on the dissemination of information about "non-traditional" sexualities among minors.

Speaking to TASS news agency, Ivan Soltanovsky, Russia's Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe, called the commission's demand an "abuse of power," noting that Moscow does not feel it should follow recommendations it gives on the treatment of sexual minorities.

The Council of Europe is an organization of 47 European nations, including Russia. On Tuesday, it published a statement calling for Moscow to "abolish the legal ban on the provision of information about homosexuality to minors," in line with a European Court of Human Rights ruling in 2017.

Comment: Below are just a few examples of the fruits of this kind of propaganda over in the EU & US: